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  • Morning Bell: The President's Top 5 Immediate Problems

    Now that President Obama will never face re-election again, it is time for the campaigning to end. Perpetual political rhetoric and promises do not matter any more. Action—and leadership—are sorely needed on pressing issues that threaten the United States. America’s people are under threats to their livelihoods, their protection, and their freedom. For some of these, deadlines for action have already come and gone, making them more dire than ever.

    Here are the top five problems that require the President’s immediate attention.

    1. Massive Tax Increases Scheduled

    When the chairman of the Federal Reserve says the nation is headed over a cliff, the President should take notice. A total of nearly $500 billion in tax increases—old tax policies expiring and new ones taking effect—is scheduled to hit on January 1. This “Taxmageddon” fiscal-end-of-days scenario will hit individuals and their families, struggling small businesses and investors alike. So much for creating jobs. The Congressional Budget Office, which does not normally forecast recessions, has said that without some action to change our direction, the country is heading straight for another recession in 2013. As Heritage’s J.D. Foster wrote, “If a slowdown or even a recession unfolds as CBO predicts, the blame will lie with President Obama.”

    2. Cuts to the U.S. Military

    Through a legislative process called sequestration, the President and his allies in Congress thought they could secure tax increases by holding America’s military hostage. So they programmed massive cuts to our defenses to take effect in January. Using the military as a political weapon is wrong, and nothing has been done to prevent these harmful cuts. While our enemies build up their weapons programs and terrorists target Americans around the globe, the U.S. is preparing to radically downsize the military—all because the President and liberals in Congress want to raise taxes.

    So far, the President hasn’t achieved his tax hike goal. If the military cuts are allowed to go forward, it will devastate our defenses. Contrary to the political rhetoric, Washington leaders could fix this without raising taxes.

    3. The Middle East

    It’s easy in a campaign to say you’d rather focus on “nation building here at home.” But the Middle East is ablaze with conflict, and that is not going to be put on hold for the President to focus on other issues. According to some reports, Iran could be able to arm a nuclear bomb within the next few months.

    Heritage’s James Carafano writes today: “Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, protests in the Gulf States, an increasingly unsteady Egypt, terrorists in the Sahel—these are all distinct problems, yet each has the potential to cascade throughout the region and beyond.”

    4. Terrorism

    To begin, the President needs to come clean about the intelligence regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed the U.S. ambassador and others.

    Carafano says a wholesale change in strategy is needed:

    There is more than enough evidence that the President’s counterterrorism strategy, though less than two years old, has come to the end of its life. That strategy focused on “decapitating” al-Qaeda. It didn’t work because al-Qaeda is really just a piece of a global Islamist insurgency. Unlike a drug cartel, it can’t be taken down by just taking out the leadership. Unless the President changes course soon, terrorists will have more sanctuaries by 2016 than they had in 2010.

    5. Obamacare’s Mandate Threatening Religious Liberty

    Just a few days ago, a second federal district court issued a preliminary injunction on behalf of a family-owned business against the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate under Obamacare. The HHS mandate forces nearly all employers to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraceptives in their employee health coverage, regardless of religious objections. It disregards conscience and steamrolls religious freedom: Religious charities and family-owned businesses that object are forced to pay massive fines for non-compliant plans—up to $100 per day per employee. For a company like Hobby Lobby with more than 500 stores, that fine would amount to $1.3 million per day.

    No wonder more than 100 plaintiffs have joined legal challenges to the mandate, which went into effect on August 1. As employers reach their health plan annual renewal date, they’ll be forced to comply. This is only one of the many obtrusive parts of Obamacare, but it is an immediate problem for employers—costly, demoralizing, and a direct attack on religious freedom.

    Time to get to work, Mr. President.

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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: The President's Top 5 Immediate Problems

    1. Bruce says:

      This article assumes the president is bothered by these issues. I would have to assume by his utter failure to govern that he does not.

      • ThomNJ says:

        I agree – I have said this a number of times – I really appreciate the Heritage Foundation, but just when – when – will the Heriatge Foundation stop thinking of obama as a rational and caring individual – and most especially as if he gives two hoots about America and our Constitution? Stop deluding yourselves.

    2. Wumingren says:

      I don't think Obama views any of those "top 5" as problems. I think they're part of his plan to remake America.

