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  • Morning Bell: What Does the Election Mean for Obamacare?

    What’s next for Obamacare now?

    The bad news is that many of the health care law’s serious effects were delayed until after the election. Ten of its 18 new tax hikes have yet to kick in. And there is still so much about the law that we don’t even know.

    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) was absolutely right when she famously remarked in 2010 that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Thus far, we have seen revelations of increasing costs, higher taxes, and a flood of directives from Washington bureaucrats—yet there are countless major features of the law that have not been decided.

    Just a few of the questions that remain: What will a qualified health plan look like? What will be in the essential benefits package that insurers are required to provide? How will the employer and individual mandates to purchase insurance be implemented? The list goes on.

    Thankfully, this isn’t the end of the story. Obamacare is not here to stay. Despite the 2012 election, the assumption that the health care law will stay on course is another example of the left’s wishful thinking. Of course, efforts for a complete repeal will likely face the same fate as efforts in the last Congress did. But there are ample reasons, as well as opportunities, to change the course of this law.

    Public opinion has not changed. Exit polls show that more Americans still want the law repealed in full or in part.

    So much of the law has yet to be developed. As more regulatory details emerge, they will generate even more public controversy and create even more practical obstacles for implementation. These instances will provide ample opportunities for legislative remedial action.

    Bipartisan opposition to the law will continue. While the House vote earlier this year pressured five Democrats to support full repeal, more significant were the various piecemeal repeal bills that gained bipartisan support. Most notable: Repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), the unelected group of experts in charge of cutting future Medicare payments, passed the House and had more than 234 co-sponsors—Republicans and Democrats. These efforts will likely gain more attention in the future, as will efforts to weaken other elements of the law. House majority leader Eric Cantor (R–VA) has already vowed a vote on the IPAB repeal again.

    The states can and will have their say. Two of the largest elements of the health care law—the massive Medicaid expansion and the costly subsidies scheme funneled through government exchanges—are heavily dependent on state compliance. But the June Supreme Court decision reaffirmed that states are not at the mercy of the federal government. Many state officials realize that there is little upside to joining forces with Washington in implementing this disastrous endeavor, thus further eroding the long-term viability of Obamacare.

    Major lawsuits are moving ahead. The recent Supreme Court decision was not the only lawsuit against Obamacare. There are a number of lawsuits making their way through the federal courts. The anti-conscience mandate requiring virtually all employers to finance abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception undercuts religious freedom. Today, there are already 40 suits representing more than 100 plaintiffs against it. An Oklahoma lawsuit raises a new legal question on the employer and individual penalties. More suits will certainly follow as more of the law is exposed.

    These unending complications give us the opportunity to present a more desirable alternative. Patient-centered, market-based reforms are the best antidote to Obamacare’s top-down, government-run scheme. The Heritage Foundation’s Saving the American Dream plan offers such a path.

    If the election had turned out differently, it would have been easier to repeal Obamacare. But that does not mean that Obamacare is here to stay. The only difference is that dismantling it will now be a more protracted and messy process.

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    81 Responses to Morning Bell: What Does the Election Mean for Obamacare?

    1. JIm Delaney says:

      Short of open rebellion and secession, only if the States reasert their 10th Amendment powers can at least portions of this once venerable republic be saved and the Statist ambitions of this Marxist chief executive be effectively checked. Glad to see that 3 States have already nullified this damnable Obamacare fiasco.

      • Skeptical says:

        Unless all Constitutional avenues for redress have been shunted, due-process has not been breached. Any actions of rebellion or secession would quite legitimately be criminal and proscecutable as treason. Be real Jim. This is a Union. Attempts to just,"pick up your marbles and leave" because you dont like the current state of affairs has been tried before…………………………………and you know how that turned out.

        ps-I loathe Obamacare too.

      • W JACKSON says:

        The so called progressives are actually Liberal Fascists in my book with their alliances with health insurance corporation and groups that promoted this terrible legislation upon us. Conservatives need to start using the term liberal fascism in writing and discussing left-wing sponsored destruction of our freedoms!

