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  • A Veto from Hawaii: Marriage Debate Needs More Than Last-Minute Legislative Maneuvers

    This past April, on the last day of the legislative session, the Hawaii House of Representatives voted 31–20 in favor of HB 444, a controversial measure creating civil unions. This week, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle replied with a veto of the bill. She states, “I have been open and consistent … More

    Saving Freedom in Urban Centers

    Rather than being inevitable cesspools of crime and sin,” says Howard Husock of the Manhattan Institute, “cities are, rather, the key foundations of prosperity and economic dynamism, the places where social and economic freedom [take] root and bear fruit.” Husock joined a panel at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference … More

    The Government Stops Here: Civil Society’s Role in Prisoner Reentry

    The recidivism rate among ex-offenders in the U.S. is massive—upwards of 67 percent. Helping former inmates find and keep a steady job is crucial to bringing this number down. That’s what makes an article that ran in the Washington Post this past weekend so interesting. Michelle Singletary is a Personal … More

    Money and Marriage - Divorce Declines in Great Recession

    A new report -The 2009 “State of our Unions”- out of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and the Institute for American Values, reports that divorce fell during the first full year of the Great Recession, the first annual dip since 2005. “Tough times foster real family … More

    Education: What Works and Why

    Youth violence, substance abuse, homelessness, and deteriorating neighborhoods ravage both low-income communities and prosperous suburbs alike. There is a great need to explore both the root causes of these problems and their effective solutions. The Bob Woodson Show—“What Works and Why”—premiered yesterday with this very aim. Focusing on solutions to … More