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  • Reinventing the Family: Good Intentions Are Not Enough

    As marriage rates plummet and the percentage of intact families sharply declines, experiments that challenge the fundamental nature of the family are adding to the chaos that threatens civil society. A new report released this month by the Institute for American Values and the Commission on Parenthood’s Future explores the … More

    Teen Sexual Behavior: Promoting Wise Choices

    Statistics released today about American teens’ sexual behavior belie the popular portrayal of American youth as permissive and careless. New data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that the majority of teens have remained abstinent. Though the proportion of teens who are sexually experienced has remained relatively unchanged … More

    Cohabitation Compounds Divorce as a Threat to America's Children

    Given the overwhelming evidence that parental divorce takes a heavy toll on children—in areas ranging from emotional well-being and academic achievement to delinquency, substance abuse, and sexual activity—the nation had cause to breathe a collective sigh of relief when data showed that the incidence of divorce has dropped steadily since … More

    An Effective Approach to Poverty: Circle of Protection or Triangle of Uplift?

    Among the most valuable outcomes of the ongoing debate regarding the debt ceiling crisis and the critical need to rein in government spending has been a sharper focus on priorities in determining prospective cuts in government spending. A coalition of faith leaders from a broad spectrum of denominations has declared … More

    A Generation of Divorce Testifies to the Importance of Marriage

    In a snapshot summary of her memoir released on Tuesday, In Spite of Everything, Susan Gregory Thomas gives a firsthand account of what remains of children and parents after the devastation of divorce. Thomas presents a vivid portrait of the children of divorce in her neighborhood who, with her, wandered … More

    The Costs of the New Sexual Economy

    As more Americans delay or forego the benefits of marriage, one social scientist is suggesting that young adults’ reluctance to tie the knot may stem from faulty market mechanisms in the “sexual economy.” At a recent presentation at The Heritage Foundation, Mark Regnerus discussed the concept of sexual economics and … More

    Fathers Matter: Dads Are Not Optional to Child Well-Being

    Recent social commentary has heralded men’s supposedly diminished role in American society and families. One piece went so far as to proclaim the “end of men.” But as Mark Twain might say, reports of the death of men have been greatly exaggerated. As Father’s Day 2011 approaches, it’s a good … More

    Good News on Lasting Marriages

    While tabloid fare on marital fiascos (such as the recent demise of the Schwarzenegger–Shriver marriage) tends to dominate headlines, breaking news actually bodes well for marriage in America. According to a report based on census data released Wednesday, marriages are lasting longer, with three in four couples who married after … More

    U.N. Day of the Family: A Reminder of Civil Society's Cornerstone

    Sunday, May 15, is the 2011 United Nations International Day of Families. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the wide-ranging role that the family plays in the well-being of our society. One important first step would be for the U.N. to recognize the benefits associated with family centered on … More

    Cal Thomas on Bob Woodson: Look Who’s Winning the War on Poverty

    Columnist Cal Thomas writes today about his site visits this week in the D.C. area with longtime advocate for grassroots community initiatives Bob Woodson: I spent last Tuesday riding around Washington and Waldorf, Md., visiting housing projects Woodson’s organization supports and studying his success. I met former drug addicts, dealers, … More