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  • Why Is The Latino Poverty Rate So High?

    Read this post in Spanish at Libertad.org

    It has been reported recently that the poverty rate among Latinos has reached 28 percent.

    The number, based on a new poverty measure by the Obama Administration, should be interpreted with caution, as explained here and here. However, the overall point that more American Latino families, and Americans in general, are struggling to achieve self-sufficiency is troubling.

    What’s not mentioned in news reports, however, is the greatest driver of child poverty in the U.S. today: unwed childbearing. Among Latinos, unmarried parent families are roughly three times as likely to be poor as married families. Tragically, over half of Latino children born today are born outside of marriage. The rate has increased from less than 40 percent in the 1990s to more than half—nearly 53 percent—today.

    These facts are rarely mentioned, and few attempts made to address the matter. Instead, big government proponents clamor that the antidote to poverty is greater government welfare spending. Unfortunately, these programs do not help people overcome poverty. Today, the U.S. spends roughly five times the amount necessary to pull every poor person out of poverty, and welfare is the fastest-growing part of government spending, exceeding even the cost of defense spending. However, poverty rates have not declined.

    While welfare can provide temporary relief to those who have no other options, the vast majority of welfare programs are based on promoting government dependence rather than self-reliance. To pave the way to upward mobility, anti-poverty efforts should address the causes of poverty, such as family breakdown, not simply transfer material goods. Institutions of civil society—faith-based and community-based—are better suited to address the complexities of poverty, having a greater ability to reach individuals on a personal level.

    Pastor Shirley Holloway, founder of the House of Help, City of Hope, is one grassroots leader who has been involved in helping those in need build healthy marriages. She works with individuals whose lives have been harmed by drug addiction, alcoholism, and other similar problems. Her program has had 100 marriages, 97 of which remain intact today.

    “Success comes from continued, consistent focus in the right direction,” says Holloway. “There are couples who came in homeless who are now homeowners.”

    Helping the poor—among Latinos and all Americans—means addressing poverty’s complex causes, marriage and family breakdown among the highest on the list. Policies that promote strong families and allow the work of civil society’s institutions to function can enhance the opportunity of prosperity for all Americans.

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    12 Responses to Why Is The Latino Poverty Rate So High?

    1. @The_NeoKong says:

      The system is designed to keep them in poverty.
      The govt. welfare industry has no desire for those families to leave their dependence.
      They want them to be customers for life and keep them comfortable enough that working a low paying job cannot compete with what they already have.

    2. Ed Scott says:

      Why this is happening is simple. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free.

    3. PAH says:

      The problem with Latino unemployment is that many are illegals that are uneducated and hence have few employment opportunities. We have basically opened the gate to all illegal illiterate uneducated Latinos so they can come here, claim Welfare, and vote Democratic. In the meantime we have limited severely opportunities for highly educated ones who want to come here (and probably vote Republican and hence not desired). This is advantageous to Democrats and their grab for permanent power but certainly not positive for the country as a whole.

    4. Clark Coleman says:

      Many conservatives assume that Mexican immigrants will bring conservative moral values with them to America, because they think of Mexico as a Catholic country. However, the Catholic Church was attacked and greatly weakened early in the 20th century during the revolutions in Mexico. Church attendance and involvement are not high in Mexico. Mexican immigrants to the U.S. have above average rates of out of wedlock pregnancies and even abortions. The idea that these particular immigrants will make our country more conservative is based on false assumptions.

      • Norma says:

        Clark Coleman You are are exactly right. I have heard politicians recently saying that most latinos are Christians and just need a helping hand. I lived in California and Arizona for 21 years and have seen them as they really are. Some are good people but the problem of out of wedlock pregnancies is destroying any chance of a stable Christian home for the children they have. With no father in their lives there is little hope for them.

      • Kevin D, San Diego says:

        This is spot on. The Mexican constitution in 1917 included an all out assault on churches that led to to persecutions and deaths of many people with Christian morals until the 1930s. the Mexican legal system also has a weak notion of property rights, eg. Eminent domain gives the government huge seizure powers. Lastly, the notion of the rule of law is greatly weakened in Mexico by corruption and the paragovernmental drug cartels whose power rivalled the legitimate Mexican government in some cases.

    5. Bill says:

      I understand that one of the requirements to receive welfare as a woman is there can not be a man in the house. This has been told to me by friends and co workers that have family members on government assistance. If this is so., then what about the possibility of promoting marriage via government assistance instead?

    6. Dark Patriot says:

      But this won't generate new demorats. Its obvious that this isn't being done by the state.

    7. Bobbie says:

      If we had better leadership we'd have few to no people living in poverty in America. The jobs dissolving by government design are jobs that pay the provisions to live free and independent. Jobs reflective of America's common principle and mankind's' human dignity. The only jobs Obama is making available are ones that compromise men's principles and disintegrates mens' dignity when aren't enough to provide and only temporary and where government dependency in times of government manufactured crisis comes to the rescue. It wouldn't be like this in a business friendly environment and if America could America's natural resources. It's too bad any Americans are falling for any government infested bait.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why? Because a large portion of Latinos are lured to this country by promises of "free stuff". They flock to this "land of milk and honey" pushed by their own governments, because they can get what they cannot get in their homelands, namely welfare, and a pathway to American citizenship through the birth of their children on US soil. Once they realize they can live much better here on government assistance without working, they are content to just live the good life. All for the simple act of voting Democrat, whether or not they are legal.

    9. Pete says:

      Our government is farming Democrat voters. We are lost.

    10. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      They, along with blacks, have a higher poverty rate because they put their trust, and vote, in Democrats every two years. Whites are 50/50, hispanics are 70/30 and blacks are 90/10 Democrat. It has nothing to do with race, yet it has everything to do with race.

      Minorities…please leave the plantation that is the Democrat party and live free while we still have it.

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