    3. Lisa says:

      These aren’t problems for the president, these are his accomplishments

    4. basilio says:

      Obama is reelected, was more flexible with our "" Russian friend "

    5. Peter Wormwood says:

      Obama was right! America is no longer a Judaeo/Christian country. And Huckaby is also right. People of faith did not step up to defend Biblical values.
      At the risk of sounding like a religious crazy ( a person of biblical faith yes, religious, no.) This country was tested during this election and it came up short. America has truned it's back on God and we are about to see what the country will experience, and has experienced, when God turns His back on us.

      • Jill says:

        Yes. This is the wrath of God's abandonment. This president is going to kill this country and enjoy every minute of it.

      • guest says:

        Lord have mercy on us, with this Government we are doomed……

      • gracey says:


      • guest says:

        As I Catholic I see more Catholics voted for Obama than against him. The liberal Catholic bishops have convinced Catholics that it is their basic human right to covet and steal their neighbors goods. Catholics now are more concerned about material posessions than protecting innocent human life and traditional marriage. America is no longer a Judaeo/Christian country in large part because the Catholic bishops are no longer Catholic. They worship socialism and their new savior is Obama.

    6. Jane Walton says:

      Lord, we pray YOU will let us live a quiet and peacable life.

    7. Jon Weiss says:

      Barry knows that time is short, he only has four more years to either totally destroy the country, or get a Constitutional Amendment through repealing the 22nd Amendment. in preparation for installing himself as President for life.

    8. sdfultz says:

      These are not the Presidents problems, these are Americas problems, some not as much as others. None of the problems you list here came about solely as an action of the President.
      The Congress needs to get to work just like the rest of us go to work and get productive!
      Nothing less is acceptable.
      Iran, bomb or not, what is your suggestion, let's put it on the table, you guys have a think tank, what's your thought?
      Same applies to the Middle East, Freedom is not Free and the Middle will have to suffer the growing pains, not our problem, we are the example they are Free to follow.
      The last issue is purely made up, if these so-called religious institutions don't want to participate then they only hire religious drones, but as long as they employ the public they need to act accordingly.

      • concernedjoy says:

        I have a different opinion on your last issue. Knowing that many religious organizations have objections to paying for procedures that would go against the teachings in their religion, the PEOPLE need to be aware of this and ask questions regarding their benefits BEFORE accepting a position. You are not forced to work for anyone who cannot give you the benefits you desire.

        Obama is not stupid. He started the so-called "wars" out there. He went around Congress and the law giving amnesty to many illegals. He choses to ignore laws he does not agree with. He is trying to force religious facilities go against the teachings of their religion, then when they object, turn the whole thing around and call it a "war on women".

        • sdfultz says:

          I agree, if people cannot find the benifits they want then it's their decision, but reality would be what it is. I wonder what God would say about their for profit activities with religious oversite?
          You and I both know that if Obama broke one tiny law he would be impeached in a heart beat, so save that he went around the law for someone really stupid, what he did has been done many times, ask George W.

          • Bobbie says:

            You are delusional. Obama isn't man enough to hold accountability he tells no truth regarding America's laws and his position. Finding any arrest on him breaking the law is absolutely hilarious just because threats of violent rampage comes from his base. You sure have no respect for yourself to accept this type of man in the highest position. Finding no fault in a man's intentional imperfections is delusional.

      • Jilly says:

        Well said!

    9. BARBARA says:

      Here we go again, nothing new, just the same stuff, going to happen. Put in a Bigger Hole, than before. In all of my 64 years, I have never seen an election like this one, before all ballots have been counted, call it while people are still voting, of course, we have some people out there, that instead of working want Hand Outs, and that is what he wants, he wants us to be so dependent on the gov't. what ever happend to the values that we were brought up on (some of us). To the ones that are running this country, someone told me that you were the generation from the 60's, liberals don't care, but for yourselves, as far as chris Mathews is concerned, you are completely beyond repair. thanking a Hurricane for the election, what about the snow? well, i said part of what I truly wanted to say. All I can say for an ending is GOD HELP US.

    10. Brassia says:

      Though I agree with your description of Al-Qaeda I have to add to your comment the following:
      Our media was lying to us telling that Al-Qaeda is on the run-nothing can be further from the truth…when Obama took office Al Qaeda was present in 2 countries , now stronger than even they have a presence in 30 Muslim countries. "the game " our media is playing is a very dangerous one and will lead to many more American lives lost!

