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  • Freedom Has Lost A Passionate Champion

    The cause of freedom lost a passionate advocate with the death of former Czech president, dissident and playwright Vaclav Havel. President Havel inspired freedom-loving peoples throughout Europe in 1989, the “year of miracles.”  Defying one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in history, Havel led Czechoslovakia from the darkness … More

    Morning Bell: A Day of 'Public Thanksgiving and Prayer'

    Most of us have heard or read at least part of Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation at some point. But even those who have heard it many times can overlook two important aspects of this important document. The first is its timing: October 3, 1863. The nation had already endured two … More

    Remembering Fred Ikle

    Fred Ikle’s insights guided the Reagan policy discussions on all the major strategic questions of that era. Quietly and yet effectively, he marshaled his arguments and expanded his influence by the sheer power of his intellect. To meet with Fred was both to receive a lesson in grand strategy and … More

    Morning Bell: Straight Talk for the Super Committee

    It has been 12 months since the American people spoke resoundingly at the polls against overtaxing, overspending, and overborrowing, but memories can be short in Washington. All it takes is for a couple of politicos and the so-called “mainstream” media to denigrate the Tea Party and the freshman congressional class–and … More

    Heritage Remembers Carl H. Lindner, Jr.

    Carl H. Lindner, Jr. died October 17 at the age of 92. With his passing The Heritage Foundation lost a longtime friend and supporter, the conservative cause lost a stouthearted champion, the business world lost one of its great successes, and America lost one of her most loyal sons. Carl’s … More

    Morning Bell: Steve Jobs and American Exceptionalism

    Steve Jobs, who died yesterday at the too-young age of 56, was a living refutation of all that liberals constantly tell us about our country — that we’re falling behind others and live now in a “post-American world,” as one of Barack Obama’s favorite books puts it in its title. … More

    Heritage Mourns the Passing of Malcolm Wallop

    Malcolm Wallop was a great American… and a firm believer in American greatness. He was, moreover, a clear-sighted analyst of our nation’s role in global affairs. In 1995, while serving as a Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, he delivered a wonderful speech entitled “Keeping America Great” at a policy … More

    Morning Bell: Our Work Has Only Begun

    My fellow conservatives, Americans are disappointed. They are disappointed that the debate over our debt limit was about the needs of politicians instead of the needs of the country. They are disappointed with a broken government that refuses to fix itself. And they are disappointed that the Budget Control Act … More

    Morning Bell: The Fight We're In

    Fellow conservatives, We find ourselves in the midst of an important battle, the outcome of which will be determined by decisions to be made in the immediate days ahead. We must win this fight. The debate over raising the debt limit seems complicated, but it is really very simple. Look … More

    Otto von Habsburg 1912-2011

    Today, we at The Heritage Foundation mourn the loss of Otto von Habsburg, a defender of freedom and friend of liberty in Europe and around the world. Born as the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary and the oldest son of Austria-Hungary’s last emperor, Otto was next in line to be Emperor … More