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  • Morning Bell: Should We Pay Government Employees More?

    Federal employees—who work on average a month less than private-sector workers and get paid more—are lobbying for higher pay.

    Government unions know that Congress is looking for ways to nip and tuck the federal budget, and they’re counting on being left out of the deal.

    “The Federal-Postal Coalition—a group representing more than two dozen federal employee unions—pleaded with Congress on Monday to spare their members in any deal related to the ‘fiscal cliff,’” Government Executive reports.

    Government unions went all out to re-elect the President—the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) spent more than any other outside group on Obama’s campaign. While only about seven out of 100 private-sector workers are unionized, in government, that number rises to 36 out of 100.

    Now they’re complaining that they don’t get paid enough.

    Federal employees and Members of Congress are working under a two-year “pay freeze,” though “individual employees still remain eligible for raises if they receive promotions, step increases or performance awards,” explains Government Executive.

    Of course, these are employees who are paid by the taxpayers. So their compensation deserves every measure of scrutiny. Unfortunately, faulty comparisons to the private sector have been muddying the waters—something Heritage’s Jason Richwine and the American Enterprise Institute’s Andrew G. Biggs have been working to correct.

    When Richwine and Biggs wrote in The Washington Post November 18 that government unions were using bogus numbers to push for raises, a firestorm of reader comments erupted. As of this morning, there were 2,480 comments on the piece.

    One of the main issues: “The Federal Salary Council, an advisory body of academics and leaders of public employee unions, suggested last month that federal workers are underpaid by an average of 35 percent relative to nonfederal employees.”

    What’s behind the huge gap the council is claiming? For starters, a huge omission: benefits packages. Richwine and Biggs note:

    First, the pay agent doesn’t consider fringe benefits, even though benefits for federal workers are famously generous. In addition to a 401(k)-type pension with a handsome employer match, federal workers receive a traditional defined-benefit pension—for which they contribute less than 1 percent of salary—as well as retiree health coverage. A Congressional Budget Office study published in January found that the federal retirement package was 2.7 times more generous than what is paid by large private-sector firms. Federal workers also receive more paid vacation and sick days.

    According to their own reporting, government employees work fewer hours than private-sector employees. To measure this in the fairest way possible, the American Time Use Survey allows workers to record all of their time, including any hours spent working from home or outside normal business hours. Using this data, Richwine found that government employees worked about one month less per year than private-sector workers.

    And not only do they work less, they get paid more.

    A January 2012 report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) showed that federal government employees receive substantially higher compensation than similarly skilled workers in the private sector. The report’s methodology and conclusions were broadly similar to previous studies from both The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Richwine, Biggs, and Heritage’s James Sherk concluded:

    Federal compensation should be scaled back and reallocated to reward the most productive federal workers. The government should replace the seniority system with performance pay, paying higher salaries to good workers without guaranteeing raises for mediocre performers.

    Government unions worked hard to re-elect President Obama, and now they’re expecting a payout at the expense of taxpayers. Any suggestion that their pay is below market levels is completely false.

    >>> Watch Jason Richwine and Andrew Biggs discussing federal pay in yesterday’s Google Hangout on The Foundry.

    Quick Hits:

    • Mediation talks between Hostess and its bakers’ union fell apart yesterday. The company will proceed with a bankruptcy hearing today.
    • A new, long-awaited set of Obamacare rules was released by the Health and Human Services Department yesterday that will govern health insurance plans under the new law.
    • After the owner of 30 Denny’s franchises said he was going to add an Obamacare surcharge to his menus, customers of other Denny’s restaurants around the country threatened a boycott. Now the corporate leadership is trying to explain to people that one franchisee’s opinions are not their own.
    • Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter is also clarifying his comments about Obamacare’s impact on his business.
    • States have the option to refuse to set up a health insurance exchange for Obamacare. What happens if they do? Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko and Ed Haislmaier explain.
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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: Should We Pay Government Employees More?