    11. Sam says:

      Problem No. 6
      The Nation debt needs to be addressed.
      Continuing to increase the debt ceiling has to stop.
      Increasing taxes isn't the answer.
      We need to stop spending.

      • listener says:

        Problem No. 7 how many, and to where they will take vacations in the next 4 yrs.( at our expense) !

    12. W Barnes says:

      While I cant agree with your top five more, these are not the top five things that got him re-elected. Those who voted for him are oblivious to the threats and many of these top five are not even on the radar screen for this administration.

      We've not seen real leadership yet so what makes us think we will see it now. And Yes Im still licking my wounds.

      • Brassia says:

        What got him re-elected are the large majority of Latino voters looking for Santa Clause when they come to our country. Just as the demographic population change in California lead to the state's financial fiasco and re-election of the same disaster of a governor who was previously recalled -Brown their decisive vote put democrats over the top and assured Obama's re-election. It is important to remark that same Latino voters on the public dough voted FOR tax increase in the state of California since they aren't the ones who will be paying them but benefiting from!
        When the Immigration law was passed there wasn't supposed to be any specific group to be given preference or domineering for a very legitimate reason!
        Well, democrats only had to get a foot in the door….they are sooo creative and always think ahead….now as Santas they will assure a definite re-election and grip of power!

    13. Taxes are at an all time low and military spending is too high. Let's seek practical solutions to both.

      • Nelson says:

        Raise taxes by reform and allowing all income to be taxed at 15%. No one should be off the Federal Hook.
        As for defense spending, tell our enemies to refrain from evil doing, otherwise, read Joel (that is a book of the Bible) Chapter 3, especially verses 9 – 16. Also take note: Si vis pacem, para bellum! If you want peace, prepare for war.

      • Doug says:

        Before the tax changes in the Reagan era, the wealthy were taxed up to 70% of their income once they reached a certain limit. Even Reagan said that he only made 2 movies/year because after that he would be at the highest limit and it was not worth all the effort to only earn 30%. You tax the rich that are pulling the cart and they stop pulling the cart. Military spending is too high because we are fighting in wars that were never in any budget…..you don't budget for wars……unless you are Obama and then you don't budget at all…..just spend spend spend. You and I go down or basement and print money we don't have and we go to prison. The federal government does the same thing and it is OK? I hope this country takes a HUGE crash so that all you stupid people WAKE UP!

      • sdfultz says:

        Thanks Stephen, a breath of rational thinking!

    14. Bob Wescott says:

      Clearly this is NOT the time to relinquish original principles. It is the time to teach them! Slightly more than half the country's voters do not grasp them. The idea that is America is still valid; socialism is not valid and only temporary. The good fight is to bring the confused over to our side, not to adopt liberalism to win a handful more votes.

    15. glynnda says:

      Heritage…..you're dreaming if you really think these things are going to happen. For at least the next four years we can expect serious economic downturn and overbearing intrusion on our rights as citizens and as a functioning society. My advice to every reader of this comment…..get out of debt now, more and more of your income is going to be eaten up by increasing living expenses such as gas and food. If you are living paycheck to paycheck now, get a second job and change that situation as quickly as you can. The Democrat side of our government by policy will further erode our economy and the Republican side of the government will likely not have the will to stand against it for another two to four years. Boehner is already talking about tax increases as long as they are "reasonable". Reid is talking about "making nice" with the other side, but that only means they have to give in to destructive demands.

      • Sheryl says:

        Couldn't agree more!! Very good advice.

      • guest says:

        One of the worst results of Obama being reelected is that he will appoint the next several supreme court justices. He will load the court just like FDR did and the only way to stop the liberal decisions will be for Congress to act if they will have the strength of character and will to stop them. We are in for a very bumpy ride for the next four years, our economy will suffer more lay offs and those who didn't lose their homes during this last recession (that didn't really go away) could lose this next time around. With the U.N. wolf at our door, in collusion with this socialist minded administration, we could lose more of our rights. Gun control is on the table again with the U.N. and property rights will probably be next. The government also wants to take over IRAs and 401Ks. And don't forget the assault on our rights with Obama signing the NDAA. America is looking more and more like a third world country.

    16. Danny Fulton says:

      The moment of truth ladies and gentlemen. This is when we find out if we voted the right guy in or not. I sure hope so or we are screwed.This will show his true colors if Benghazi doesn’t bury him alone

      • Todd says:

        We did not elect the right person. And hope is not a course of action to follow.

