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  • Morning Bell: Play Time Is Over

    President Bush signed a 15-day extension of the Protect America Act Thursday, giving Congress a total of 195 days since the act was first passed in August to come to an agreement on the permanent reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). It is time for the left in … More

    Christmas in February

    Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Rae Hederman reacts to the Senate’s recently passed stimulus package: In a period of a sluggish economy, it’s disappointing that the Senate has placed special interests over what is good for the economy. While the stimulus bill passed by the House has many problems, the … More

    Credit Where Credit Is Due

    We agree with Glenn Reynolds that this is a “striking graphic” from Larry Kudlow’s show on the perhaps not so coincidental relationship between government pork projects and total government spending: One minor addition though … the “earmarks are a gateway drug on the road to the spending addiction” line is … More

    The California Health Plan Collapse: Another Big Lesson in What Not to Do in Health Policy

    The collapse of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California health plan was anti-climactic. For months, it was clear that the complex $14 billion proposal reached by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and liberals in the California state legislature was a political non-starter. In the process of hammering out the details with the help of … More

    Games Environmentalists Play

    For global warming crusaders nothing is more important than reducing the carbon humans emit into the atmosphere. The problem, as the more honest environmentalists have noted, is that all of these carbon limiting schemes (whether they be cap-and-trade or a gas tax) would significantly harm the economic growth that is … More

    Morning Bell: Putting Individuals in Charge of Health Care

    Just days before the GOP primary debate in California, state legislators voted down Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s $15 billion health care proposal. Since health care is the third most important issue for voters (behind economic growth and the war in Iraq) and failures like Schwarzenegger’s mean the health care debate will … More

    Massive Tax Hikes, Subsidies for the Rich, And a Violation of Article One ... Other Than That the Plan Is Great

    The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission recently came out with recommendations to increase the federal fuel tax by over 200%.  However, the report is worse than that, and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will have a hearing on this issue tomorrow. The Commission proposes establishing a … More

    Who Really Cares About Our Financial Health?

    Only 19 days after credit rating service Moody’s announced the United States was at risk of losing its top-notch triple-A credit rating due to soaring healthcare and social security spending, Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) said he would “insist” his committee vote on a proposal to create a bipartisan … More

    Congressional Hypocrisy on School Choice

    Foundry readers should check out the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial on President Bush’s proposal for a national Pell Grants for Kids school voucher program. The Journal asks a question that Heritage posted last year: “If unrestricted federal education grants are kosher for college students, why not for grades K-12 too?” … More

    Why Immunity Is Necessary for FISA Reform

    Congress has had 178 days since the Protect America Act was signed on August 5, to come to an agreement on how to modernize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Now it appears they will have another 15. Everybody agrees the 1978 act is hopelessly out of debate, but those on … More