    2. swaprat says:

      Get rid of Obamacare before it destroys our country. I'm not kidding about this. Obamacare has already reared its ugly head and is discouraging doctors….I am too angry to list anymore reasons.

      • fran says:

        I know it has already made major changes in my health insurance…just as we needed it most due to a health emergency this year…really upsetting how it's changed and I'm really worrying about what else will happen now that we have "pass(ed) this bill…..and learn(ed) what's in it"

    3. Bruce says:

      Sorry, but I have no reason to believe that it is not here to stay….

    4. Charles G. says:

      it's over

      Buy more ammo.

    5. Daryn Kent-Duncan says:

      For the sake of freedom in America (what little is left) I hope you are right. When Boehner says "Obamacare is the law of the land" — that doesn't leave much hope. But, please, let's not stop fighting. I agree with Winston Churchill, "you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

    6. toledofan says:

      It's pretty obvious that Obama, Reid and Pelosi will forge full steam ahead with Obamacare, no matter the consequences, because they don't have an alternative. It's going to be very interesting to see how everything unfolds, over the next two years, and I suspect times are going to get tougher. I mean lets face it, Obama is going out of town rather than sit and lead on the issue of the budget cuts in defense, the extension of the Bush tax cuts and the deficeit.. With everything else it'll be just maore of the same. Obama wasn't a leader for the past four years, he sure isn't going to start now.

      • Rick says:

        Here we sit on the edge of the Fiscal Cliff and he's going overseas to visit Cambodia and other nations who don't face what's coming here in the USA? What in the H-ll is that man thinking? Obviously the Cambodians rate his attention and we don't.

        • Charles Areson says:

          Thinking? Is he capable of logical thought?

        • Rich says:

          really,,, he went to New Jersy one time and told everyone the RED TAPE would be cut and all phone calls would be answered in 15 minutes. OK,,,,, where is all of that help he promised to those poor folks freezing everynight, not much food or water and now he thinks he did his part and off to cambodia and who knows where else. He needs to stay at home and follow up on all of those promises made to ALL of those folks that are suffering from “Sandy” and the latest storm that just passed through. A leader??? he has NO conception of what that word means,,, I still say that he needs to be forced out of office along with Pelolsi, Reid and Bidden. He is a total disgrace to the title “President of these United States”

          @Rick above,, you asked what is that man thinking? The past 4 years prove the man don’t know how to think when it comes to the betterment of the United States. All he and his family can THINK about is where they will spend their next vacation at our expense.

    7. Joel Keller says:

      Although the initial funding for ObamaCare has been allocated, future funding has not. The House of Representatives holds the government's purse strings and judging from the general tone of their rhetoric, I'd be willing to bet that they will withhold future funding for ObamaCare's various additional features that have yet to kick in.

      • Julie says:

        I'm hoping that Obamacare will be defunded so that it can go bust…this is the only action the congress can take…I still have hope in 2016 if we can get a republican in the WH and have the house & senate…we will get rid of this monster and hopefully come up with a better one with less pages and regulations. We do have some real clowns in the WH & Senate. God help this country.

      • Ken says:

        I wish this were true but, I see no evidence that our feckless representatives will do anything to stop the laws full implementation. Congress has the power of the purse but, the last couple of years have shown that the republican leadership has neither the desire or the courage to use that power in this fight. Please prove me wrong or better yet elect new leadership in the house and senate!

      • rocko says:

        Yeah allocated from Medicare, he took over $700 billion and put into Obamacare. Nice going pal.

    8. Rick says:

      It won't be easy or as cheap to get rid of Obamacare, but it should be called it's proper name:OBAMASCARE, because when it drives doctors out of their practices and then many who are thinking of going to Medical Schools and now won't, it will lead to substandard care which will lead to more doctor caused patient deaths, and the following malpractice lawsuits, but since we don't really know yet what is in the bill about limiting liability for Doctors in malpractice lawsuits, we don't know what the out come will actually be until 2014. So that's why I call it ObamaScare, because the nightmare has yet to be fully realized. Are you afraid yet, because the best isn't coming as Obama said in his acceptance speech, the worst has yet to come, Your thoughts please, while we still have the freedom to express them.