        Time for true Americans to stand up and demand that our government work they way it was orginally designed.

        Not an easy task but our future depends on it.

    17. popham says:

      Perhaps Mr. Obama's biggest hurdle to jump over will be Benghazi-gate.
      We the people must demand that a thorough investigation be completed
      as regards the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate on 9/11/12.
      55 Congressmen have already signed an impeachment proceedings memo.
      Mr. Boehner's duty to the people of this once great nation resides with a
      resolution of Benghazi-gate, even if it means impeachment.
      Good luck, America.

    18. Nathaniel Justus says:

      Sorry, but Obama doesn’t see any of these as problems:
      1) Tax hikes – he WANTS those.
      2) Ditto to miliitary cuts, can’t have us threatening other countries and what not, we are oppressive bullies after all.
      3) Middle East isn’t a problem, he hates Israel, all going according to plan there.
      4) Terrorism? What terrorism, he killed Osama personally everything else is just Youtube related, or we deserved it.
      5) Obamacare crushing personal freedoms – WORKING AS INTENDED!!

      • whamman says:

        Nathaniel…great analysis. The only focus Obama has is top down, bottom up…the near and long-term destruction of America along with it's foundation Judeo-Christian values.

    19. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Wake up Amy, Obama has no intentions to do anything to save this America. He has no intentions to address any of the"problems" we now face. We must accept the fact that America is not the same America before Obama. The socialist/Marxist that have been attacking our freedoms for over 100 years, they won! It's over!

    20. Krehbiel says:

      "America’s people are under threats to their livelihoods, their protection, and their freedom. For some of these, deadlines for action have already come and gone, making them more dire than ever."

      But this is all just part of Obama's plan to bring America down to the level of other third world countries. He despises this country and will take great pleasure in overseeing its demise. There will never be a vote to replace him as he will appoint himself as Czar and while living in splendor watch the populace destroy itself. Communism will replace capitalism and the world, in his mind, will finally achieve peace.

    21. Andy says:

      What you listed were not the presidents problems but those of the tax payers. His job will be to keep Michelle busy with enough travel brochures.

    22. Will says:

      Thank you for all you do, Heritage.

    23. Larry says:

      President Obama is unlikely to take your advice Amy…or anyones for that matter. He is more likely to continue his leadership from behind / media protected avoidance / class and race warfare modus operendi while issuing more and more Executive Orders.__

    24. Julie says:

      The president clearly has his own agenda. Too many people in this country want a free ride. Obama's loyalties are not to the working class or even to the poor. God help us!

    25. toledofan says:

      Well, we're at the same point, today, we left off last year before the campaign season began. And, I think, these national problems will go on for even longer without even being considered. Let's face it how on Gods green earth can you write a bill, work out a compromise, get the bill passed and out the door in less than a month. So, more of the same, an extension here, promises to do something later and as long as Boehner is the speaker, that's all we'll get. The president isn't going to lead, that's another thing you can't learn in a month, and he will just throttle along at the same pace and blame everything on everyone else and play some golf. He does need a vaction because he's so drained from all the lying on the stump.

      • Sheryl says:

        Exactly, why would he do anthing different than what he has done for the last 4 years it has obviously worked for him CAUSE he is back in office for another 4 years.
        The people that voted for Obama are entitlement freaks that have their hands out give me more, more, more but I don't want to work for it.

    26. exteach says:

      “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
      ? Alexis de Tocqueville

    27. Diane says:

      I am convinced people wanted a movie star…not a president. I am embarassed on how uninformed people must be to have voted this con in again

    28. Charles G. says:

      Buy more ammo.

    29. Actresponsibly says:

      Elections have consequences. The House should do nothing and let sequestration, the tax increases and the debt ceiling take place. Let the voters who elected the President experience what they voted for. These issues can be addressed after the nation has experienced some of the consequences of missing the opportunity to bring order to Washington.

    30. The President's Top 5 Immediate Problems was a good summary but fails to address the most alarming and threatening issue facing the United States of America today – China and the failure of the American dollar. China is now the world's most dominant economic power. Its annual GDP is six times larger than ours. Our work force pales in comparison to China's. Meanwhile the Fed prints trillions of dollars in hopes of stimulating this stagnant economy which only devalues the dollar. America awaken and read the tea leaves.

