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  • Do Budget Deficits Reflect American Character?

    Ezra Klein, Mark Thoma, and Paul Krugman take issue with David Brooks for suggesting that the failure in recent years to keep budget deficits under control represents a moral issue. “Every generation has an incentive to spend on itself,” Brooks writes, “but none ran up huge deficits until the current … More

    What Would Our Founders Say About Elections Today?

    With Super Tuesday coming up, Americans are reflecting on the Republican presidential campaign: Has the fighting among candidates been normal? Is the presidential campaign process too long? How important are debates? Reflecting on these questions can be put into better context by looking at the evolution of the presidential selection … More

    PODCAST: Obamacare's Anti-Conscience Mandate

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus, Heritage expert Jen Marshall discusses the controversy over Obamacare’s anti-conscience mandate. Click here to listen. Is this issue about more than just religious liberty? How is Heritage continuing to fight Obamacare? Is opposition to this mandate anti-women? Click above to hear Jen answer these … More

    PODCAST: John Taylor On Returning Economy to Prosperity

    In this special Heritage podcast, listen to distinguished Stanford economist John Taylor discuss his new book, First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America’s Prosperity. PODCAST: John Taylor On Returning Economy to Prosperity What should guide policy proposals going forward? Are we in full economic recovery mode? Is inflation a threat … More

    Heritage Libertad Radio: Obamacare and Contraception, Budget, More

    Be sure to listen to the latest Heritage Libertad Radio program. For the program in English, click here. For the program in Spanish, click here. The Spanish program begins with an interview with Father Avelino González. He discusses Obamacare’s mandate for contraceptives. Is the “fix” the administration offered a real solution … More

    PODCAST: Presidents' Day or Washington's Birthday?

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus, Heritage Vice President and first principles scholar Matt Spalding discusses the importance of Presidents’ Day. Click here to listen. Should the holiday be designated as Presidents’ Day or George Washington’s Birthday? What principles did President Washington embody that are worth celebrating? What’s the most important thing … More

    Well Done, John Von Kannon

    In recognition of four decades of commitment to advancing the conservative movement – including 30 years and counting of service to this think tank, Heritage Foundation Vice President and Senior Counselor John Von Kannon received the John Ashbrook Award during this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The honor, presented … More

    Is the U.S. Economy in a “Liquidity Trap”?

    Popular economics suggests that economic activity results from a circular flow of money in the economy: One person’s spending is a second person’s income, and the second person’s spending is a third person’s income, and so on. According to this theory, recessions occur because psychological factors cause individuals to increase … More

    PODCAST: CPAC and the State of Conservatism

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast, leading historian and expert on the conservative movement, Lee Edwards, discusses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and the state of conservatism. Click here to listen. What is the importance of CPAC? What’s Heritage’s role this year? What advice should guide conservatism moving foward? Listen … More

    PODCAST: How Obamacare Will Change the Face of Medicare

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus, expert Bob Moffit discusses how Obamacare ends Medicare as we know it. Click here to listen. How does the health reform law break up traditional Medicare? What’s a better way to fix Medicare? And how much could we save by bringing free market reforms to … More