      • Julie says:

        You are right…you named it perfectly. ObamaScare will lead to less doctors who are over worked and under-paid. This entire bill makes younger generation to lose their desire and gets rid of all incentives for Medical Innovation to proper. My son who wants to be a doctor and probably voted for Obama has no idea what he is in for. I can only hope that it will be de-funded and the program will collapse…almost like our Social Security. I am so disgusted with this president…who borrows, spends like there is no tomorrow and is set on punishing the rich and lying to the American people about everything.

    9. Jean says:

      If Obamacare/Medicare cuts keep up, we will lose too many excellent doctors. I recently had surgery. The oculoplastic surgeon worked on me for over 1-1/2 hours. Her bill was $4000. which I feel was entirely justified.
      (This was not cosmetic surgery). Medicare paid just a little over $1000. I just don't see how she can stay in business when you include her office overhead. How can they justify cutting more? Is there any hope for us patients?

      • jack says:

        Should not have been a for-profit operation my friend. That's the problem. People like you serve these talented people like they are gods. They aren't. You become a doctor because you want to help people first, not for profit. Used to be doctors worked for the bare minimum, because they were compassionte, not with the idea of getting wealthy. The greed in this country is just out of hand. That will eventually destroy this country. Everything in this country is overpriced. The Bible states to treat each other with respect as you would want to be treated. If you are able to keep this commandment and love the creator with all your soul you will have kept all the desires of the father. To many people are driven buy the almighty dollar. A sad end to a once great country.

    10. Clare Rothi says:

      This may just be a rumor and, I quote, is not substantiated however my wife was at a meeting yesterday and was told that through "Obamacare" a fee would soon be assessed for the delivery of our Social Security checks. I don't know who to check with to determine the validity of that statement. Is there anyone out there that can help??

    11. VCmom says:

      The people have spoken. We are no longer a nation of people who believe in self reliance. obamacare is here to stay. No matter what sensible people "know" about the unsustainable nature of this hellish program, the majority, the voting electorate – believe what they have been told by the dems. Just as they believe that the government stealing money from "the wealthy" will somehow benefit them, and that those same "wealthy" will stay in a nation which no longer protects or values them. The money, the jobs and the loyalty will leave. To quote Maggie Thatcher – "the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people's money".

      • Doubleace` says:

        They believe it because they think it is yet another free ride from the Government. Haven't they heard? Nothing is free!

      • PaulE says:

        You are absolutely correct. There is NO stopping ObamaCare at this point. It doesn't matter how many people hate ObamaCare and want it repealed at this point. The election ensured that won't happen. A majority of the American voting public believed the fantasy narrative the Dems were selling. So rather that hoping against hope that somehow, some way, ObamaCare will be not go into effect, we have to face the reality of the situation in front of us and figure out how to live in a world where ObamaCare exists. We need to concentrate and develop a plan on how best to survive and at least partially minimize the impact of ObamaCare on our lives to the degree that it's realistically practical. Hopefully the folks at Heritage can help us with that in the coming months and years.

      • Julie says:

        I think in order for the American people who voted for Obama 2nd time around need to really feel the pain and suffer…I'm sure there are people out there who voted for Obama still have job in the private sector that will soon lose it. If the pain isn't extreme with higher gas/energy/food prices…people will not wake up. There is a good reason this president was re-elected…to teach the American people a tough lesson in voting with your brain not skin color or race.

    12. Cats says:

      Apparently Mitt Romney received fewer votes than did John McCain. What happened to all those Republican voters who might have been less than pleased with Mitt Romney but were more interested in "regime change" in DC? What happened to the apparent enthusiasm in the Republican camp ? Why did they stay home? Why didn't they vote? Had they voted, Mitt Romney might be working with his transition team. They cannot whine and moan about the results when they chose to sit it out. Unfortunately, we all face the consequences of their actions.

