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  • Wanted: New Spy Chief

    Today, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency resigned. There are few positions in government more vital than the head of the agency with primary responsibility to provide the strategic intelligence Presidents use to inform their most pressing decisions on foreign policy and national security. Further, the agency conducts sensitive covert operations to protect U.S. interests—many of them very risky.

    Picking the next director is a serious matter. Here are several challenges facing the director of the CIA:

    Combating transnational terrorism. This war is far from over. There are estimated to be twice as many al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq as there were last year. The recent attack on the Benghazi consulate remind us all that America and its interests are still in the crosshairs. The Obama Administration’s strategy is over-reliant on drone strikes and covert action. What is needed is a fresh and independent perspective, and a new director could provide that.

    Sizing up the hot spots. Iran’s nuclear program and the state of the Taliban threat in Afghanistan are not only high-priority intelligence issues; they top the list of the most controversial foreign policy issues. The President and the nation must have a director in whom they have confidence in to address the matter with the utmost candor and professionalism. Politics cannot color the CIA’s assessments—period.

    Getting cyber serious. Cyber threats are a top challenge for every part of our government. We have to be particularly concerned about China, Russia, and Iran. We need a director that will keep cyber a top priority for the agency and recognize that the right solutions protect our safety, security, prosperity, freedoms, and free enterprise equally well.

    Playing for the team. The days when national security agencies could operate as stand-alone entities are over. Information sharing, connecting the dots, and teamwork are more than just catchy words.

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    9 Responses to Wanted: New Spy Chief

    1. I take it that Heinrich Himmler isn't available?

    2. Bobbie says:

      Who gets to pick? Sounds like quite the job description. But you can't bail out at any time convenient? right?

      Petraeus personal life between him, his wife and his fault, shouldn't obstruct his responsibility of his position to America. Timing isn't the matter. The man did what he did and it became public when it did. It could've been handled after the Benghazi trial just as well as it was handled now or never known. Don't privilege him time to answer his facts on another date? America has given plenty of time wasted when truth is known but not told. Did someone say the fbi was tracking him? hmm. more concerned with the general's private life than Benghazi?…don't give up!

    3. betsp says:

      Am I way off base here, or does it seem that perhaps Petraeus was being blackmailed to alter his Congressional testimoney regarding the Benghazi murder of Americans? Maybe he decided to face up to it like the soldier he is. He is more a leader in his little finger than Obama. Four years of pain ahead for patriots. I pray for the soldiers deployed and for their familes.

    4. Art Bralick says:

      I would think that a Special Forces General should be considered for this Post.

    5. Edward J. Foster says:

      The story being spread about the reasons for Petraeus' resignation fails "the smell test." If Petraeus really was a threat to this country, Obama could have (and should have) fired him earlier. Furthermore, it is customary for cabinet members and directors to offer their resignations after a presidential election. Petraeus would have done so and Obama could "regretfully accept" the resignation. Instead, Petraeus resigns giving as a reason his affair with this woman. Why would he have done this to his family, to himself, to his country for no reason? Does this seem the action of a man who could be blackmailed into revealing national secrets? I doubt it! Could it be that he was being coerced to provide false testimony regarding the Bengahzi affair, and torn between his oath to obey his commander-in-chief and perjuring himself, he saw resignation as his only option? He still could have resigned quietly without causing a national scandal. So why did he himself offer this "indiscretion" as the reason? Could it be that he wished to demonstrate that he could NOT be blackmailed … not by a foreign agent, not even by the government of the United States.

      Pure speculation … but food for thought.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Let’s make sure we get the facts right. Petraeus did not resign. Obama forced him out but only after the election, despite the fact that the FBI knew about the affair since the spring. Even Newsmax had direct evidence from an FBI source that in October they knew of the affair. So let’s not pretend that anyone believes the BS put out by the White House that they learned only on the Thursday after the election. But just like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, not a damn thing will be done.

    7. pcj says:

      This story is just to take the heat off the Benghazi scandal by loading the media with Petraeus's personal life. If adultery disqualified our elected and appointed officials, there wouldn't be many left in DC. Let's get back to the real story: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BENGHAZI MURDERS? Don't let the media bury Benghazi by continuing to smear Petraeus….

    8. S. Ayala says:

      GOd is still in charge—may HE help us all thru this!!

      • Bobbie says:

        God gave man free will. Consequences be man's own put on the innocent because of man. Pray for those that fail God as some may still have a conscience. God helps those who seek His help! God Bless!

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