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Mr. President, You Can End the Government Shutdown

Posted By Matthew Streit On October 4, 2013 @ 6:00 am In Capitol Hill,Front Page,Obamacare | Comments Disabled

President Obama has made it clear he “will not negotiate” when it comes to ending the government shutdown.

At last check, the nation’s capital wasn’t run by one branch of government, or even one political party. But President Obama is so intent on protecting his unpopular, unworkable, and unfair health care law that he’d prefer to keep the government closed.

Mr. President, here’s a five-point plan to end the government shutdown—using some of your favorite phrases.

1. “Here’s the deal”: Have a serious conversation with congressional leadership to talk about the real issue driving the shutdown—the negative consequences of Obamacare. Quit giving us lengthy law school lectures about why you are right and then dismissing the class.

2. “Let me be clear”: Mr. President, you’ve already delayed or repealed 14 provisions in Obamacare [1]. Why are you unwilling to recognize how Obamacare has negatively impacted the American people? Certainly, it shouldn’t take wrecking the economy and putting bureaucrats between doctors and their patients. There is a better way.

3. “It will not be easy”: The American people need a leader, not a lecturer.

4. “Make no mistake”: Despite the fact that you claim Obamacare will lower premiums, expand coverage, and increase wellness, the evidence is overwhelmingly against you. Obamacare is raising premiums [2] for most Americans, making it difficult for those out of work to find jobs [3], and cutting workers’ hours [4]. The cost of Obamacare to the budget, the taxpayers, and to the future of health care in this country is too high.

5. “Yes we can”: When a majority of Americans oppose your signature accomplishment and the implementation of the law isn’t working [5], it’s time for a different course. We can reform health care [6] so that patients are in charge of their health care decisions.

The House of Representatives has passed a number of bills that would fully fund the government or specific functions of government, including a couple that would have defunded or delayed Obamacare. Yet President Obama has threatened vetoes, and his allies in the Senate are refusing to consider the House bills altogether.

Despite the news media’s tainted portrayal, the President seems intent on continuing his reckless and irresponsible position on the government shutdown, much like his position on barricading and blocking access for veterans [7] to the World War II Memorial in Washington.

For President Obama and his political allies, protecting a failed law that is hurting the country seems to be their top priority.

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