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  • Jim DeMint to Become Heritage's Next President

    Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) will leave the U.S. Senate next year to become president of The Heritage Foundation, succeeding Edwin J. Feulner, the man who first envisioned the think tank in 1973 and has led it as president for the past 36 years.

    Heritage’s Board of Trustees unanimously chose DeMint as the organization’s next leader, starting April 3. DeMint will resign from the Senate and start as president-elect in early January, so he and Feulner can ensure a smooth transition. After April, Feulner will continue serving as Chancellor of the Foundation and Chairman of our Asian Studies Center.

    Heritage Chairman of the Board Thomas A. Saunders announced the decision to employees this morning:

     Jim DeMint has shown that principled conservatism remains a winning political philosophy. His passion for rigorous research, his dedication to the principles of our nation’s founding, and his ability to translate policy ideas into action make him an ideal choice to lead Heritage to even greater success.

    Feulner, who announced three years ago that he would retire in April 2013, may be the hardest act to follow in Washington, D.C. Under his leadership, Heritage helped launch missile defense under President Ronald Reagan and welfare reform under President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich. During the past four years, Heritage has led a principled fight against Obamacare and has taken a lead in advancing the case for entitlement reform.

    Feulner’s name figures among those of Friedman, Buckley, and Bartley in the annals of conservatism. Bill Buckley launched the conservative movement as a modern force in Sharon, CT, in 1960; Milton Friedman and Bob Bartley gave it its economic underpinnings; and Dr. Feulner organized it under his maxim of “adding and multiplying” conservative forces. He built Heritage into a permanent Washington institution, the leading think tank in America. After long consideration, Heritage’s board decided that the man in Washington to take the reins from Feulner was DeMint. He stood out as the right man at the right time for Heritage and the country.

    >>> Watch video of DeMint speaking about Heritage’s influence

    Throughout his time in Congress, DeMint has consistently stood for policies that make our country prosperous, strong, and free, even when speaking up for these principles was not the easy path. Along the way, he created a movement of principled conservatives that consistently make the right decisions. The so-called DeMint caucus includes such names as Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and now Ted Cruz—a group that could be called the 1927 Yankees of conservatism. Now DeMint will lead this effort from an intellectual powerhouse—Ronald Reagan’s favorite think tank.

    What this means is that the intellectual rigor and innovative ideas of our scholars and researchers, as well as our strong membership base, will now be united with the most effective, principled political leader on Capitol Hill. As everyone knows, this is a crucial time for conservatism, and Heritage must seize the moment.

    Despite what you may hear, conservative philosophy hasn’t failed, but we need to help all Americans connect the dots so they can see why bad progressive policies ruin their lives. Conservatism comes into the battle of ideas with some rhetorical drawbacks: By definition, it does not chase after fads, divide the country by pandering, or promise easy fixes. But it comes with some decidedly powerful advantages. Conservatism speaks about transcendent and self-evident truths—it tells us what our conscience already knows. Conservatism also stands for virtues that have stood the test of time. Lastly, conservatism prescribes policies that, if adhered to, will bear the fruits of freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society.

    With the decision we announce today, the Board of Trustees has affirmed the importance of our principles—built on our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    The following video was recorded on Oct. 22, 2012, at a meeting of Heritage members in Washington, D.C.:

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    24 Responses to Jim DeMint to Become Heritage's Next President

    1. Really really FABULOUS news for the movement!!!

    2. hughbaby says:

      Great choice. Hate to see him leave the Senate but elated to see him at Heritage. Heritage is one of the last best hope places for the true conservative movement. We have a lot of work ahead of us and Jim will be great as on one of our leaders.

    3. I'm so sorry I'm losing my favorite Senator from SC but happy he is going to Heritage

    4. Robert Impreglio says:

      "Passion for rigorous research"?? Bwahahahahaha!

    5. Jason says:

      We borrow 1.3 trillion dollars per year. Obama proposed larger taxes and tiny cuts to total 2 trillion dollars in 10 years. Republicans offered smaller tax increases and larger cuts for a total of 2.2 trillion over 10 years. Both are about 200 billion per year. So both political parties are saying that under their best case scenario, our deficit is going from 1..3 trillion to 1.1 trillion. Which means 10 years from now, instead of America owing 29 trillion dollars, it will "only" owe 27 trillion. RIP America. It was great to live in you once. The President, the Senators, and our Cognressmen all care only about their reelection and not about America.

      • Arcturus6 says:

        Yes Jason, it seems so. I think there might be some good Members of Congress, but overall, I agree with you. But remember, the electorate is responible as well for sending many of these clowns back to Congress, year after year. Only a person certifiiably insane would keep re-electing individuals like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al in my opinion.

    6. Bill Levenson says:

      Congrats to Sen. DeMint and the Heritage Foundation on an excellent choice to head Heritage although I'm sad to see Sen DeMint leaving the Senate where he is also needed and did a great job representing South Carolina and the conservative movement nationally.

    7. Gary says:

      Here is a story that an oil company used in an ad in the Carter times: Henny Hen and her chicks wanted to grow some wheat for fresh bread. So she asked the other farm animals if they could help and the pigs said they wanted to wallow in the mud, the cows were busy chewing grass, and so it went no one helped with planting the wheat except the little chicks. Then it was time to fertilize and weed the wheat still no one would help. No one helped harvest the wheat and all refused to bake the bread. Then the incredible smell wafted out and all the farm animals came around begging for the yummy bread. Henny Hen said, "Pigs you go and wallow, cows chew your cud, ducks you enjoy floating on the water,and horse you enjoy the sunshine my chicks will help me eat they bread that they helped to create."
      This would be the end, but the animals all cried out to the big farmer who came and took the bread and evenly distributed it "fairly" to ALL the animals. When the next year came around the animals all asked if Henny Hen would plant the seed again soon. She said, "It was too much work and the big farmer will feed me anyway so why work?"
      That night all the other animals cried because they knew they would miss the yummy bread.

