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  • Morning Bell: Fighting Earmarks Finally

    According to The Hill, President Bush will face a key test on federal spending when he returns from his Middle East trip wrapping up in Egypt today. At issue is a movement by conservative budget watchdog groups supporting an Executive Order from the president directing federal agencies not to spend … More

    Tax Rebates Cannot Save Us

    Reports following Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Monday meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicate that House Democrats are considering a $100 billion economic stimulus package that “money for ailing state governments, higher Medicaid spending and an increase in food stamp payments.” Completely ignoring their election promise to pay for any … More

    Morning Bell: Debunking the Iran NIE

    Throughout President Bush’s current Middle East trip, administration officials have had to quell confusion about how the December 3, 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program affects U.S. policy in the region. Already the report has undercut efforts to form “an international coalition to impose sanctions against Tehran” and … More

    Lancet Study Author Helped Saddam Undermine U.N. Sanctions

    The George Soros funded Lancet study that put Iraqi deaths at numbers ten times higher than any human rights group estimated, was co-authored by Riyadh Lafta, an official for Saddam Hussein’s government who used similar data analysis techniques to undermine U.N. sanctions against the brutal Iraqi dictator. According to National … More

    Soros Bought Death Data He Wanted

    When the New England Journal of Medicine published a new survey estimating 151,000 Iraqis died from violence since the invasion, the contrast in headlines from The Washington Post and New York Times brought a brief moment of levity to a grim subject. The Post declared: “New Estimate of Violent Deaths … More

    Morning Bell: Reality Is Hard

    At every turn, Gen. David Petraeus reminds us that “the reality of Iraq is that it is very hard” and that we should be careful not “to be optimistic or pessimistic” about the situation in Iraq. But in clear minded analysis of Iraq must conclude that the situation has improved … More

    First Do No Harm

    With the January 19th Democrtic Caucus fast approaching, the largest union in Nevada (the 60,000-member Culinary Workers union) attempted to flex their political muscle by endorsing Barack Obama. One wonders why though, since both Hillary Clinton and Obama have both voiced support for the unions number one policy priority: the … More

    Morning Bell: A Grown Up Approach To Energy Policy

    Britain’s Labor Party reversed its 1997 statement that it saw “no economic case for the building of any new nuclear power stations” Thursday. Energy Secretary John Hutton told the House of Commons that nuclear power “should have a role in this country’s future energy mix, alongside other low-carbon sources.” If … More

    Morning Bell: Mass Deportation Is Not Needed

    A favorite straw man of the pro-amnesty crowd is that the only alternative to granting illegal immigrants citizenship is mass deportation. As a front page USA Today story on the implementation of Oklahoma’s new ‘Taxpayer Citizen Protection Act’ shows, that is simply not true. Referred to simply as ‘1804’ by … More

    FTC Carbon Offset Investigation Previews Cap and Trade’s Imminent Failure

    The Federal Trade Commission began a series of hearings Tuesday into the carbon offset ‘market’ responding to worries from environmentalists that the burgeoning industry is little more than “greenwashing.” Business Week recently investigated a number of carbon offset programs and concluded that “some deals amount to little more than feel-good … More