      • DoubleAce says:

        Truth is there were hundreds of thousands of military votes that were not counted which could have changed the outcome of the election. They showed up one day late, which I am sure was just a coincidence?

      • Dan says:

        I suspect rampant voter fraud.

    13. exteach says:

      I believe that Obamacare has little to do with health care, rather, it is a template developed to exercise control over our country. Watch in the future for regulations on guns, the environment, transportation, business, private ownership, and even taxation with a link to health care.

      I may be wrong, but I think Lenin or Stalin used the same method as a tool to control their population.

    14. P A Jones says:

      Alinsky's playbook of socialist takeover is right on schedule. Collapse the economy by making so many govt dependents that there aren't enough workers to tax.

    15. chyatt says:

      Dictators do not ask for permission, opinions or approval. The left and those who think they have been oppressed and are owed something will soon see the results of applying those principles to business in the way of taxes to force business to atone(at least in their minds and his). Any serious conversation about the philosophy of government needs to start with a mirror and asking the question, "why if my party is such a winning party for this country, are we still talking about "War on Poverty" and "the poor" decades after LBJ started the programs?" The most distructive lie of all is the one you tell to yourself.

    16. MJF in CT says:

      ObamaCare is here to stay. Even though the majority do not want it, it will be forced down our throats. Remember, Mr. Obama gets what he wants, constitutional or not. The Supreme Court will have nothing to say as Mr. Obama knows what is good for us. States will not have their way, again, Mr. Obama will see to that. Law suits will be squashed per Mr. Obama.

      • EMJ says:

        History tells us that Obama is on his way to being the dictator he is dreaming about. Obama will get his way only if we, Americans, allow him to. It is time to rally and object to this maniac who has dreams of rising to the status of Emperor or? Hitler, Stalin and other despots used the same tactics to obtain control as this usurper in the White House is using. It is time for Americans to wise up and not let the media dictate our future.

    17. Jeanne Stotler says:

      We are in a BIG MESS, I for one, do not believe the win was legitimate, seems too many machines "Broke down" or were messing up, absentee ballots not delivered, and what about all the early votes that showed Romney ahead?? Obama is snake and those working for him/with him are the same, what about his chief of staff, born in Iran, negotiating with Iran?? Everyday it's somehing new, ignoring the fight on the drone, Libya,where 4 Americans died. Thi is just as bad as Cuba, Chili and other communist countries, now how will we get rid of the problem??

      • Donna says:

        And let's not foget the military votes that won't be counted. When my son was in Iraq in 2008, he was not able to vote because the absentee ballots weren't handled correctly – how convenient!

      • Bill Meyers says:

        Not to mention hundreds of thousands of military votes were not counted because they showed up one day. These votes could have changed the outcome of the election. late

    18. vicki says:

      Last night I was wondering how we could get rid of this nightmare. And this morning I got your report. You have made me feel much better knowing there could be a way to get rid of it, or modify huge parts of obama "care" . I can sleep a little better now even though there are some negative comments here. I will not give up on this country yet. We need to take the Senate in two years somehow. I think we need a new party because the RNC has let us down the last two elections. Any ideas?

      • Albert says:

        The first president I voted for was Ronald Reagon. He changed party afilliation. He was said to say “I did not leave the Democrat party. The Demacrat party left me”. I suppose what I am trying to say is the Republican party has left me. Conservative values are getting stressed less and less. I’ve compromised my values many times to support a canidate I really could not get behind over the years. I refuse to do that anymore. Better late than never. I am changing my voter registration from Republican to the New Conservative Party USA. Socialism fails everywhere it is tried. It will be no different here. Conservative principles is what made this country great and it will be those principles that get this country back on the right path.

      • LIBERTERIAN! Not only is it wrong for our government to control our lives when it comes to our economic choices, it is equally as wrong for them to control our social choices. If we want to ever have hope of a truly free country we have to bring the best of both worlds together. Fiscally conservative AND Socially liberal, former democrats and republicans alike. Both of these parties are WRONG! As long as how I live my life doesn't affect someone else's right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS then the government should have NO SAY IN IT!

