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  • Foreign Policy: No Apology for American Greatness

    While conservatives might be in a bit of a post-election funk, this is no time to compromise our principles—especially on foreign policy and national security, where Team Obama’s record has been less than stellar to say the least.

    Rather, now is the time to dig deep and fight for the conservative principles that made this country the great and benevolent power it has been and should continue to be.

    Surrender to the misguided efforts of this Administration on international affairs is by no means an option.

    Instead, we should be insisting—indeed, demanding—that the following ideas become the bedrock of our foreign and national security policy:

    • Maintain a strong national defense. With the possibility of sequestration looming, we can’t take this principle for granted. The best military in the world needs to be equipped with the finest weapons systems in sufficient numbers. Military might is an essential pillar of American power, alongside deft diplomacy and economic energy, which support our influence and protect our interests abroad. Diplomacy is always more effective when backed by the credible threat of the use of force. Weakness—even the perception of weakness—is a gateway to provocations from those who oppose us and seek to do us harm. Deterrence and dissuasion, based on military power, is critical to fending off those challenges to our well-being.
    • Rely on American power. The Obama Administration touts multilateralism and international organizations as the foundation of our international engagement. However, insisting upon this may be the exact reason that the Administration’s policies have been so ineffective. Outsourcing our foreign policy on tough issues to the likes of the United Nations is a big mistake. As has been said before, a lack of consensus is no excuse for a lack of leadership. America should act multilaterally when it can and unilaterally when it must in support of its national interests. Period.
    • Assert American exceptionalism. This country is unique in the history of humankind. And never has one nation done so much for so many, for so little thanks as the United States of America. We are, without question, “exceptional.” As such, we shouldn’t be afraid of promoting across the globe the principles that made us great and will keep us great. We should never apologize for that.

    American foreign policy really comes down to this question: Are this country’s best days behind us, or are they yet to come?

    The answer to that question is not pre-ordained—unless we refuse to speak out in the public square in the aftermath of the election for the conservative principles that made this country both great and exceptional.

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    7 Responses to Foreign Policy: No Apology for American Greatness

    1. elcidharth says:

      If I am not mistaken, conservative darling, candidate, Mitt Romney was roundly defeated. Unless nobody bothered to tell me. Mitt not only was not foreign policy expert but he almost, if not totally agreed with Barack Obama in his last chance to show his true grit, in the third and final public debate, supposedly to show whose foreign policy, people trusted.
      Mitt Romney tried hard, what with his three nation, grandiose, well planned and researched trip. The fella couldn't even stick to his rehearsed script. Britts were so angry that apart from their stiff upper lip, professional diplomatic tradition, some very nasty comments landed on Mitt Romney's pitiful and jingoist face.
      Time to wake up folks, Barack is in charge, like or not. Show some respect, he is gonna stay till yon conservative faces turn black and blue.
      …and I am Sid Harth@elcidharth.com

    2. Bobbie says:

      It's a cruel shame to America the President doesn't see national defense top priority especially compared to what he does see tops! His domestic take over of America(ns.)

      If the President can't stand for America without U.N. involved that his predecessors were able, he should stand down. His pay grade is beneath degradable. His performance is grounds for termination.
      The President won't accept Americas concept and spins it to mislead vulnerable Americans and the world instead of having the instinct and integrity of an American leader to maintain America's exceptionalism proudly and inspirationally to the world.

      Even though there are lesser men to suggest opinions as fact in America today whom have drawn national attention for government favor, what other country gets along with everyone of good character where skin color wasn't judged? America HAD exceptionalism in this area but wrong and disturbing influences with authority are judging skin color with discrimination and bias over truth and circumstances.

      America learned not to judge books by their covers or people by their skin but both by the content of their character within! Hey that rhymes!!! God Bless America!!!!!! No apology! hahah! The world knows America is better than that or hopefully people in the world wouldn't have chosen her to live.

      ps: America meaning the people not the government just to be specific to those who don't know the difference between America and the government. Don't let government authority (hint) fool ya, there is a big difference between we the people and the government outside our control (hint, hint!!)

    3. @ProNorden says:

      Are y'all sure this isn't just p.r./propaganda for being a regime of avaricious belligerent degenerates ? … and sorta parasitic ones feeding at the public trough ?

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Yes Mr. Brookes, our best days are behind us unless we rise up and stop Obama and the main-stream media that deliberately controls and distorts of the truth about the effects of Obama foreign policies. We can "demand" all we wish, but it all falls on deaf ears unless we stop this onslaught of the lies and misinformation.

    5. Elke says:

      Why when our country is on the verge of going over the fiscal cliff, is our President in another country, again?

    6. Denison Ridenour says:

      I'm afraid the United States has not been great, or morally correct for a good long time now. It has become a melting pot of multicultural, degenerative, self-centered, hedonistic and greedy aggravation to most of the rest of the world for too long.
      It was great when it was a large and undeveloped land of opportunity for self-sufficient economic self-determination with some sense of thanks to the sun warming the crops and the rain coming when needed. Science and technology together with unrestrained immigration has now made the USA a melting pot about to boil over with 'no shame', lack of direction and the coming collapse of an empty shell of an economy that has been sustained by 'borrowing' and the cheapest labor the corporations could force on the working class…. while bankrupting the once great and prosperous Middle class!
      Sending a high tech military around the world to protect the interests of multinational corporations making money exploiting both resources and labor of other peoples, while also profiting from 'disastor Capitalism'
      is not the way to be great, or win the hearts and minds of even its own people…let alone the people around the world.

      • Bobbie says:

        This is what happens when America's government doesn't restrain themselves to their constitutional duties while cowardice to accountability in everything they do. All America's trouble is all because and still within the control of government. Government is front, center and behind it all!!!!

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