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Things That Aren't Inevitable: The Farm Bill

Posted By Amy Payne On July 9, 2013 @ 6:42 am In Ongoing Priorities | Comments Disabled

Don’t you love it when the conventional wisdom gets turned on its head?

What was supposed to happen in Washington a couple of weeks ago—passing the pork-laden food stamp bill known as the “farm” bill—didn’t happen.

The special interests [1] expected it to happen. Most of official Washington expected it to happen. But Heritage and our allies made the case that food stamps and farm programs don’t belong together [2] in one big, fat bill.

Taxpayers deserve better. They deserve transparency about how their money is being spent—and bloated programs desperately need an overhaul.

Now, the House has a chance to get it right [3]—and splitting the actual farm-related programs from the food stamps is only the first step.

Breaking the farm programs and food stamps into two bills is a start—but then the House needs to start over. Why does the “farm” bill need a Christmas tree tax [4]? Why does it support driving up consumer food prices [4]?

>>> 7 Ugly Truths About the House Farm Bill [4]

The food stamp program has its own problems. As Heritage’s Elliot Gaiser points out, “Food stamp rolls have also been climbing for decades [5], regardless of the economic situation.” This program is supposed to help people get back on their feet, not steer them toward dependence on government.

>>> See 7 Reasons to Reform Food Stamps [5]

Want to hear from a fourth-generation farmer? At 11:30 a.m. ET today, Representative Marlin Stutzman (R), a farmer from Indiana, will speak at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing, which you can watch live here [6]. He will make the case for splitting farm programs and food stamps.

Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day at Heritage Libertad [7].

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