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  • Cargo Ships Too Risky for Terrorists

    On February 4, the Hormcliff, on charter to fruit giant Del Monte, arrived at Falmouth Dock with a 300 mm hole on the port side. The hole was caused by a container that was lost overboard. A total of 58 refrigerated 40ft containers were lost at sea during a storm. … More

    AFRICOM Head Quarters: TBD

    Due to a less than enthusiastic response from numerous African countries, the year-old United States military command for Africa (AFRICOM) has recently decided to forgo the attempt to base its headquarters on the African continent. Confusion and conspiracy rumors have developed in response to AFRICOM’s creation, including the idea that … More

    Bush's Flu Outbreak Plan Faces False Criticism

    According to the Washington Post, in an article featured “U.S. Flu Outbreak Plan Criticized” Health Officials say that the Administration’s plans for dealing with pandemic flu does not anticipate strain on hospitals, staff, and the public health systems. This is true. A serious outbreak would inundate medical centers, cause lengthy … More

    U.S., Poland Reach Missile Defense Agreement

    It has only taken six years, but according to reports that surfaced today, the United States and Poland have finally reached a tentative agreement on the development of a Ground Based Midcourse defense site, which will initially include the placement of 10 interceptors in Poland. Although discussions concerning the radar … More

    Supplemental Support Miscue

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen is calling for the elimination of emergency supplemental spending used to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is instead pushing for the inclusion of war funding in the annual defense budget. In the DefenseNews.com article, “Mullen Wants Supplemental … More