    19. Donna says:

      I received a letter yesterday that my health insurance company will no longer cover the hospital I use! Since my doctors use that hospital, I will need to find new doctors. The hospital I use is 10 minutes from my house. The insurance company offered suggestions of other hospitals in the area….20 to 35 minutes from my house! So the very thing we were promised – 'you can keep your insurance and you can keep your doctor" was a lie, just as we knew it would be. This is only the beginning of what's to come!

      • PaulE says:

        You are correct. This is just the beginning Donna. It will be a very bumpy road. BTW, ignore all the "promises" Obama made related to ObamaCare. They were all lies.

    20. Nunjo says:

      A few years ago, we had health insurance for our family at $333 a month with a $1500 deductable. Within 18 months time, this rate skyrocketed up to over $500 a month for the same thing! We had to give it up. A few months later (earlier this year) we found another plan with a $5000 deductable for around $300 a month. In October we just got another rate hike of $60. This is exactly how it happened before – price increases every few months of about $60 each time. Paying way more for way less. We feel like we are just swimming to keep our heads above water.

      Now, I hear on the radio today of a list of 500 companies that are folding or doing massive lay offs due to Obamacare. Not to mention all the doctors that are quitting.

      I HATE this "president"! I will never support him. He is ruining us.

      • Peter Murray says:

        I accept that you "hate" the President. However, to blame him for what has happened to your health-plan is nonsense. Obamacare hasn't yet affected premiums, one way or the other. Your problems are relentless medical inflation caused by new and expensive drugs and treatments coming on stream, insurance companies hiking premiums to recoup investment losses suffered in the crash of 2007-8, and the fact that as premia rise, the younger, more healthy people who help subsidize their less healthy elders are deciding to go without health insurance. Obamacare may even help slow the rise in the cost of health-insurance.

    21. Dean C. G. says:

      DID ANYONE GET IT ? When Chief Justice Roberts opined the Affordable Care Act was not unconstitutional because it was a tax and Congress has the authority to implement a tax he opened TWO DOORS. Door #1was Justice Roberts (payback to Obama?) statement that 'if the electorate did not like legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, they should not elect leaders who would pass such law'. Didn't anyone get it, ie the majority of voters who are said to oppose Obamacare??? Door #2 was Justice Roberts that the cost is a tax. And tax laws must originate in the House of Representatives and the Affordable Care Act came from the Senate. DOES ANYONE GET IT? The Pacific Legal Foundation does
      get it and they strongly believe Justice Roberts will find the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional when their case reaches the Supreme Court. Are you listening? Do you get it? If so google the Pacific Legal Foundation and give them your support. They are good. They have been to the USSC before and have won.

      • Donna says:

        Just checked out Pacific Legal foundation – I had never heard of them but will be watching them closely! It sounds like they have a very good case!

      • Rick says:

        When is the Pacific Legal Foundation USSC court date? That's when we can expect to see this unconstitutional "law" struck down!

      • Peter Murray says:

        Sadly, Dean, you are the one who isn't "getting it". Obama won the election, and the USSC, the court of final appeal, ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional. Under our system of democracy and checks and balances, that's game over.
        However, there will undoubtedly be aspects of such a complex law that will require revision and amendment. Hopefully, sensible bi-partisan co-operation will address these.

      • doremiflutist says:

        Actually, the bill technically did originate in the House. It started as a house bill, H.R. 3590, which originally dealt with housing tax breaks for service members, before its content was completely changed into health care legislation. So, legally, it originated in the House, though it wasn't the Affordable Care Act until it reached the Senate. Let me know if I'm wrong about this. Hope this helps clarify.

    22. idaho redneck says:

      One other thing. As more employers see the horrendous details of the Act, they will have little reason to keep on full time employees. With the poor economy, the traditional employer/employee relationship has been turned on its head. More and more companies are going to part-time and temp help. My wife works for a division of a large placement agency and is busier than ever. Gone are the days when health insurance will be a standard benefit. Thanks Barack!

