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  • Morning Bell: Change We Don't Need

    You can’t watch coverage of the presidential campaign this year without being bombarded with the word ‘change’. It’s plastered on almost every campaign sign and seems to be every other word that comes out of some candidates’ mouths. Conservatives are all for some types of change, but also very much … More

    Why This Immigration Is Different

    The United States is a nation of immigrants and for the most part our country has a celebrated history of welcoming peoples from all over the world. Unfortunately the modern wave of immigration from south of the border is distinctly different than any other immigration in our nation’s history and … More

    Morning Bell: No Tax And Spend Stimulus, Please

    As Iraq has stabilized in recent months and job creation has slowed, many voters are turning their attention to economic concerns. Now that both parties are beginning to outline the principles of their preferred stimulus package, it is important conservatives prevent the left’s ‘tax and spend’ instincts from making the … More

    Our Lawless Border

    Two items from today’s news underscores again why one of the highest priorities for the next President must be to secure our nation’s lawless southern border. First, from the AP in Mexico City: “Mexican drug traffickers are the main suppliers of methamphetamine to the U.S. and produce enormous quantities of … More

    Fraudulent Arguments On Voter Fraud

      As part of their all out assault voter protection laws, liberal groups will argue before the Supreme Court Wednesday that even though every adult must produce a photo ID in order to fly (or even to enter the Supreme Court to hear the proceedings), producing such an ID before … More

    Explaining The Fantasy Based Community

    Why The Netroots Aren’t Rejoicing Over Obama’s Caucus Win It finally happened. The droves of young voters motivated to ‘change’ Washington finally showed up in large enough numbers to give a ‘movement’ candidate a surprising and convincing electoral victory. If this was 2004 and the candidate was Howard Dean, the … More

    Morning Bell: Real Change Through Limited Government

    Bringing ‘change’ to Washington is a popular buzzword for candidates from both parties in Iowa today. But Americans have been promised ‘change’ countless times before only to be disappointed and the most recent Congress is a case study in failure to deliver on real change in Washington. While the 110th … More

    Morning Bell: Protecting Their Fragile Progress

    22-year-old Iraqi student Ridaa al-Azzawi told Reuters New Years Eve, “The security has changed and it took us by surprise. We’re very happy. Especially us young people.” While the statistics support al-Azzawi’s personal observations, liberals back in the United States are threatening to pull the plug Iraq’s nascent peace. According … More