    1. toledofan says:

      It's like the entire population, or at least half has gone mad. So, when do the freebies end? More benefits, more money, and more of everything for free; the Democrats just think the spicket will never run dry. Even the Treasury Secretary says the sky's the limit, we shouldn't have a debt ceiling. But I guess if that is what our schools have been teaching for the past 40-50 years why would anyone think any different. It's obvious from the last election that many think, hey, what's in it for me.The irony in all of this the experiment in Europe is failing miserably and these people like Obama are just so arrogant to think they are the ones who can make it work.

      • futurelife says:

        This is what I call big government entitlements as they give themselves raises every time the taxes go up and then retirement entitlements and wages even after out of office. So dumb.

    2. Ron says:

      Were any government employees, including military, excluded from the 'survey'?

    3. Mosey says:

      You can't keep lumping ALL government employees into this "study". I work my butt off
      and average 45-50 work hours/week, and am only paid for 40. I contribute to my aleged "famously generous benefits"! It's not that grat any more – it used to be……30 years ago! Give me a break. There is waste and fraud in the government, no doubt, but unfortunately, those people are promoted and given raises….and never really earn their keep! Upper management/Executive Branch needs to start cleaning hosue, but from the top…..some lower-grade workers work hard….we're not all lazy. Upper management doesn't want to deal with people who take advantage, so they move them up and out….they become someone else's problem…but still getting a nice salary. What am I doing wrong? Oh, I know – I'm a dinosaur who still has work ethics! A lost attitude.

      • Boo woo you work more than 40 hours per week, so does the majority of the private sector. And guess what they don't get paid for it either.

        • Pragmatic says:

          he said he works more than 40hrs per week without being compensated. Not all of the private sector does that, although a lot do.

      • Karen says:

        I totally agree. I worked in the private sector for 36 years and had better benefits and higher pay than I do now and I am NOT union. If you speak in generalities about "government workers" that's fine, but it definitely doesn't apply to everyone that works for the government!

        • Really old navy says:

          There is a danger in grouping "government employees" as an entity in these studies. You end up comparing apples and horses. Government employees cover a wide gamut of skill sets. Everything for computer scientists to truck drivers NASA engineers to plumbers and Electircal Engineers to teachers. .
          I worked both the contractor side and the government side as a professional and there are many disparities in pay. The contractor side is more unstable (especially now) and the pay for the contractor in the technical sector is higher . Some sectors of government are paid more than their civillian counterparts and these are usually contracted out for that very reason.

          Thus when you have a study such which makes no distinction between skill catagories or other factors there is not sufficient definition to for objective conclusions. One individual suggests incrementally eliminating government workers. That has been done with disasterous results in some sectors such as IT especially as it applies to defense support areas. a critical problem. Elimination of government employees across the board is not a solution either.

    4. Longdrycreek Ranch says:

      Reduce the number of federal employees in all departments by not less than one-third. This year. Next year, another one-third.
      Reduce the salaries of all government employees, including the President, to the average for the American workers. I want it fair and balanced since that is the claim the Democrats use repeatedly. Let's follow their lead . . .

      • Sandy says:

        Romney was going to donate his salary!

      • Pragmatic says:

        I can't be sure of the level of sarcasm in your response, but this strategy would requiring raising some salaries as well (financial regulators, doctors, lawyers, etc) who could earn far more in the private sector.

        Also, I'm all for streamlining the federal government, but let's not be so simplistic to think that the return to each agency is the same. Cut the ones that don't produce a benefit and invest more in the ones that do.

      • Bruce Potter says:

        The US Postal Service is already seriously undestaffed. It has fewer employees than 40 years ago with more than twice the workload. Postal employees are not paid by the taxpayer and the Postal Service has operated for the past 30 years without taxpayer subsidy. For the past 25 years Congress has been taking from the Postal Service and is bankrupting the USPS.

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Has their ever been a president more beholding to unions than Obama? After the billions dumped into the Obama campaign by the Federal unions (as well as all unions), does anyone think they do not want and expect payback? Obama will give it to them This is just the start. Elections have consequences and this election in particular has the most dire consequences for America than any in this nation's history.

    6. charleslabounty says:

      Get paid more, and work less and supported by a so called president that never had a job whose motto is "I have a nice smile and I'm present — what's not to love".

