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  • The Arms Trade Treaty Moves Forward

    Last Wednesday, the First Committee of the U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution to hold a final negotiating conference on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on March 18–28, using the treaty text from last July’s conference and under the rule of consensus (i.e., any nation can block the treaty by objecting to it).

    The General Assembly must now consider the resolution, but it is a foregone conclusion that they will approve it by an overwhelming margin.

    This move is being reported as either the actual adoption of a treaty (which it is not) or a post-election surprise by the Obama Administration. That is also incorrect. The U.N.’s schedule was delayed by Hurricane Sandy, and the vote should have been held before the election.

    The U.S.spoke in favor of the resolution in late October, and the resolution itself was circulating in September (when I first saw a draft of it). The Administration has not changed its position in any publicly detectable way. There is nothing here that is surprising or shocking; it is exactly what I predicted when I wrote on the subject on November 1.

    But it is useful to make two points. First, opponents of the ATT who did a victory dance in July, when the first negotiating conference collapsed, were kidding themselves. As I warned at the time, the collapse was “not the end of the process. It is the end of a phase.” Victory dances were wrong, and being wrong is rarely helpful.

    Second, these sorts of spasmodic outbursts of anger at U.N. wrongdoing (frequently real, occasionally not) are not particularly constructive, because much U.N. wrongdoing is a process, not an event, and focusing on events too often means the process gets ignored by default.

    In the past, I have argued (and still believe) that the ATT is a bad idea. But the adoption of the resolution on Wednesday was a predictable event of no particular significance—except that it guarantees that something that was always very likely to happen will in fact happen.

    There is just as much reason to dislike the treaty now as there was the day before the election, because as far as the ATT goes, nothing fundamental has changed.

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    4 Responses to The Arms Trade Treaty Moves Forward

    1. MY BELIEFS says:

      Are these people serious. What about constitutional rights. What about my ability to protect my family in the event of unforseen circumstances. My money bought my gun. I do feel if the ATT is passed, the people will be strongly affected and disappointed once again with Obama and what he has 'DONE' for us and our country. I dont know if we can stand another let down when it comes to personal rights and trust in our government. Why take away again and again. Why try to fix whats not broken. Its not a gun issue we have, its a people issue. A lack of knowlegde and self control seems to be one problem. I feel like the ATT is a mistake. I do not and will not support the ATT. MY GUN IS MY GUN!

    2. Todd says:

      We have sent the United States down a path where personal freedom will take a back seat to "what is best for the country". The 51% that put Obama back in the White House only see the "what is in it for me" side of ALL issues. Most of them do not have guns and the ones that do are naive enough to think that nobody will ever take them away. To take this country back, we have to figure out a way to re-instill true American values – patriotism, charity, work ethics, etc – back into the next generation. Conservatives have abdicated the education system to liberals and "progressives" and now we have society of takers, not producers. As long as the government check, food stamps and medical care keeps coming, they will not oppose the government. And worse, they will ignore what the government is doing.

      How do we take back the next generation and save this country? It will not be easy but you do it slowly, deliberately and locally. Start with elementary schools. Parents have to be involved and make sure the liberal teachers who begin the indoctrination process early are over ruled by parental guidance. Remember the video of the elementary students signing praises to Obama? Those parents are to blame for that teacher still having a job!

      It will be a generation or two to get the country righted again. And to make sure it does not fail, we need to put legislatures in Congress and the Senate who will oppose the liberal agenda. That will be a new generation of Republicans that get into office without baggage and are willing to put their "careers" on the line each day, blocking the liberal agenda that is hell-bent on destroying this country.

    3. This is what you voted for!!!!!!

    4. David says:

      "They can have my guns when they can pry them from my cold, dead, fingers…" – Unknown but true for some of us.

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