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  • Political Crimes: Left Wants To Prosecute the Bush Administration

    With “Bush derangement syndrome” having infected large swaths of the Left, it is no surprise that their fever dreams feature the prosecution of Bush Administration heavies for their “crimes against humanity” and the U.S. Constitution. This weekend, the otherwise unremarkable Massachusetts School of Law at Andover will host a conference … More

    Social Security: A First-Wave Boomer's View

    This month’s Facing Up theme is the eligibility of the baby-boom generation for Social Security benefits, which is just beginning. Fortuitously, your correspondent’s father is a baby boomer and graciously agreed to share his thoughts on the topic. He is no policy wonk, but a businessman and entrepreneur who is … More

    An Odd Argument on the Death Penalty

    Jon Yorke, a British law lecturer who has written widely on the U.S. death penalty, argues that the law’s focus on the actual act’s pain (Baze v. Rees, presently pending in the Supreme Court, asks how courts should consider the risk of pain during execution) may be misplaced: While hypoxia … More