      • Steve says:

        Most government employee's are doing what active duty would / should be doing. The wars have changed that. But also, I know my wife & I work our butts off for pay that is less than a government contractor makes. The upper echelons of the government are the ones who ruin it for the rest of us, to include those appointed or elected into their positions and then enjoy what the rest of us have to work an entire career for. I know for a fact I perform a job that someone off the street cannot do; it requires a military background, more specifically in my area of expertise. I travel three months out of the year, and still only earn 15 days of annual leave. I have to stay on military installations when possible, I drive compact rental cars, and I have to justify my compensation time or overtime that I work. It's not easy, but I'm very greatful I have a job and I'm able to keep my family in a house and fed. Not all US Government Employees are greedy, corrupt or overpaid.

    7. Frank says:

      "Morning Bell: Should We Pay Government Employees More?"

      -Of course not. There should be a freeze in government worker's pay & a freeze on government hiring until the budget is balanced. Workers can be shuffled around to cover any big gaps. Whole Federal Departments not expressly authorized by the Constitution should be eliminated.

      But, of course, they won't do any of those things until the bloated US Government goes belly up and collapses fiscally. When will harsh fiscal reality set it? I've no idea because I thought by now with a debt of over $16 Trillion we would have already hit fiscal reality. Somehow the traitors in government are still able to "paper over" our grim financial situation and keep the voters deceived into thinking they'll keep all the promises they made to get elected.

    8. Charles says:

      As a Federal official and a Republican I resent the tone of this article and the other comments. My colleagues and I work very hard for our money and deserve every dime. Our pay has been frozen, and now the President wants to take even more of our money away because my wife and I earn over 250. We are getting screwed right and left.

      As far as comparability is concerned, I work in policy development and there is no private industry counterpart for what I do, not even close, and I believe it is impossible to make any generalized comparisons.

      • charleslabounty says:

        "Policy development" — that says it all!
        Of course there is no private industry counterpart — how could anyone make a profit off from writing policies.

    9. KaCato says:

      As a retired WG(wage grade) DOD employee I take exception to the article's statement that we paid only 1% toward retirement pension. I paid 7% and got no 401K type pension with employer match. My health insurance is not free, it takes a big chunk of my retirement. I was under the CSRS retirement program. A friend of mine just retired and went to work for a private contractor and is making $13.00 dollars more per hour doing the same thing he did for the DOD. Does not sound like we are getting paid more than private sector. If I had one more dependent I could get food stamps which I would never do. I am a conservative Republican and believe in America.

      • greekdish says:

        Most of these type articles arent talking about DOD personnel… we know they are underpaid.

        We are talking administrative government jobs.

    10. pete says:

      Biden was claiming that the poor would be put back into chains. I think the chains have been put on the population that has a job in the private sector. I am ready to take these chains and throw a beating on anyone that jerks my chain again. The selfishness is unbelieveable in the current world. I expect to take home what I make each week and not to send it to the federal government to waste on some minority group de jour that has a issue.

    11. DJStevens says:

      No pay increases for Government Employees; it is ridiculous, considering the fiscal cliff we are trying to navigate. They already have more pay for less work as well as great health and pension benefits. They get more vacation and leave than anyone I know. These employees are so selfish and obviously most do not care about America. Public unions need to be eliminated. Government employees need to be reduced by 5% each year even if it is by attrition. How are we ever going to get our fiscal house in order if we do not limit the size of government along with reducing spending and the debt drastically?

    12. betty says:

      No more pay for government employees. But I do hope there is a solution to keep the Postoffice. though I am not in favor of any unions getting more dollars. If they want more dollars then issue an executive order to rescind the PREVIOUS order that set in motion using monies to kill babies around the world, that would bring back a huge amount of tax dollars. It is morally wrong to use taxpayer dollars to kill the children in abortion around the world as Obama did on the first day of his first term, when those dollars come from many, many people who object to the killing of the unborn. so just bring those dollars back into this country and apply them to a better use that is not connected with immoral deeds.

