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  • The Baucus Bill Cost To States And Working Families

    After watching the Senate Finance Committee work its will on health care reform, it is clear that the final stretch will have little to do with good policy and lots to do with cutting special deals with drug companies, favorite states, and the like. The debate is a jarring reminder … More

    Misleading Medicaid Claims From Senate Finance

    The Committee on Finance has issued a press release that claims under Chairman Baucus’ health care plan, now being marked up and amended in full Committee session: “[e]very state would spend less on Medicaid compared to current spending levels over the next three years (2010-2012), equaling a total net decrease … More

    Nice Speech, Wrong Month

    President Obama gave a nice, thematic speech Wednesday night. But that was the speech he should have given in April or May at the latest. It is now September and four congressional committees have already completed their work. The President said there is agreement on “about 80 percent of what … More

    The Real Story On The Uninsured

    You hear or read the number all the time. The New York Times breathlessly reports there are 46 million uninsured Americans and President Barack Obama routinely asserts the same number. The Census Bureau estimates, however, do not tell the entire story. The uninsured are a diverse and dynamic population, and … More

    Dingell Defense Deficient

    On August 6th, Michigan resident Mike Sola confronted Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) at a health care townhall about H.R. 3200′s effect on his son Scott. It is unclear from the exchange if Scott, who is confined to a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy, is enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. But … More

    Beware The Health Care "Nudge"

    The White House public relations team has a problem. Where on earth did people get these ideas about government rationing health care? They ask. Why do people imagine they will lose their private health insurance coverage or doctor? After all, the President repeatedly says that will not happen. Period. Why … More

    Obama’s Non Sequitur: An Instant Response to the White House’s Health Insurance Talking Points

    President Barack Obama is visiting North Carolina and Virginia today looking to shift the debate away from the massive new spending and government control in his health care plan, and to the “Security You Get” under Obamacare. But if  “health insurance consumer protections” are what Obamacare is all about, then why … More

    Obama Moves the Goal Posts on Health Care

    In his July 25 Radio Address, President Obama offered a new goal to health care reform—“And we’ll limit the amount your insurance company can force you to pay out of your own pocket.” By laying this out as one of the goals of reform, he contradicts the major theme of … More

    The End of Medicaid as We Know It

    The gripping health care reform drama unfolding on Capitol Hill has a surprising ending—Medicaid dies. At least Medicaid as you have come to know it. The gasping audience, however, will be left to figure out whether it was murder or an accident. The 1,018 page House Health Care bill being … More

    The Latest Senate Health Proposals: Radical and Desperate

    Under increasing pressure to find unconventional ways to pay for the cost of health reform (which was supposed to save money for American families), the Senators sponsoring this legislative nightmare are getting more radical and desperate. While much of the debate has been on the higher-profile issues of cost and … More