    23. RennyG says:

      His future, he will have totally destroyed "our country" and will be King at the end of these four years. How can you fight him, he has "control" of the congress, the judicial branch, the supreme court, the unions and the media. Fox is next on his list, they gotta go!! We have four of our citizens murdered and we can't get an answer after two months????
      On a personal note and obama care: I am 76, had a PCF for over 35 years and just received a letter, he is getting out of the system because of the complexities and the unknowns of this new health care plan. At 76, how do I find a new PCF?? I guess I will go to the emergency room along with all the illegals!!!!

    24. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      While visiting my cardiologist today, I was informed that beginning in January there will be changes in Medicare which will probably affect my care. No details as yet. The abandonment of retirees is beginning.

    25. Bobbie says:

      Not all of Obama's base knows the seriousness of the damage Obama and his care is causing and will cause purposely and the ones that do know are just aiding by the old go along to get along.

      Already started and foreseeable crisis of living wage job losses that were fine and people content without obamacare government burdens and intrusions. He tells America what she wants when he listens to nothing she says! He'll have jobs available for those losses as he punishes the honorable rich until they're poor to pay for make work temp jobs until their all gone. Why does he treat obamacare more important than freedom and personal dignity? Because he wants to take care of people like Juan Williams? Why does he refuse to respect our ability to maintain our own livelihoods and work on that? America didn't say she wanted a dictator. He only takes advantage of her name since he took full advantage most of his life to get where he's at now. Obama's not man enough to respect America, her truth and her people and his game players are just as less! Stay strong on principle and don't give into the man. Explanation with full understanding from the President is required.

    26. herbert says:

      The US will soon be a large plantation with 99% of slaves controlled by unelected bureaucrats. Forget about healthcare, there won't be any. What doctor will still provide care under these conditions? As the saying goes " Never cut off the limb you are sitting on". This is exactly what happened during the last elections. I have lived in a country with socialized healthcare for 30 years. It was perfect for people who like to wait at the doctors office all day long to get an x-ray. It is also perfect for people who like to share their hospital room with 30 other patients. My mother died in a hospital having to watch someone else die every day. As always our representatives are not exposed to the mess they are creating. Everyone who voted for the present status needs to be brought back to reality with a 2 x 4 hit over the head..
      Stupidity has taken over the election process. The majority of people had no clue what they were voting for and the rest of us supposed to bare the consequences caused by these idiots.
      I am looking for an other country to spend my retirement.


    27. Glen says:

      Obama needs to stay in Washington(something he never does) and work with Congress. He MUST get over his way or the highway. Time to "PARK THE PLANE"

    28. Joe Steel says:

      Given the strength of the President's victory, an assault on his signature accomplishment is unlikely. Republicans put his name on it. Attacking it would be foolish.

    29. Jenn1g1rl says:

      why dont conservatives boycott the liberal media?

    30. Superbroker says:

      Heritage still fighting the good fight I see. Well, guess what. It's over.

      We are circling the toilet.

    31. jrnhkkdo says:

      One issue that is probably no one has even thought of yet is about Americans who are living abroad, especially retirees like me. I utilize the health benefits program in the country where I reside. I wonder if penalties will be levied on Americans living abroad for whom it makes no sense to purchase US health insurance. Doesn't affect many citizens in the overall scheme of things, but it will be very unfair if I am required to pay a penalty for not buying US health insurance which I would never use anyway.

    32. John Beck says:

      Nancy Pelosi saying that we have to pass the legislation to see what's in it is like saying we should step on a landmine to see if it hurts us.