    13. Deb says:

      Well, being a low on the totum pole federal employee, I can assure you I don't get the extent of these benefits. I make an average salary of 33K per year before taxes, I pay into soc sec., any increase I get is purely based on performance. I haven't gotten a cost of living increase in 3 years and the last time I did it was half a percent and I pay a lot more than 1% of my pay into my pension and I have to work for 30 years to get the maximum of 3.1% of my salary for a pension although other government employees at the highest ranks have much better benefits than I do…perhaps they are the subject of the article. It's unfair to lump us all in that boat. I really wish we'd stop the class warfare in this country.

      • She's right everyone (including the author of this article). To lump ALL Government employees in one neat category does not solve a thing, and really is just another example of class warfare. I have worked for the Air Force for a little more than 2 years now without any COLA increases at all. Most of my "generous benefits package" that the author mentioned has little to do with my current job, rather from the fact that I'm a medically retired disabled veteran with 14 years of service to my nation. I am also not a member of the stinking union, and would NEVER choose to be voluntarily. This article made me as mad as some of the stuff I read that the Liberals are doing.

      • Bobbie says:

        When the majority is in one boat under "federal government" then know it's "those" this article addresses. There's no time to research those who may find themselves innocent when guilt is the majority. People know who's guilty here.

        All warfare in America can be looped under "government warfare" as it's members of government authority from the start instigating all America's domestic warfare, as their federal focus isn't accountability to America, it's ignorance to America's constitution while those in position within the government abuse their power to circumvent America's constitution to reflect government control which is a total oxy moron to America's purpose. Those who are suppose to protect America's constitution deliberately fail. Totally intimidated by free people so they've fabricated the constitution's true meaning showing their mental obsession for power. Many overpaid in the federal government are wrongfully overpowering the people as they work without conscience way beneath the respects of their federal duties America's federal government exists for…

    14. stephen russell says:

      NO paying more to govt employees ( save Armed Forces active duty in Combat), Intelligence,
      Security IE Airport, & FAA air controllers. Otherwise NO.
      Tie Pay to Performance & cutting waste within said depts etc (even DoD Pentagon alone).
      Tie Pay to GDP & Debt.
      Lower debt, raise Payscale.

      Use incentives.

    15. Deb says:

      I emailed one of the writers of the national study that said federal employees get paid more than the privately employed American. I told him that he was lumping us altogether which skewed the study. He emailed me back and actually agreed with me and told me that his intent was to get the government to change the General Schedule (GS) system to another system.

    16. Charles Stinson says:

      Federal employees pay should be based on performance, as well as their pensions. There generous health care should be no different than we the taxpayers have. Eliminate all the corruption that goes on in Washington, for the purpose of hopefully to get votes. It is time we had some honesty in Washington.

      • Sharon says:

        I am a VA employee. I have health insurance through my husband who works in the private sector. What insurance that is offered is terrible. I would think that with the number of employees, they couldn't have negotiated better coverage with the insurance companies?

    17. tomten36 says:

      "…federal workers receive a traditional defined-benefit pension—for which they contribute less than 1 percent of salary—as well as retiree health coverage." Here is the Heritage Foundation's own way of shading the truth. Richwine implies a huge giveaway — the fact is that the 1% contribution also amounts to a very small component of retiree pay — the ultimate retirement pay is mostly dependent on what the employee contributes to his own 401k — just like any private sector employee today. As for retiree health coverage – it is not free — the insurance premiunms are high and increasing every year by way more than the pay — how many of you will have had your pay frozen for 4 years in a row, starting two years ago?? Richwine and Biggs can distort the facts as well as any persons on the other side — I don't buy it until I study how they generated their numbers.

    18. charleslabounty says:

      "More pay for less work" makes obamie proud and Karl Marx is cheering in his grave!

      We sure do need to transform America – and fast or there will nothing left.

    19. Charlie says:

      Unions make it difficult to fire any dead beat employee in the federal government. There should be a law that government workers be bared from joining a union. Then you ace people on the federal government that are up for retirement that just sit at there desk for the last three months playing games on the computer until retirement day raking in 80,000 dollars a year.

