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  • New Poll, New Result: Americans Support the First Amendment After All

    What a difference a question makes. A couple of weeks ago, we exposed the biased and misleading questions behind a widely-cited Washington Post poll, which supposedly found broad, bipartisan support for legislative limits on speech following the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Citizens United case. The Center for Competitive … More

    Justice for Embattled Executive Branch Lawyers

    Last month,  Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis cleared the names of former Department of Justice lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee. Disparagingly labeled the “Torture Lawyers” by the New York Times, Yoo and Bybee wrote the now-infamous memos offering legal advice to the Bush administration that authorized the use … More

    WaPo Poll Misrepresents Citizen United Decision

    Continuing the wide-ranging assault on the Supreme Court’s First Amendment decision in the Citizens United case, The Washington Post claims that a poll the newspaper conducted in conjunction with ABC News shows that “Americans of both parties overwhelmingly oppose” the outcome. Cataloging the so-called “strong reservoir of bipartisan support,” the … More