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  • The Constitution: Another Victim of Obamacare

    Reports yesterday indicated that the Senate Parliamentarian “ruled” that the President must sign the Senate passed version of Obamacare before the Senate can act on a reconciliation measure. This ruling would have blown up plans in the House to use a very complicated procedure to pass both a Senate passed … More

    Obamacare’s Procedural Fraud on the American People

    The Health Care Nuclear Option is still the stated plan to get Obamacare to the President’s desk. The latest wrinkle is designed to allow pro-life Democrats to vote for the Senate’s taxpayer funded abortion language while still claiming they never voted for taxpayer funded abortions.  Don’t be fooled. First, let’s … More

    Senator Jim Bunning – “I Object”

    Liberals are up in arms because Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) is blocking a bill that would extend unemployment benefits, extend health insurance subsidies (COBRA), extend highway funding, increase Medicare reimbursement rates for physicians (Doc Fix), extend a temporary “flood insurance” program and continue aid for small business programs. The bill, … More

    Obamacare and Health Care Nuclear Option Violate First Principles

    The President’s new version of Obamacare, and his method of passing it, are not popular with the American people. Dubbed the Health Care Nuclear Option, this tactic will only further anger the American by  sidetracking the filibuster in the Senate and creating an even more highly charged partisan atmosphere in … More

    Health Care Nuclear Option – Liberals Ready to Launch

    The Health Care Nuclear Option, also known as reconciliation, is being considered by liberal politicians to insure that Obamacare makes it to the President’s desk by Easter.  According to The New York Times, the plan is to have the President submit reconciliation legislation to be posted on the internet this … More

    Obama's Health-Care Summit – Gimmick or Negotiation?

    On February 25th, the White House has proposed a bipartisan, half-day televised summit on health care. It is unclear as to whether this is a publicity stunt by the Obama Administration or a good faith effort to negotiate with Republicans to come up with a bipartisan health care reform bill. … More

    Fighting the Nuclear Option

    With the victory of Senator-elect Scott Brown (R-MA), Democrats are turning to a secret “Nuclear Option” to push ObamaCare through the Senate and avoid a Republican filibuster. Now it appears, though, that Republicans have a procedural tactic of their own to fight back. The Hill reports today that “Republicans say … More

    Congress’ New Secret Plan to Pass ObamaCare – The Nuclear Option

    Leaders in the House and Senate have a new secret plan to pass President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care plan using strong arm tactics and no transparency. I wrote back in September that Congress had a plan to ram through ObamaCare by the end of the year, but the American … More

    All Out Attack By The Left On The Filibuster

    Liberals in America are mad because they  have had a difficult time implementing an unpopular far left agenda, especially with regard to Obamacare. One of the results of this rage is for liberals to attack one of the rules in the Senate that protects unlimited debate and amendment – the Filibuster … More

    What Now on ObamaCare?

    The White House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have been in secret negotiations on ObamaCare for a few weeks now, yet the election yesterday in Massachusetts of Senator-elect Scott Brown has sent a thunderbolt from Boston to Washington that may push ObamaCare into the … More