    20. Jill says:

      Federal employees will deserve a raise when …

      1. They've successfully worked with their employer (i.e., the taxpayers) to balance the budget and eliminate our debt and deficit.
      2. They've successfully enabled their employer (i.e., the taxpayers) to be profitable again.

      That's how it works for the rest of us. I don't ask my boss for a raise when he's struggling in this economy. I dig deep and look for ways to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

      • ThinkBeforeSpeaking says:

        Federal employees in general have very little control over how Congress spends taxpayer money. People forget almost every part of the federal government starts with Congress.

    21. PaulE says:

      Whatever happened to the call for reduced government spending? The last four years have seen an explosion in government spending to levels no one would have envisioned before Obama. Now the focus has shifted to one side trying to justify even more government spending and the other side pointing out pay range imbalances between the private sector and public sector employment. Does anyone else notice we've pretty much thrown in the towel on simply returning to the spending levels of 2007?

    22. oh yes– I'm sure we can rely on Heritage's objective reporting on this. It's not like they have an axe to grind or anything. They're the Fox News of think tanks. Hey– how 'bout some reporting on how the GOP big donors got conned into believing Rove's unskewed polling prior to the election and then saying afterward how shocked they were at the results?

    23. Sally says:

      I am a government employee who has not had a pay increase for three years. Most of our salaries have been frozen at 2009 levels. I am not complaining I'm just saying. Upper management keeps hiring and worker bees are doing more with less. I agree that you should not be lumping all government employees. I pay taxes so I guess I really pay my own salary. I pay high health insurance premiums and I contribute to my own retirement. One more thing…the department I work for is not allowed to unionize.

      • Shirley says:

        Our employees haven't had raises either. They pay high health premiums and contribute to their retirement too. Would like to compare YOUR pay and benefits with OUR employee pay and benefits. I am sure you won't reveal that though, would you?

      • Tdog says:

        I am sure you have still gotten your "step" increases. What do you consider "high" premiums? People working in the private sector generally pay on average $600/month in healthcare premium. You have the option of choosing a lower cost HMO. I seriously doubt you pay more than that. Most private workers don't have the luxury of different health care plans. You contribute to your own retirement but so does the federal government. Please don't try to compare yourself to private sector employees. I have worked both. The ineffeciency and incompetence of the federal government is mind boggling and I am so thankful to be a productive member of society.

    24. Sharon says:

      I am a govt worker for the VA and I do not belong to the AFGE. Many of us don't. I get paid for 40 hours but put in many more hours on my own time and have done so for the past 9 years. I am a white Conservative and there is no place in the AFGE for me-never has been. God Bless our Country.

      • Lauren says:

        Note: Some federal agencies are forcing their employees to belong. I was never aware of this until recently.

    25. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      One is tempted to simply give the socialists everything they want. Raise all federal wages. Tax all income above $100K at a rate of 100%. Allow unemployment comp to continue indefinitely. Grant food stamps to any one making under $100K per year. Provide free medical care to everyone. Tax capital gains at 100%. Eliminate all restrictions on immigration. Confiscate all the wealth of citizens over $500K. Halt all oil and gas production on public lands and regulate it out of business on private lands. Nationalize all private companies. Provide free housing to everyone,. Eliminate all state governments. Eliminate Congress and the Supreme Court. Cease all elections. Crown Obama an absolute monarch.

      Let's do this now and eliminate agonized gradualism. Secession? Naw, just let the revolution begin.

    26. Bill from Arizona says:

      Government employees should never get paid more than the same pay as private sector employees. In fact, they generally should be paid less, since they get more guarantees and more time off than most private sector employees. Either be paid less or all the government "perks" be factored in to the over-all pay package.

    27. sidney18511 says:

      I have to hand it to you…..you try so hard, so hard, to get Americans to HATE other Americans just to benefit the wealthy.

    28. debra says:

      For those who think government employees make more than the private sector, do not understand how employment works. Government workers do not make more than their counterpart positions. There are various jobs in the government. if you go to OPM wage salary page you can see the payscale. I made more money as a contractor working in an equal job. To get into government I accepted a 20K pay cut, to me it was a security issue. When I worked as a contractor I got benefits package similar to the government. When organizations conduct studies to prove their point they ensure they get the right people to prove their study.