      • Elaine says:

        Something that she wouldn't want for herself or family. She and everyone else who voted in it's favour should have to set an example and live by the new rules and restrictions themselves. Wait for appoints like the rest of us . Live by the Obamacare rules and show us how good it is by your example. No more unneeded paps or mammograms. All of the good stuff that we're going to lose from our insurance plans goes to her and cronies, not just us, the subjects

    33. Nancy says:

      I am leaving this country (seriously). I refuse to live somewhere where our own government will not defend our country from socialism. He should have been impeached for Benghazi! How can the people of the house and senate allow this to go on? NEVER should Obamacare have been passed without "we the people" voting on it with full disclosure of what was in it. It sure seems to me that there are a lot of people in the House and the Senate who are scared to death to do anything.

      • Ross says:

        Gee, move to Canada then if you don't like the USA.

      • Bobbie says:

        I agree with you, Nancy. America needs strong willed leadership of good, not take over. We have no where to go but will endure what lies ahead if we're not killed or it can't be stopped. What comes is all in the hands of what has become ugly government strangers beyond our reach and control. They use the outward form of Christianity to mock into costs and laws.

        Obamacare is wrong to impose for the benefit of the few that weren't insured that could just as easily gotten insurance like everyone else. In government hands, limitless, irrational costs accrue along with unaccountability and corruption just for crisis by government design!

    34. James Kapp says:

      While I agree with the posts we lost the election and have to revamp the approach to the country. I think the republicans should come out with a statement that we will not support infringements on the constitution by Obama care but we will no longer talk about abortion in the political arena refusing to discuss it at any level. That is a discussion between a woman, her doctor, and her god. As to the rest of the major points congress has to move forward and will have to compromise. We should come out in the interviews and say we have voted for this after long and hard negotiations we still disagree but to move forward. Remember 2 & 4 years from now that our position was that this would not work.

    35. Jerry says:

      What you suggest In Your article is that we will now finally have the debate congress should have had before the bill. Became law – but under much more difficult conditions!

    36. lynn says:

      1. the problem is that people say that they dont want obamacare and are given the opportunity to vote it out by not funding it, but what do they do? they vote to fund it!! (here in florida anyway) the whole thing makes me sick. all these people think they r going to get health care but they are still going to have to go to the clinic because doctors aren’t going to take the obamacare and probably wont take medicare anymore either.
      2.. i hear women say that they are voting for womens rights but aren’t my rights being violated by making me pay for things i don’t want to?

    37. LARRY MEREDITH says:

      I'm an insurance advisor and get this information about PPACA from the compliance side of the fence. 1). to help you understand what this is going to cost: The insurers are REQUIRED" to pay to the ded gov't, $25 BB dollars annually to pay for Obama care. 2). Sell your home this year?? 3% sales "fee" on top of closing costs. So what does this have to do with health care?? IT'S ANOTHER FORM OF TAX!! Penalties for individuals and business owners who do not have or provide health care for themselves, or their employees. Employers have already figured out, it's cheaper to pay the fines and penalties, there by creating MORE, not less, uninsureds in this country.

    38. LARRY MEREDITH says:

      COMMENTS FROM L MEREDITH CONTINUED: Any CPA will tell you that a business, which is exactly what an insurance company is, cannot survive on an 80% loss ration, (MLR), nor can they survive on large group MLR of 85%, this is financial suicide. Two things from this WILL occur: ONE, collapse of the insurance carriers who are focused on health insurance as their main source of income. TWO: Others will just stop selling and servicing health insurance all together as American Republic did last year. 80 years in the business of health insurance, and they just said in 2011, we’re done, and pulled out of the market in all 50 states.

    39. Red says:

      The public has spoken, ObamaCare or no, Obama was the choice. So how can Universal Health care be improved? We know that expecting emergency rooms to pick up the slack is extremely expensive – programs that target repeat visitors and provide supervision of treatment have both reduced the costs and improved the health of the patients. A very high proportion of the costs are just a few patients – short of letting them die on the doorstep of the hospital, what kind of programs can lower medical costs?
      We spend far too much on Medical Care in the US, with lousy results. #1 in expense, and about 49th in health. As americans, we can do better.

