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  • Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Bloomberg Puts Homeless on a Diet

    Thinking of giving food to the homeless this Thanksgiving? Well, if you’re in New York City, that food had better comply with new nutrition standards issued by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Health Department.

    As of October 31, shelters, soup kitchens, and the like are barred from accepting food donations unless packaged and bearing nutrition data. That, according to a recent report at CBSNews.com, effectively means an end to the tons of free meals previously provided by the likes of Glenn Richter, who has collected surplus food from synagogues to share with the poor for some 20 years.

    The new rules require that meals and snacks served to the needy be prepared in compliance with precise nutrition standards laid out by government bureaucrats.

    Consequently, shelters are unable to accept food donations that are not prepackaged, because it is nearly impossible to know the exact nutritional content of such foods. This means that restaurants, churches, and community groups can no longer easily give surplus or prepared food to those who need it most.

    The rules also bar all donations of candy or sugar-sweetened beverages. Heaven forbid that a homeless child should enjoy a free treat.

    Beyond being merely ridiculous, the philanthropy prohibition is all too revealing of the Nanny State mindset, i.e., only government can properly provide for the needy. That is far more damaging to the health of the nation than a free bagel or candy bar now and then.

    Kaitlyn Evans is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm.

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    22 Responses to Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Bloomberg Puts Homeless on a Diet

    1. Chuckles says:

      That is utterly ridiculous!

    2. Prepackaged typically means high sodium content…so we now shoot for hypertension?

    3. O2BMe says:

      Obviously Mayor Bloomberg has never been hungry or homeless. He has lived a spoiled and entitled life and likes to control everyone.

    4. Raven says:

      Since when is prepackaged food (with the additives and preservatives) good for anyone? New Yorkers keep voting this joker in what do they expect?

    5. Jennel says:

      How ridiculous! Makes no sense at all!!

    6. Geo3 says:

      Perfect example of progressive liberal thinking. I still can't believe that Americans have overlooked how the Dems tried to "help" us by forcing the lending industry to provide mortgages for people who normally wouldn't qualify, because, they ( Liberals ) believed that ALL Americans should be able to take part in the pride of home ownership! How did that ( Frank, Dodd bill ) work out folks? How can these idiots be in power?

      • guest says:

        I have to agree with the senselessness of this. I won't fault just the Dems…I think CONGRESS decided this one as a whole and it's failing miserably. I'm seeing a lot of people in our small area that qualified for $60,000 mortgages (high for this small rural corner of Northern Michigan) that truly can't afford the heat bill in the winter, let alone the mortgage on that size of note. They've had to forego their telephone service, television, limit even food and medication purchases just to try to pay the interest portion of the monthly payment. Why?? Home ownership is not for everyone. When you extend debt people can't repay all you do is encourage them to give up. If they step into debt they can handle, they learn to budget for what they can afford and this builds self-esteem, true pride, and less reliance on government handouts.

    7. luiluiely says:

      You think Bloomberg is trying to chase all homeless persons out of NYC? Just asking???

    8. Doree10 says:

      Stupidity running wild…Who cut em loose?

    9. Christine says:

      This is unreal. It is hard enough for major city's to take care of there poor and feed them and the homeless. Now they have to do it through more bureaucratic red tape and turn away perfectly good food,. So you would rather feed a starving person healthy for a day than feed them well for a long period of time. I think if I was in that circumstance I wouldn't care of the food had a bit of extra fat or not. I might need that on a cold winters night living in the tunnels or on the streets. Fat does have its purposes.

      • guest says:

        I think a much wiser decision would have been to encourage the preparation of this food to be served in as healthy a manner as possible; "subject" the recipients to a 10-minute presentation on nutrition and wellness promotion, or some motivational coaching that promotes positive changes in health, lifestyle, and management of any chronic diseases they may have. Meet them where they are; offer education, and commend them on what POSITIVE things they are doing, and encourage them. Why on earth would you take away their food?? Rather reminds me of the beginnings of what Nazi Germany did with the Jewish population. Really, who says that the people MUST comply with this ridiculous edict from Mayor Bloomberg? Why does he have a right to determine what food we can give our fellow man? Feed them anyway or send them all to his house for dinner.

    10. Krisy Corley says:

      Please, please, say this is not true! Who are these people? Do they only eat food approved by the government? Do they cook for loved ones? Do their meals only come from a package or can? Did their family ever a eat fresh homemade meal? This is not love.

    11. Krisy Corley says:

      Stop this craziness! Stop interfering in the good works of others and do some hands-on good of your own.
      Law Makers should have to live by the laws they lay down for others. If they did they would understand their arrogance and instead go out and serve as they should.

    12. S.j.Mc says:

      "Big Brother" knows best, huh? Hardly. Something is definitely better than nothing.

    13. Steven smith says:

      This proves there is such a thing as too much regulation.

    14. Problem Solver says:

      The donated food from a restaurant just needs to be sold for a $1.00. Or generate a contract with the preparers of the food with the organization that would normally get it donated to them just buy it for a $1.00 for the year. Then it's sold and not donated!! Tadahhhh . Presto problem solved.

    15. Allan says:

      This is just another example of the government replacing private donations and support to people in need with government support and regulation. New york political machine is discouraging charities with its ridiculous regulations. Expect taxes to go up as the government takes over. Mayor Bloomberg thinks he is smarter than all the private organizations that have been caring for the homeless and needy for years. How many people are going to go hungry because of his heartless decree?

    16. Problem solver says:

      All the resturaunts just have to get together with the people they usually donate food to and draw up a contract that pays for that food for like a $1.00 and make it for a year.

      • guest says:

        Excellent idea! …and while they're doing that, why not sign a petition requesting the recall of Mayor Bloomberg? …or at least the repeal of that heartless order?

    17. I wonder if we could just knock on the door of a needy person and hand him some homemade bread!

    18. JR. says:

      If the food is "discarded" and then "found" by the needy and homeless, what's the issue then?

    19. Tom says:

      Liberalism at its finest.

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