    29. Gilbert Doan says:

      The recommendation is no more than common sense.

      (Too bad so little of that is available in this administration.)

    30. Joe Ihle says:

      This is sickening. Somehow, someway, these facts need to be fed to everyone.

    31. @SonnyFarmer says:

      There was once an understanding in America, that if you wanted to make more money then you went into the private sector; and that working for the government would be more of a "service job" with lower pay (than the private), because government could not afford it and to keep taxes low. The unionization of public workers was the crowbar that pried the lid off the treasury. We've gone past the point of no return and hardship is inevitable.

    32. Frank E. Vincent says:

      I am surprised that Heritage.org. and other conservative outlets, have not done their jobs. We have hundreds of government employees that had their wages frozen, now going on five years. With this we are losing intelligence operatives who are leaving public service and excepting jobs in the private sectors which are open only because of their extensive knowledge and expertise and which is leaving our government with inept coverage in fields that demand an special knowledge U.S. and International operations. I mentioned intelligence fields, but all employees wages and promotions are and have been frozen and they do not received even cost of living increases. The news outlets have led people to believe they have always been overpaid. We need to get the facts out front, and the truth is your job.
      Frank E. Vincent

    33. Ladelle Cook says:

      Check out the movie "Atlas Shrugged". Rent part one then see part two at the theater.

    34. John N. says:

      The studies do show the government salaries are higher for the most part. And lots of private businesses are lowering the pay to their folks, they have lost their retirements, etc. But the same studies had also shown that most professionals (Doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists) are underpaid. How is that stacking up now? Thanks for keeping up with this. It seems like most don't like to hear they are overpaid since that implies they should be thankful. No doubt there are lots of folks working really hard only to find out the rewards are decreasing. That's the reality of the America we live in today. I don't expect it to get better but I am thankful for the things we do have.

    35. Sandra says:

      There has been so much negative propaganda espoused by the left that the public sector can't help but believe all Federal Employees are lazy, overpaid and unproductive. This image is far from the truth and is only made worse by union interference. The public needs to be better informed of just what federal employees do and what they contribute to the communities. Many federal employees are totally dedicated and work harder and longer than any other group of people I know.

    36. Bobbie says:

      Why should any government entity but those beneficial to America as a whole, receive more or automatic costs of living increases when it's their government existence increasing our costs causing less to our freedom and livelihood? Their livelihoods are no more important than ours. Government isn't royalty and employees shouldn't be treated as such. Government doesn't generate money, government helps themselves freely to take money before it's generated which causes America, government induced consequences of debt, deficit and crisis which isn't balanced or helping America's "recovery" really just a play word when there's "no recovery" nor policies in America's favor. It's "code" for "communist make over" collapsing the country as quietly as possible. So, no! Government feds accountable who doesn't stand accountable, show no reason or worth to a dimes pay!

    37. Sandy says:

      Speaking from my own experience, I am a Government Retiree as of 2006. In my last few years, I was amazed at the salary I was making, considering my grade. In addition, I received a generous bonus each year and a very generous buy-out for early retirement. This all began when the Union began to really take off, even though I was not actually a member per se. In addition, the hiring going on was way over the top. I doubt that there has been any significant letup due to the Union, and I did not give a thought to the ramifications of all of this until recent years. Yes, I worked hard, but considered myself a public servant and did not expect to be made rich by the taxpayer. I assure you that the Government Employee is NOT HURTING! NO RAISE NEEDED!

    38. REB says:

      I'm a federal employee willing to do and do my part. I work 45 to 50 hours a week, no breaks and take no lunch. I work hard. Many people would not want my job. At least 47%. Federal employee's get a bad rap and it is true there is a lot of dead wood. But many give much of themselves and we contribute to this country. I,my self, love my country have served it faithfully for over 35 years with over 20 in the military and take my responsibilities seriously and know that everyone who works pays taxes including my self and I and many more like me who take taxes for salary understand that responsibility and take that seriously. I don't care for unions. They have destroyed many great industries and many great city's including my own home town. God bless the USA and happy Thanksgiving to all.

