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  • Why the Russian Occupation of Crimea Could Lead to a New Islamist Terror Hotspot

    As Putin is tightening his grip on the Crimean Peninsula, the Crimean Tatars are becoming increasingly worried about their future. By annexing the Crimea to Russia, Moscow will most likely radicalize an otherwise peaceful indigenous Tatar community. One of Tatars’ political leaders, a member of Ukrainian Parliament, Mustafa Jemilev, has … More

    The U.S. Cannot Allow Ukraine To Be Destroyed

    Last week, Russia declared war on Ukraine. On March 1, the Russian Parliament’s Upper House, the Council of the Federation, voted to authorize the use of force against its neighbor. Now Russia has invaded the Crimea, my birthplace, a beautiful peninsula offering a subtropical coastline that has been popular with … More

    Q&A: Russian Military Mobilization and the Violent Action in the Crimea

    Today, unknown forces wearing uniforms took over the Parliament, Council of Ministers and Justice Ministry buildings in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, a majority-Russian speaking area, which has belonged to Ukraine since 1954. There are reports of similar forces controlling the port city and the resort of Yalta. It … More

    Yanukovich’s Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine: Why the U.S. Should Act

    The worst crisis since the wars in Yugoslavia is convulsing Eastern Europe. Ukraine is on the brink of a civil war, and Russian intervention may be possible despite the Sochi Olympics. An East-West confrontation may be imminent. On Tuesday, the brutal Berkut riot police stormed the main anti-government protest camp … More

    Sochi Hotel Debacle Indicates Systemic Problems in Russia

      Sochi appears to be a huge management and PR disappointment. Journalists arriving to the Olympic Games are reporting major problems with the hotels, such as broken elevators and a lack of hot water and heat. This is indicative of broader, systemic problems — and it’s not shocking, as hospitality service … More

    Q&A on the Crisis in Ukraine

    The political crisis that consumed Ukraine for the past two months is showing signs of positive developments. President Viktor Yanukovich is beginning to meet some of the demands of the demonstrators, but the opposition is still demanding early presidential elections. What are the latest developments in Ukraine, and why did … More

    Spiritual Leaders of the Caucasus Extremists: The Enemies of the Olympics

    Radical Islamists of the North Caucasus are not the only ones threatening Russia’s security on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. They are being supported with weapons, money and “spiritual” guidance from major figures of Sunni radical movements such as Salafi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorist attacks … More

    Russia's Reputation at Risk in Sochi

    Next month, the Winter Olympics in Sochi will bring many of Russia’s systemic problems in focus. It won’t be a pretty picture. The terrorist threat, rampant corruption, a problematic human-rights record, and rising xenophobia and nationalism will all be on display. How the Russian leadership deals with these ills during … More

    5 Things You Might Be Asking about the Sochi Terrorist Threats

    With two weeks to go before the opening of the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, terrorist threats have many questioning the security of the games. The Foundry asked Heritage’s expert on the region, Ariel Cohen, for some perspective on the threats. Where are the terrorist threats to the Olympics coming … More

    Volgograd Terror Wave Threatens Sochi Olympics, Russian Civic Peace

    Russia’s holiday cheer was shattered by brutal suicide bombings on December 29 and 30 in the city of Volgograd that killed at least 31 people. Many experts believe that the bombings, which come just weeks before the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, are an attempt by North Caucasus … More