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  • A Strong Economy Needs Low Tax Rates, Not Rebates

    President Bush is correct in saying “the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth.” Despite the current economic slowdown, productivity remains healthy and most economic fundamentals are strong. The U.S. economy will recover from this slowdown. However, tax rebates and more government spending will not accelerate any … More

    Ending the Entitlement Tsunami

    Last year Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and ranking Republican Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) proposed legislation to create a task force to study the long-term fiscal problem and propose solutions. Given that spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is set to double over the next 25 years, something must be done … More

    The Substance-Free Progressive Position on FISA

    Progressives are in near hysterics over the possibility that the temporary changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act made in August 2007 will be made permanent before they expire and that US companies that assisted US intelligence efforts before the temporary changes were made will receive protection from frivolous lawsuits. … More

    Morning Bell: Don't Get Fooled Again

    The Washington Post reports this morning that “the Democratic-led House” wasted $89,000 in tax payer money on “so-called carbon offsets” that did not reduce any carbon production. The Post investigated three projects making up a third of the money spent and found, “it did not appear that offset money was … More

    How 'Ethics' Laws Can Kill

    Since some presidential candidates have based their entire campaigns on bringing ‘change’ to Washington through new ethics laws, it is worth highlighting stories that demonstrate just how silly and ineffective these laws really are. Following FBI raids on legislative offices last year, Alaska lawmakers passed an ethics law that set … More

    Peace and Freedom in Africa

    Today The Heritage Foundation hosted Shadow Justice Minister and Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe, The Honorable David Coltart (watch his address here). Coltart gave a stark but hopeful assessment on the prospect of a free and fair poll this March and long-term democracy and economic growth in his country. Like … More

    Senate Set For FISA Showdown Monday

    With United States intelligence gathering capabilities set to be hobbled on February 1st, the Senate has scheduled a cloture vote on Monday for legislation that would allow the government to continue protecting Americans from foreign terrorist attacks. A bi-partisan coalition defeated a substitute bill favored by trial lawyers and progressive … More

    Morning Bell: Don't Let The Senate Make It Worse

    The Wall Street Journal calls yesterday’s economic stimulus agreement “an almost perfect political stimulus: a one-year ‘middle-class tax cut’ for Americans in the most populous demographic group; a few tax goodies to sweeten the cash flow of certain current businesses, and a boost to the business of those world-class lobbying … More

    When Did the French Become Better Adherents To Limited Government Than the GOP?

    Today’s Financial Times reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s administration plans to freeze public spending for five years “to eliminate its deficit and reduce spending as a share of national output.” While Congress figures out the fastest way possible to deficit spend $150 billion on a stimulus package that history … More

    It Could Have Been Worse...

    The Associated Press is reporting that Democratic and Republican lawmakers have reached a tentative deal today on a stimulus package. First the good news: the giveaway does not include money for food stamps, unemployment insurance benefits or infrastructure projects. Also, although it is not mentioned in the AP story, we … More