      Please take this story to all Americans if you want to change the public's opinion. Repeat it often. Maybe some sense will seep in. By the way I shortened it up a little the actual story tells the excuses of each lazy animal every time they were asked to work. Feel free to embellish.

      • Edward Ruff says:

        "Feel free to embellish", kind of think you've done embellishment enough

      • Bobbie says:

        very well written, Gary! It's interesting you got any thumbs down? wonder why they wouldn't embellish… Busy eating their free milk and cookies gifted by anti-American socialist government, stolen from the self reliant!

      • glenn miner says:

        I love this story.I work with a guy who grew up in the u.s.s.r. He came to america for some yummy bread.Now he fears that the yummy bread will be taken away.What on earth happened to us????

    8. L.Consolver,Ret, DAV says:

      A great choice, a gentlemen I have followed for the past 10yrs as his conservative values are alined with my own—a grassroots American. One that is fed up with the Republican Party that needs to be shaken upside down and put some very heavy brakes on those Rhino's in the Senate. We need soluations and detail plans on getting there, so the American People can see we are heading for a larger Cliff if we don't stop this spending.

      We have power, but need leader that are not afraid to stand up and tell Dirty Harry where to go along with the rest of his nutty crowd. We should be more afraid of those that vote for BO then BO. The House is our big hope how and with Senate DeMint outside where he more than likely can re-direct the path America is traveling down. Good Pick and Congr Senator DeMint, Larry Consolver, Ret, DAV Grass Root American

    9. gnafu says:

      Finally. A "politician" who has worked hard for his God, Family, State and Country and now with Heritage Foundation. I look forward to great things to happen with Heritage Foundation. Thank you, Senator DeMint! I like Gary's story about the hen and chicks. Sometimes, have to bring the story about what is happening down to children's level because that is the only way some people will understand it. Thanks, Gary.

    10. gnafu says:

      Thank you Senator DeMint. Finally, someone who talks sense. And, thank you, Gary. Sometimes need to take serious issues to children's level for some to understand what is happening.

    11. kevin says:

      He will be more effecive from this position, this is exciting! And I understand that there is a wonderful African/American nominee waiting for Gov. Haley's appointment, Rep. Tim Scott!

    12. Arcturus6 says:

      Great story and it excemplifies the liberal/marxist mentality as displayed by the other creatures who refused to help in the hen's project yet wanted to share in the rewards of the hen's and her chicks' labor. . Nothing surprising in the story's theme, as this is basically the sick mentality being pushed by the democrat party of the USA and is totally in line with its "pie in the sky" program which preaches the false doctrine that "the world owes everyone a living." But the democrats have been preaching this false doctrine ever since the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt! The communists, marxists, et al have stolen the word "progressive" to perpetrate their hideous ideology onto unsuspecting moochers who will suffer as much in the end as those who tried to warn others in the beginning. As Santayana once observed, "those who forget the Past are condemned to repeat it."

    13. Arcturus6 says:

      I predict Senator DeMint will be an excellent leader for Heritage and I am glad the board chose someone of his stature. I, like so many others, will miss his voice in the Senate however.

    14. Loren W. says:

      Definitely a wise move on Jim's part that will be a benefit for all Conservatives! In the Senate all he could
      do is bang his head against the wall raised by Harry Reid. Now he can use his skills unencumbered; This
      also gives Gov. Haley the chance to appoint another fire-breathing Conservative to replace him.

    15. Gee thanks for stealing our only TRUE Conservative Senator and leaving us at the mercy of that RINO Lindsey Graham! I understand why he would take the position but as a Conservative South Carolinian, I am apprehensive as to our state's future now. :<

    16. Jim DeMint anywhere is genius, he will be missed in the Senate, but hopefully he came help Republicans and Americans in general understand the South, and further the Conservative cause.

    17. Whistle Pig says:

      Well, I guess it beats converting to being a lobbyist.

    18. Bill Schirmer says:

      I submitted a comment several days ago but haven't seen it posted. It made reference to the $1million plus that we are paying the Senator.

      I understand that you screen comments but now feedback to me at all seems strange. Why not discuss it?
      Thank you.

      Bill Schirmer

    19. Whistle Pig says:

      How's it go? Those who can, do. Those who can't don't. They teach. Those who can't teach, navel-gaze. Seems Doer DeMint has made a quantum leap to picking lint from his belly-button. I fear he may be misjudging his monumental role in this war. And I hope he proves me wrong as he conjures and contributes creative, constructive counter-strategies to the conservative struggle we face. Go get 'em Jimmy. Don't we wonder how much of his post-partum public bennies he'll accept, and/or same from his new employer.

      Can't blame anyone for cutting their best deal … unless he's been the chief proponent of his own "best deal" and 3 scoops of triple-dipping.

    20. Shark says:

      Wow! What a stunner! What a fantastic choice. He exudes much common sense as demonstrated while in the Senate. I only wish that more followed his lead during his time there. Good luck Senator Demint, Show them the way!

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