    31. Trey Mays says:

      House Republicans should hold public and/or private (where appropriate) committee investigations into the Obama Administration concerning these top 5 looming problems.

    32. Joan says:

      Re Obamacare, big companies are already making changes to avoid the cost of the new laws. A friend of mine works for a restaurant, one of large national chain. All the workers are having their schedules realigned so that they don't work over 32 hours and the company can cut their health care benefits. These employees will be making less money and will incur more expenses for health care or supplemental private insurance. I'm sure these actions are going to be taken by many big companies, and they probably need to do so to keep from going out of business due to the new laws.

    33. Doug says:

      Stupid American people! Had all this been brought out by the media like it should have before the election, Obama would not be re-elected and these things could have been addressed. Instead his smear campaign against Romney continued the biggest hoax in American history. Too many people "on the take" now to ever change this position until a major meltdown happens and the takers have nothing to take. I hope it happens soon! I hope that many of the wealthy people that own companies that hire America shut down, take their money and retire and leave all these stupid people that can't see the truth without work.

    34. Jackson says:

      I agree with all of the above. These problems are not the President's problems. He has his own agenda and whether his actions have any impact, positive or negative, on our problems will be purely coincidental.

    35. Ben C. says:

      Alexander Tytler's predictions two hundred years ago are coming true. People vote with their wallets, not their brains, otherwise Romeny would have won. Yes Lloyd, its over. Time to circle our wagons and protect our families. Plan for the worst case scenario – economic devastation and civil unrest. Pray that it doesn't happen.

    36. Shari Mildon says:

      For two days now, I've been mourning the loss of my America as I know it. I finally have given up "hope" for any "change" in the direction the left is taking us.

    37. Mike says:

      Those five problems are of Obama's causing or worsening with his demonstrated Statist Liberal agenda and ways, so to present such problems as if to expect him to remedy them, as if he cares to do so, is to go on a fool's errand. Sure, many Americans don't want to believe a President of the U.S. has and perpetrates an undesirable agenda and ways, same as some others elsewhere, in history to this day, didn't and don't want to hear and believe that about any of those who have led or lead them, but both the evidence and history show that doesn't make it not so. So to go expecting any better out of Obama is to set one's self up for or cooperate in being fooled, especially since the majority of those who voted have now re-elected him, and so we're in for 4 more years of the same and more mischief as he is now free of concern for re-election. As Obama himself said “Tell Vladimir (Putin) I can be more flexible after my re-election”.

    38. PaulE says:

      The 5 problems listed are only problems if the President considers them important. They all existed before the election and Obama did nothing to address them, because he did not consider them his priority. So now that a majority of Americans, in their infinite stupidity, have chosen to re-elect him, what do you think has changed?

      Yes, everything you've laid out represents a major challenge and there will be serious negative consequences for the country, if they are not addressed in an intelligent fashion. However, there is now ZERO incentive for Obama to act responsibly. What is his downside?

      Obama wants massive tax increases to fund his out of control spending agenda. He wants defense cuts, because he wants to reduce America's influence in the world and he views America's military as a threat to global peace. Obama seems perfectly happy with how things are playing out in the Middle East. As for terrorism, he barely acknowledges it exists anymore. Finally, as for ObamaCare's impact to religious liberty, he made his views on that matter well known before the election. Everything, in his view, is subservient, to the government.

      Elections have consequences and in this case the consequences for the country are very, very bad. We must now concentrate on how to protect those dear to us and how to survive in this new America based on European socialism.

    39. John says:

      America has spoken, and now America will get what it deserves. Thank you, America!
      As Thomas Jefferson once wrote "……Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever."

    40. chyatt says:

      What a waste of electronic ink. He does not care about these issues and he is going to do nothing about these issues.

    41. Mary Louise Hause says:

      Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their coutry. Time to put the pettiness aside and realize we have a president who was absent in Consitution 101. Now lets let him know he did not win our wonderful country to do with as he pleases. No there is an army of Americans who will roll up their sleves and when given the chance tell all who will listen We the people are America not the White House. Washington works for us, not the other way around. I made copies of this morning Morning Bell and will give them to the members of my Republican Women's Club. We are wounded but not down. Ta ke a stiff upper lip from our English friends and hold your ground. We will weather this and those who did not vote for Gov. Romney will see the error of their way. Thank you.

