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  • GUEST POST: "Filibuster Reform" Is Misleading

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has a new idea to make it easier to pass legislation: Cut Republicans out of the process.

    He’s calling it “filibuster reform,” but it would do away with the minority’s historic rights because they are an inconvenience to the Democrats’ liberal, uncompromising political agenda.

    After all, when was the last time Republicans conducted a true filibuster to block, delay, or outright kill a bill? The last person to engage in a genuine filibuster was the ultraliberal Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. In 2010, He spoke on the Senate floor for eight hours straight in an attempt to defeat legislation to extend tax rates.

    Leader Reid is creating the illusion of a problem to justify drastic, unprecedented action to deprive Republicans of the ability to debate and amend legislation. If successful, the 60-vote threshold for legislation to advance, which assures some degrees of bipartisanship when a party lacks a supermajority, could be reduced to a simple majority.

    To cut off a true filibuster, the leader of the Senate may file what’s called “cloture” that requires a 60-vote threshold to enforce. Cloture is intended to shut off a long debate or end a filibuster, such as the one Senator Sanders conducted.

    Leader Reid, however, uses cloture as a means of preventing Republicans from amending or debating a bill, long before anyone has even had a chance to discuss it. Because of Leader Reid’s hard-knuckled tactics, Republicans have opposed cloture motions in an attempt to leverage some participation in the legislative process. And this is what Harry Reid misleadingly calls a “filibuster.”

    Opposing cloture is not a filibuster, as Senator Reid would like the public to believe.

    Endless filibusters have not prevented the Democrat-led Senate from passing a budget over the past three years, preventing the so-called “fiscal cliff,” or taking steps to reduce our $16 trillion and rising debt. Harry Reid has.

    Radical actions to take away minority powers will only further polarize the Senate and make it more difficult for Republicans and Democrats to find common ground.

    The Senate was intended to be the world’s greatest deliberative body. The chamber doesn’t need less debate; it needs more.

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    7 Responses to GUEST POST: "Filibuster Reform" Is Misleading

    1. Eric G. Wood says:

      Since reforming the filibuster requires members of both parties to succeed, instead of merely opposing any reform and classifying any move for reform as some underhanded nefarious plot by the Democrats to disenfranchise the minority party, why not work together on sensible reform. Look, Republicans complained when the Democrats were in the minority on their misuse of the filibuster. The filibuster should remain, but it should be true filibuster, a Senator standing for hours or days fighting an "unjust" law.

      Can we begin this new session leaving the political posturing and gridlock embracing tactics of both sides from the last Congress and move forward with working for the American people.

    2. Bobbie says:

      For those of principle, do not give in! Thank you, Senator DeMint!!

      Why does Harry Reid and the democratic party only lay the foundation of useless works? Why are they unable to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil? There's been enough time for Harry and the democrats including the President, to lead with honor but they need to be led with honor in order to learn. Obama wasn't elected to tax the rich. He was elected because people want him to learn logic and common sense. They want to see him mature a better man and respect to recognize the people are above all that suppresses freedom. People want him to learn his job to protect freedom not make low self esteem a federal issue. Proof would be NOT raising taxes so to correct his undisciplined behavior. America would like to see a "change" in him and the democratic party of discontent. Obama won on lies and slander of his opponent and fear mongering with Obama's deceit of his own and don't think there wasn't major cheating. That's the only thing democrats are good at. People cheat their children, people cheat their wife but finding government cheat of the American people and you'll be out for life!

      • Paladin says:

        President Obama was re-elected,in part, to deal with the deficit in a fair and reasonable manner.Which includes restoring the taxes of the rich to the pre-Bush era rate!

    3. Diana says:

      I agree with Heritage 100%. We need more debate in our Senate and Harry Reid is just being very deceitful when displaying the facts. I am just so tired of hearing that the rich do not pay their fair share and afterall, we wise people all know that this is really just re distributing the wealth. I am also tired of hearing about our Government giving away all this free stuff and when will people realize the fact that nothing is free because the Middle Class are the ones who pay taxes. Obama and his policies are truly damaging for our Republic. 2014 cannot come soon enough and God please help our country!!!!

    4. Paladin says:

      As I remember,several years ago Republicans threatened the same when they were in the majority.The nuclear option(2005)

    5. Alfrom Fl says:

      Unfortunately, Bobbie, you assume that this administration and fellow democrats are people of honor & are capable of putting "America" above party – that has not been shown to be true. (I don't pretend that by calling out the dems, that the incumbent republicans are any better)

    6. kris says:

      Is this the position of heritage, since when the GOP controlled the senate , they too wanted a nuclear option
      of course that was limited to judicial nominees, the dems should be careful lest they find themselves in the minority again, perhaps 55 votes and actually requiring to speak or other tactics.

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