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  • America in Asia: Shoring up U.S. Credibility Despite China’s Mistrust

    A new Brookings report on the inner workings and strategic thinking of the Chinese government explains that China’s leaders see “a long-term zero-sum game” between Beijing and Washington, and that the United States, not China, is on “the wrong side of history.” The authors of the report suggest that China … More

    Latest U.N. Security Council Act Won't Stop Assad

    The U.N. Security Council finally reached an agreement on Syria yesterday. In typical U.N. form, it amounts to more talk than action. Russia and China acquiesced to a non-binding presidential statement calling for “a ceasefire in Syria and opening conflict areas to humanitarian aid.” The statement contains no ultimatum for … More

    What to Do About Syria

    Many people are calling for the U.S. to help the rebels fight back against the regime in Syria, which is engaged in daily massacres of civilians. For example, Senator John McCain (R–AZ) urged this course on a recent trip to the Middle East. He describes the problem as “asymmetric…with Bashar … More

    Are We Leaving Afghanistan Too Soon?

    In an interview with the Military Times, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis, a veteran of two tours of duty in Afghanistan, said he believes that U.S. leaders should come clean about the “absence of success on virtually every level” in Afghanistan, the central battlefield of America’s global war against terrorists. After … More