    42. Andrea says:

      No matter how many lists of priorities are generated for the President, he will not change his way of doing things. It has worked for him since he was a community organizer. Give pretty speeches to large groups, then let them come to you. He spent time in the Illinois legislature voting present, then the same in Washington, where he continued that way of doing business. He was elected president and still more speech-making. He has slipped through life without having to work very hard to achieve huge personal ends. Meanwhile the presidential and congressional staff have to lie about their bosses' plan to save this country from obscurity. Speeches, sound bites and photo ops are not work.

    43. Bob Godwin says:

      These problems are things indicating to the great divider that he is being successful in bringing the country to its knees. Therefore he will not be doing anything to improve or alleviate them. Take that to the bank.

    44. Barbara Lowe says:

      In the movie, 2016, it shows that the things listed are exactly his goals. He feels that the Capitalistic Nations have ruled to long and wants them taken down and the poorer nations brought up. I personally hope that we as a people will be able to counter the agenda of President Obama with court cases and the newly added conservative members of Congress. We must continue to be vigilant as a people.

    45. gracey says:

      These are problems yes, but we will see absolutely no progress in Congress to address these. Watch for a lot of bending and folding on John Boehner’s behalf. He is an appeaser, not a fighter, as he portrayed himself when he took speaker ship of the House. He has already laid down the mantel for repealing healthcare. I my opinion, we never give up the fight for our freedoms against tyranny, we may not win, but we don't back down, rollover and beg for mercy. The only mercy I want, need and desire is from the almighty God. How disappointed he must be in us. It makes me cry to know we could have won this if nearly 3 million people was not out to teach the Republicans a lesson. Our priority should have been get rid of Obama then work on cleaning out the House of Republicans again. Because of their stiff backs and hard hearts, we will all suffer numerous losses. We may have lost another strong voice in Florida in the Allen West race—what a waste, what a shame. I always prided myself on being a true blue Democrat since 1976, but in 2000 I realized that the party actually did not stand for the values that I had always believed in. In doing some soul searching I found out things about the party that I had not been taught in school and realized that was not me. They are so extreme in their beliefs that it is frightening. But one thing for sure about them, they never give up.

    46. steve h says:

      Obama has called for extending middle class tax cuts for 97% of Americans. Senate already passed it. House just has to vote and pass it and Obama will sign it. Why won't House just do this and get it out of the way and get some certainty for majority of Americans?

    47. Jeanne Dawson says:

      As everyone knows or doesn’t, the people devastated by Sandy (homeless etc) were allowed to vote at any polling place by signing an affidavit that they were a registered voter. Some of these places were operating by candlelight. Somehow this does not sit well with me and I feel that these votes should be investigated.

    48. Jack says:

      Why do you continue to write about what Obama must do as if he was rationale. He has one mission, destroy the United States and this country traded this beautiful experiment for a handful of trinkets, healthcare that is bankrupt from the start, free government assisted unborn baby murder, loss of freedom to practice religious beliefs, destruction of our energy infrastructure, destruction of our military, loss of individual and natural sovereignty, unemployment no change for the better, income reassignment, fascism, social warfare, credit downgrade, devalued currency, hyper debt, shall I go on. These are his accomplishments. Start thinking about moving to a better third world country before they build a wall on the border that won't let you out. In 4 more years it won't matter that he is gone. And if you re-elected him because "he cares about you"! after your country burns down around you, than take a long hard look in the shattered mirror and you will see ignorance, want, and greed. He does not give a damn about you, you are nothing more than tools to be exploited and through your rejection of god you just sold your soul.

    49. 1goodbob says:

      Things in the country, are going just as planned.. He is continuing the destruction of the country as he has planned. Why anyone would re-elect a Leader who openly showed his dislike for this country, along with his wife, doesn't make sense to me. He doesn't want us to be the Leader of the free world. In the process, he doesn't realize what kind of a country will fill that void. He is so anti- Colonial, thinking that we are like countries like England. He thinks we have Bullied the rest of the world. This is from the prospective of his Hippie- Type mother and the Hippies that he surrounds himself with on his staff today. These were some of the older people that showed up at the OWS Demonstrations. His plan, as has always been, is to destroy America as fast as possible. I wouldn't be suprised if he appoints himself Permanent President .

    50. James Burnham says:

      Pick out some obvious states and conservatives begin to move to these states and take over the government and education systems, then secede from the union. Use the Constitution we have with modifications to prevent the problems of today from ever happening again. I'm ready to move and live free again.

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