    40. Diana says:

      I am sorry to say that I do not personally hold much hope that Obamacare will get repealed. The House just is not big enough with enough fight in them for the American People. We need to get more conservatives in the Senate but until then I feel very disgusted with the way this country is going. God help our country!!!

    41. 4hhtyp says:

      I'm still trying to figure out how it is that the Romney supporters did not go to the polls. If more than half of the people are against Obamacare, then how/why did these people not vote him out? It continues to be something I cant wrap my head around. The support was there. What happened on election day? We ALL were forewarned of the consequences of an Obama reelection and the threat of Obamacare's implementation. And it is coming to fruition. A quick check of the layoffs, closings, and companies that have now decided not to hire or to place their employees on part time status is enough to show you that they meant what they said.

      I am unemployed (victim of the economy and my state going to a managed care system for services for the developmentally disabled….a microcosm of Obamacare…and the service field I worked in on the administrative end) and have no insurance. I do not want to get into one of the state exchanges for insurance. I would much rather get a full time job with benefits……although chances of that are looking slim to none…and slim left town.

      Where will this country be in 4 years? God only knows.

    42. John says:

      I once saw a movie when I was a boy of 9 or 10 may be older. My brother and I went to see a horror movie it was a double feature the first movie was scary but the second was worse. I do not remember the names of the movies nor a lot of content but what I remember of the second movie has an erie resemblance of what I hope may not be to come. The younger generation took over our country, proclaimed that the elderly were a drag on society and started putting the elderly say 40 and older into camps surrounded by fences. The reason was the elderly was a burden on the younger generation medically and with their beliefs of a democratic society. They rounded up the elderly and placed them in the camps. I remember the leader was a young man, I assume he was proclaimed the president, his parents just turned the proclaimed age to be locked up, of which the young man did not realize that it would happen to his parents, he went to the camp from the back and saw his mother and father at the fence they were scared and holding each other, he had a sad look on his face but knew he could not do anything to save them as it was his proclamation that put them there, that was the end of the movie. There was a lot more to the movie of course but as a youngster and so long ago I do not remember, I should have paid more attention. I do not think this will happen at least I hope it won't, after this election nothing would surprise me.

    43. Lisa says:

      I can not support this president and I'm still amazed that so many do with his record. I can only come to the conclusion that too many people want something for free and/or a major of Americans are uneducated and incapable of rational, logical thought. Our freedom is under attack and people do not seem to realize that politicians are bribing their way to power and creating a slave society in the process.

    44. L. Walker says:

      Why should I continue to listen to Heritage? I have no confidence in Heritage or US Federal Government! I did my duty as a citizen. I worked for election of Congress and the President/Vice President but someone stole the election by targeting crucial states/Districts and manipulated the vote! What is Heritage going to do about it?

    45. L. Walker says:

      Don't all of you realize that none of this means anything without a secure and fraud-free vote! How can you dribble on about ObamaCare and Balancing the Budget and all of it is useless babble if one does not have fair elections!

    46. Elaine says:

      Google "NHS waiting list ", or similar , like one called nhs.uk/ choices, something like that.
      It is a story on the system and a lot of heart breaking blogs .
      It is not a scare tactic ; it's one of the many nhs sites for Btitish people and not us!
      It shows what is in the future with this kind of care

    47. Elaine says:

      Anyone can google something like "NHS. Uk/ choices " etc, and get tons of articles on that type of system by the people actually living with it.
      The NHS.UK/ chooses, has a very good blog on people who have disaster stories.
      I lived their 6 years. Waiting lists there are a fact of life.

    48. Bob Pitman says:

      I have been in healthcare business for over 40 years and have a great number of small group (under 100) clients. I would love to have Heritage Foundation have a briefing that shows 1) What the law says 2) what that means is supposed to happen 3) what actually would happen if implemented. I can visualize a 3 column presentation that would clearly show the "exceptions" listed to various groups in addition the the stupid wording in the law and how most of the provisions are anti small business. I could then have meetings with my clients armed with the facts (insurance companies provide information, but frankly they are players in this and do not always tell it like it is). Possible?? Already done – then where do I get??

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