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  • Morning Bell: Hear a Veteran's Story

    For nearly 100 years, America has been celebrating on November 11. Originally it was to remember the end of the First World War that was supposed to be the one that would end them all. Sadly, this was not the case. In 1952, a small town in Kansas started to use the date to remember veterans of all America’s wars. Two years later, President Dwight Eisenhower recognized the brilliant stroke of a small group of “regular” Americans by making it a national holiday.

    Some cynics today would say we should grow past the parades and the thousands of memorial ceremonies in small parks across America. May it never be so! Every generation of Americans has had men and women step forward and stand for this nation. Every new generation needs to learn to acknowledge the debt the nation owes them.

    As we honor those who have died in the service of the nation on Memorial Day, we must acknowledge those who have served on Veterans Day.

    The living veterans of America are a treasure. They are a repository of knowledge and experience, of loss, and of enormous achievement. On Veterans Day, America should reach out to these humble men and women and say “Thank you.” Beyond that, we should ask them to share their stories. When they speak, we should listen, and recognize the price these veterans paid through their service.

    Try it; ask them to tell you, and for every high-sounding “hero” story you might hear, you will hear hundreds of tales that will begin with “I was just doing my job” or “I only did what anyone would have done.” In truth, these are tales of exceptional heroism in its truest sense. These heroes are not all barrel-chested characters of fiction, but citizen servants who simply answered the call, every time.

    One such individual is Major Ben Richards. He has a moving story to tell about his soldiers. In an excerpt from the forthcoming film Veteran Nation, his story reminds us of the honor and sacrifice of those who serve. This film will be a touchstone for Americans who want to serve those who serve the country. (See video above.)

    On this hallowed day, for that is what Veterans Day is, please join us in thanking those who have served and those who serve us still. Our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends—Americans showing us all that standing united is far more important than any of the issues that divide us.

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    19 Responses to Morning Bell: Hear a Veteran's Story

    1. glynnda says:

      To all veterans I thank you for your service and I apologize for the shameful way our president treats you and all active duty personnel. His "honor" of veterans yesterday was an insult to me as an Army veteran. The motto is no longer "we leave no one behind"…..it is "we leave no one behind..unless it will make the president look bad"…….

      please forgive your nation for their horrendous choice in leadership. I am ashamed of my country

    2. Glenn Nelson says:

      Very moving, a very powerful testimony to the spirit of our men and women in the military

    3. charles labounty says:

      Slightly off topic: ( but thanks to and from all of us Veterans)
      Has anyone but me wondered why no sequel to the movie Hunger Games has been produced? Games triology?
      There's two more books that beg having a movie made on them.
      Could it be the story line of "this is what could happen to our country when government gets too big" is too threatening to the hollywood crowd? — or the bho admin?
      Really — am I off base here? — or did I miss the story line in the Hunger Games trilogy?

      • sdfultz says:

        I would guess that if business were too big and government too small that is what produces hunger games.
        Think about the motivation for the games, who profited and in what way, there sure were a lot of well to do folks who enjoyed the games as entertainment.
        The people do not entertain the government, the government works for the people and we're lucky enough to have a government by the people for the people and of the people.
        The people who are greedy enough to tell the American people that we are falling are the people that we better watch, because they are in it for the money, How much did Carl Rove and his machine take home for misleading the whole GOP party?

        • Bobbie says:

          we don't have a government who works by the people for the people and of the people. America has a government presence that wants to control people. Why do you want government to control economics and wealth just for government to take from, draw crisis, eliminate consumer choice and the opportunity for anyone else from gaining wealth? Think about it, sdfultz. The more you give to government to control the less you leave in your control. We're barely making it because of over taxation and the controls of government. We don't want to lose our independence because some people want to be controlled by the government for the government and of the government. This government destroyed commonality without any people the wiser. Obama creates custom made government where everyone is under different rules with defined rights per custom. Making sure no one has low self esteem so some are held less accountable to the same act or given more promotion by the government. How contradicting to the people accustom to building America's way and condescending of the people.Totally unconstitutional and discriminating and right under the nose! Civil society necessitates common law, the rest is our freedoms and civil duty as people. The government has no right intruding on economics which independent business people risked for the consumers to control or livelihoods where people control their own. If he (government) did his job by the people for the people and of the people, the American ambassador and his colleagues wouldn't have been attacked, raped and murdered by terrorists.

          • sdfultz says:

            So I guess you liked the Bush government, who didn't wait to take our tax money, he just spent America into a deep hole, gave us no additional freedoms and wrecked our free enterprise capitalism, Really?
            Who got raped? Our government man was on the ground, he was a hero, he knew the risks just like our brave soldiers, what the heck are you talking about?

            • Bobbie says:

              So how does spending more on top of the problematic debt the American senate passed in the last two years of Bush's term fixing the problem Obama promised to fix?Really! How is excessive regulations put on businesses benefiting America, her free enterprise and those that make it happen? Capitalists. Really! Why needless, intentional sacrifices?

