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  • Pride Goeth Before a Fall

    In an op-ed in The Washington Times, Heritage’s Kim Holmes voices concerns about how pride may prevent President Obama from reassessing or changing course on certain foreign policies, leaving him and the United States unprepared for the daunting challenges facing the country. Any student of history recognizes that concerns on the dangers of pride are warranted.

    Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, and Shakespeare, to name a few, have warned against this age-old character flaw. And we have all heard the admonition, “Pride goeth before a fall.” As history illustrates, the consequences of pride for kings, military commanders, sitting Presidents—and nations—can be devastating.

    The concern arose from Obama’s election victory speech, in which the President compared his re-election to triumphing in war. While the President has a right to be proud, this was a bit too much. This was not the first sign of hubris, however.

    To give just one example, the President has used the personal pronouns I and me regularly in remarks. This has been particularly pronounced in recent references to the killing of Osama bin Laden. The President could have taken more time to credit the previous Administration for laying the foundation of this strike and the Navy SEAL team that actually executed it.

    Another accomplishment this Administration appears proud of is its systematic reductions to defense funding. Rather than take pride in this phony attempt to reduce national debt, the President should recognize that the military is already facing readiness issues without even accounting for these cuts. Furthermore, if the Obama Administration wants to take pride in its fiscal actions, it should address the true debt drivers: entitlement spending.

    At any rate, there is little room for celebration and no room for pride when considering the major foreign policy challenges facing the U.S. At the top of the list is Iran. After more than four years of failed efforts at negotiations by this Administration, Tehran is closer to developing a nuclear weapon—a truly nightmare scenario. Rational or not, Iran with a nuclear weapon is a real danger.

    American leadership has been grossly absent on Syria and in the Middle East. This is unacceptable considering the degree of U.S. interests at stake. This policy is contributing to a wider regional conflict.

    In addition to these challenges, President Obama will likely face many others, such as managing the military rise of China. Beijing is already pushing back at nearly every turn on the Administration’s “rebalance” or “pivot” to Asia.

    These challenges will require the President to be as objective as possible and, if necessary, willing to reconsider or reassess some of his foreign policies. Let’s hope he’s capable of doing so and that his re-election doesn’t go to his head. The consequences could be serious.

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    4 Responses to Pride Goeth Before a Fall

    1. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank You for one of the best summaries I read to date_ describing our American experience .
      The point I'll direct my comment to is_ our National security.
      The USA has left numerous exits and entrances wide open that has weaken our national and international security both here and abroad. .
      Hubristic ideology and the attitude of , "lets all be nice guys" to known terrorist added to, an uncontrolled DEBT_ will continue to disenfranchise our military preparedness
      No one in Govt will shout out that we are_ too broke as a country to support the cost of a modern military . We are retired military, and hundreds of our brethren , active, retired, and reservist all feel the same way. We are not safe here in America and certainly not protecting the personnel that are asked to protect us from abroad.
      The most frightening scenario that we see from his hubristic personality is,
      he can't even identify who the enemy is.
      Thank You Seal Team 6 for getting correct.


    2. Bobbie says:

      It's all apart of the game and either he's stopped or this country has had it! This country deserves to continue according to her principles led by people who respect them, not according to his pomp and disrespects!

    3. Bobbie says:

      America has been infiltrated by a faith based psychosis of deception, fraud, manipulation, corruption, hypocrisy, thievery, insubordination all reflection of man's weaknesses in government offices, all government entities, special interests and all levels of education, Dominant in the democratic party.

      Diverting governing accountabilities by drawing irrelevance to personally attack people of integrity appropriately questioning personal ineptness of the person's government job regarding the killing of four innocent people by terrorists attacks is treason!!!!!

      This psychosis self victimizes to get away with (intentional) errors and murder. This disorder focuses only on breaking the opposition. Truth! They'll do everything to truth but tell it. They won't stop until someone breaks them.

      Please stand strong on truth and demand no less. America has high standards regarding leadership there's no reason for a drop to this level but sinister. Americans cannot let this disorder permeate America's strength, dignity and truth any further. She will regain her strength by those true to her. More and more are coming to know her truth with respect!

      Ignore personal insecurities and continue demanding answers to the relevance of truth. Hold all accountable to reprimand! The American people did nothing to deserve this third world dictatorship and egotistical arrogance. We deserve truth and when it comes to matters outside our control we deserve the decency of people to handle those matters in good faith or dismissed.

      America(ns) doesn't need crutches to stand when honorable people lead her but she's beatin on a daily basis by those abusers crippling her, standing proud on their faith base psychosis.

    4. Peter Murray says:

      Mr. Graham and Heritage are of course entitled to highlight their priorities and opinions. However, these are different priorities to those upon which the president campaigned and was duly elected to serve a second term. Why does Mr. Graham persist in the illusion that the President might somehow ditch the policies upon which he was re-elected and adopt those of the people he defeated?

      As I understand it, the Administration (and most Americans, I believe) don't see whatever defence issues we may have as being caused by underspending. A culture of waste and stupid spending on obsolete prestige weapons-systems is the real problem. And the clever (and likely, only effective way) of dealing with Iran is to give it a similar to the one we gave Cuba and the Russians in 1960.

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