    39. Mary says:

      I do not think any Government Worker including the Congress, Senate, Staff of White House, all government workers, should NOT BELONG to a UNION. Also the Congress, Senate and all staff members of the President should not have such high salaries, and then all of us who are workers, and retirees pay for all their benefits. They all voted for all these benefits for themselves, and also when they are no longer in office they should NOT RECEIVE Thier past salaries. I also think they should not be allowed to keep staying in the Congress and Senate. All these high paid salarries cost all of us way too much. President Obama has spent, spent, spent way too much over the these past 4 years. He blames Pres. Bush, who cannot even come close to what Obama has Spent, and furthermore, he has cut the military, which is one area we need spend in order to be ready to take on our enimies. Raising taxes will not help, because the extra money they receive, will be spent on people who just like free paychecks.

    40. FromMyCabinDoor says:

      Unions have out grown their usefulness. Now, instead of protecting workers, they only rape the system and use union dues to promote themselves politically to rape some more.

    41. Mel says:

      The Civil Service Retirement Act was passed in 1920 because the Federal gov't was having trouble attracting and retaining quality workers. When I was working at the NSA we were losing our best IT workers to private contractors because they paid about 20 percent higher and offered better benefits. If we continue pay freezes we will eventually end up back to the situation we had in 1920 — trouble attracting and retaining quality workers. That will mean worse government service.

    42. Clearhead says:

      Most of their 'jobs' could probably be handled by high school sophomores during their study hall periods. So, fire 'em all, bust up their 'unions' and let's get America rolling again !!

    43. David Marsters says:

      Until the government can pay what the military personnel what they are worth, freeze everyones pay and benefits. Take away all the perks that congress gets, like pension for life and medical for life. I know when I left jobs my pay and benefits were stopped. Good ole socialist won't do a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Steven says:

      Another thing that government employees do is they pay part of their own salary through taxes. Private sector employees don't pay anything toward their own salary.

    45. Ron W. Smith says:

      It's clear that if everyone were making REAL wages that reflect hard work carried out efficiently, much of what Amy says would be unnecessary. Comparing public sector compensation with that in the private sector is a way of showing how labor costs can be reduced across the board, not a way of LIFTING all boats to better compensation.
      Reducing labor's ability to attain a better standard of living is exactly the wrong direction to be heading at a time when there are examples galore around the world of labor not only being rewarded with better wages and benefits, but of shorter workweeks and longer vacations.

    46. James Cranford says:

      As a life long Christian, I've come to see things more and more from a Bibical view. The Bible says we are to pray for those in authority. It also calls on God's people to humble themselvs and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then the Word says, God will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal their land. I strongly believe when we do this, God will intevene in the mess we have in America. America needs God!

    47. Anna Merican says:

      Unions -the fourth branch of the new government………..er, administration. Nuff said.

    48. Marilynn says:

      There is no reason that government workers should earn more. They do less work, have more benefits, and from what I've heard they just sit around and do nothing. Is this the big O that wants this? I guess he hasn't had enough entertainment for himself the last 4 years. Now he wants all his buddies to join him.

    49. RJ Yoder says:

      No-they make too much & have too many benefits & holidays then anyone else. Some of them don't even do their jobs & you can't fire them. They don';t make us any money-only cost us money. Government needs to downsize!

    50. Lauren says:

      I agree most professionals (Doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists) are underpaid.

    51. Sandy Davis says:

      My husband, a very hard-working white male, has given 35 + years to his Fed Gvt agency. He puts in waaaay more than 40 hrs a week (more like 70), mostly to do the job of very incompetent admin staff, which need to be fired, but that’s an impossibility in govt. Our Fed Govt, as an employer, has become a gross entitlement program for these very bad employees who make it their job to work the system…”How do I look like I’m working, but skate through my work day

    52. Lauren says:

      Removing federal employees happens all the time in the government. The supervisor is not doing his or her job!

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