              How dare you mock the death of these men!! I can't speak for the people in your life but I can't believe they would accept an immature explanation over a terrorist attack on you. I won't believe they would put trust in a government that puts you in a desperate situation by decreasing protections then refuse their government duty to send help to protect your life, leaving you open to terrorism. I won't believe they'd appreciate hearing the president say it's an ongoing investigation when all that's been found are personal affairs with dishonorable husbands and slutty moms that has nothing to do with the terrorists attacks in Benghazi. I won't believe your family wouldn't want the terrorists held accountable which is NEVER talked about. I won't believe anyone deserves anyone in power that takes no accountability and lets anyone who is accountable, hide behind him. I can't believe how little you expect and how much you accept from these government runners who can only be called human for one reason. This ill conduct and dishonor in American governance never happened in my life time. People elected (without cheating their way in) to govern, respect accountability and hold accountability. No questions. Lying to cover and hiding from truth implies corrupt government brought in by two fraudulent elections. New to America are you?

              The ability to reason provides healthy self esteem. Challenge yourself…

    4. sdfultz says:

      I cannot believe that I am the first commenter at 3pm in the afternoon.
      All the Patriots that comment on every other partisan issue you post and now nothing.
      I think that says it all!
      Thanks for the reminder on Veterans day.

    5. KHM says:

      Thank you Heritage for recognizing all those who served in our armed forces. The current regime is doing everything in its power to undermine our military, so it is especially important that young people learn to appreciate that those who served guaranteed the freedoms that are so threatened now.

    6. Bobbie says:

      Why is the president unwilling to accept what America stands for? And always stood for! Peace and stability! It's often been said that peace is in the hearts of all men? As we've come to know there are those men that have no tolerance for peace or mankind itself. Terrorizing the world with death and destruction for their selfish name. Unfit for humanity!!!! God Bless our military who rescues in the name of peace and stability, killing the roots of those that oppose! Happy Veterans day! Thank you for the freedom we were able to live and the dignity we were able to have!! Our commitment is to regain a better America where the character of the man is who he is and no man rules over another!!! Thank you for your meaning to America and the world!!!!

    7. Marion Spencer says:

      I have a question. I was watching Fox News this afternoon and they mentioned a few states have petitions going around asking Washington for permission to seceed from the Union. Is it possible that this could really happen? Who is behind this? Some of the states include: Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island….

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Yes it is, the Constitution allows states to secede, it happened before and Texas has submitted its list of signatures.

      • Jill says:

        I do not believe the states you listed are correct. Everyone of them is a socialist state. Texas has done it. There are other but they aren't democrap states.

    8. Harold Tennant says:

      As a 82 year old Vet of WWII and Korea.and need no help, I think all help needed be given to all vets need should be given all the help thiey need !!!

    9. L. Walker says:

      What does it matter? The American Voter has lost the ability to cast a free ballot and have it counted in an honest way?

      • Jill says:

        You are so right. Even all the gains we made in Iraq and almost in Afganistan were for nothing. The dictator snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This election was definitely rigged.

    10. Amelia says:

      I agree 100% with the fact that our Veterans are real heroes and should be respected and acknowledge for their work and devotion to this country.
      There is so much a Veteran can contribute to our children through their heroic experiences in story telling through schools and libraries, etc..

      My personal story: I was raise in a farm where there were no TV's. Children listened to stories told by older relatives who fought in revolutions, wars, and just plain adventurous and dangerous travels. Those stories have never left my heart. They established a foundation for the rest of life where I am always grateful and priveleged to meet and listened a veteran's story. The best is that I have NEVER idolized a movie or Hollywood star, even though after the age of 8 years old I grew up in the heart of Hollywood.
      I grew up always seeking out these kind of heroes that led me to a whole new world of interests in exploring technology in the Space industry and engineering, where I been so blessed to have worked with some true geniuses. WWII vets who worked as engineers, making critical decision, training new engineers, and are just the ones who make things happened like in building the space shuttle, top of the aircraft, etc. in a quiet and humble way that nobody knows who they really are unless you start ask and share some down to heart personal stories.
      My point is should not allowed these gifted beings waste away, when they have so much to offer. They were trained in so many skills and disciplines that there is no excuse for society's neglect of these soulful beings.

    11. Jill says:

      I feel so sorry for the military. They give everything they have for this country that they love and the dictator in chief is taking away all our freedoms at break neck speed. there is no way in hell that this was an honest election.

    12. Jeanne Stotler says:

      We have had a lot of veterans in our families, my family proudly acknowledges those who fought so that we could be the "United States of America" 18 decendents of Scottish descent stood at Lexington when the first shot "heard around the world"was fired, We had "The little drummer boy of Shiloh" William Mershon, my grandfather, Lt/ Col Johnson, USA JAG (ret) who was in Cuba with Teddy Roosevelt and John J. Pershing during the Spanish American War and served again in WWi with the Army Air Division, my own Dad who signd up in Sept. of 1918 but never served as the Armistice was signed 11/11/1918 at 11 AM, he was then discharged, My Brothe in Law who along with 2 first cousins lost their lives in WWII and are buried side by side in Arlington, sec. 12 Thanks to all who served not only on Veterans Day and Memorial day, but everyday, shake the hand of any service man on any day and say "Thanks", they deserve it.

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