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  • Surprise, Surprise: Nobel Prize Awarded for Politics, Not Substance

    Many self-righteous and smug Eurocrats will be celebrating the European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded earlier today in Oslo, Norway.

    Wisely and sensibly, some European leaders, such as British Prime Minister David Cameron and Czech President Václav Klaus, decided not to attend today’s ceremony.

    It was clear to many when the announcement was made in October that this was nothing short of a public relations stunt to shore up support for the failing European Project. Far from ensuring a peaceful and stable Europe, the hubris shown by Brussels-based Eurocrats when dealing with the Eurozone crisis has ushered in an era of instability and uncertainty across the continent not seen for a generation.

    According to the Nobel Committee responsible for selecting the winner, the European Union won this award because the EU has “for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.”

    The committee further suggested that, after World War II, there was a real threat of war between France and Germany and that the EU somehow prevented war from happening.

    Whatever threat of war existed, it was quashed by the unconditional surrender of Germany (unlike after World War I), the subsequent U.S. and allied occupation force in Germany, the unifying threat to Western Europe posed by the Soviet Union, and, most importantly, the establishment of NATO. If any organization deserves the Nobel Prize for peace and stability in Europe, it is NATO. No objective analysis proves otherwise.

    Perhaps the most nonsensical claim by the committee is about the EU’s promotion of democratic values. Far from promoting democracy in Europe, the EU has been steadily eroding democratic values. Over the past six decades, the EU has developed into one of the most undemocratic institutions in the Western world. Power has been removed from sovereign nation states and has become consolidated in obtuse decision-making institutions in Brussels.

    So as Greece and the eurozone continue to burn and EU leaders continue to drink $190 bottles of 1992 Chateau Angelus Premier Grand Cru, perhaps they should reflect on where Europe would be today without NATO and the U.S. security guarantee.

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    6 Responses to Surprise, Surprise: Nobel Prize Awarded for Politics, Not Substance

    1. Andrew says:

      People say the same thing about Heritage (re: "politics, not substance").

      • Jon Amendall says:

        Politics can have substance. After all, it was political meetings that developed both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the US.
        Today's politics, perhaps not so much, but they're not incompatible.
        Heritage has substance.

      • Bobbie says:

        They must be of the people that don't know the difference.

    2. Bobbie says:

      so that's how Obama won. He said the best liar is the best politician contrary to my and anyone's standards I know, where the most honest is the most productive and the best at anything but anyway, Obama won the prize for the best liar with the most crisis achieved because of, which is a piece of cake when you're up against honest people who stand on principle and when you have no shame or show insecurities by using political correctness ignorance to avoid accountabilities you're responsible for.

      Political correctness exploits personal weakness evolving phoniness when used… it's not politically correct for America to witness violations of her by authoritative abuse in actions and words? If we as people can't hold people to their word/responsibilities, what good are we as people?

      America and the world needs honorable strength in leadership who stands on principle and good will to stand accountable for certain to legislate reprimand for the opposition…

      Congratulations aren't in order so I won't be giving any!!!!!

    3. ramasart says:

      Seriously? The Nobel Peace Prize went to someone (or something) unworthy? Certainly not like Obozo's prize from 4 years ago, now THAT one was earned.

    4. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      "Power has been removed from sovereign nation states and has become consolidated in obtuse decision-making institutions…"

      Sounds like America from FDR forward.

      After Obama and the EU, there is nowhere to go but up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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