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  • The Top 3 Special Interests Expecting Favors During Obama's Second Term

    President Obama enjoyed support from some key constituencies in his successful reelection bid. Some of those groups are surely expecting to benefit from another four years of his Administration. Here are three groups likely to get some sort of payout during a second Obama term.

    Big Labor

    Labor unions have spent billions since 2005 to elect friendly politicians, including President Obama. Government unions went “all out for the president,” noted Heritage’s James Sherk and Ashley Shelton on Tuesday. And that only tells part of the story. “The hours spent by union employees working on political matters were equivalent in 2010 to a shadow army much larger than President Barack Obama’s current re-election staff,” according to the The Wall Street Journal.

    The Obama Administration’s activist National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has consistently served Big Labor’s agenda on the federal level. It makes little effort to mask its crusades against Boeing or workplace democracy generally with a veneer of neutrality towards the nation’s labor policy.

    With Congress likely to remain highly polarized, expect the NLRB to continue promoting an agenda explicitly designed to bolster the ranks of the nation’s unions when the Administration can’t garner support for its policy proposals in the legislature.

    Obama’s pro-union agenda could even revive “card check,” which would abolish secret-ballot elections for workplace unionization. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka says he expects card check will come up during Obama’s second term.


    “The reelection of President Obama and Vice President Biden is an affirmation of the role of government in charting America’s clean economy future,” said BlueGreen Alliance executive director David Foster after Tuesday’s results came in.

    Energy Action Coalition executive director Maura Cowley expressed a similar sentiment: “it’s clear that taking bold and urgent action on the climate crisis must be at the top of Obama’s list.”

    As Heritage’s Diane Katz recently noted, the Environmental Protection Agency reportedly held off on issuing major regulations until after the election. With Obama in office for another four years, expect him to advance many of the regulations he stalled for fear of the political fallout that would result from the depressing impact on the American economy.

    The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has compiled a comprehensive list of EPA regulations that may be coming down the line during a second Obama term. Katz reported that many of these measures are expected to collectively drain the economy of hundreds of billions of dollars, and massively reduce employment in affected industries.

    IER also notes that the EPA is likely to continue settling out of court with environmental groups that sue with the knowledge that a friendly EPA will work to accommodate their radical demands.

    Green Energy Companies

    As Heritage’s Rachael Slobodien documented yesterday, 19 taxpayer-backed green energy companies have recently filed for bankruptcy. Despite that record, federal handouts to such companies are likely to continue under Obama, who made “green jobs” a pillar of his reelection campaign.

    The president’s victory on Tuesday makes an extension of the wind production tax credit (PTC) more likely during the lame duck session of Congress, according to industry observers.

    If the PTC extension passes, it will mark the first post-election handout to green energy companies, but by no means the last. “President Obama has been a tremendous supporter of solar energy,” said Solar Energy Industries of America CEO Rhone Resch in reaction to the election, “and we look forward to continuing to work with the Obama Administration over the next four years.”

    Some observers expect the Obama Administration to pursue its green strategies via the military, which affords the executive more discretion to implement such an agenda. The Navy’s efforts during Obama’s first term to promote a “green fleet” have benefitted companies and individuals with political ties to the Administration.

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    16 Responses to The Top 3 Special Interests Expecting Favors During Obama's Second Term

    1. Too bad that a large # of us who are invested in the success of private industry and personal achievement do not make this list!

    2. Yahoo! says:

      Are you kidding me? Are these the biggest players looking for influence in an Obamba administration? I'll take them. The only one with real clout is labor. Environmentalists? Green energy? You're kidding right? the get scraps left over at the democratic table. It's better than big oil, Wall Street, big multinational companies who are looking for favors from Republican House.

      • Stirling says:

        At least Big oil, Wall Street, and Multi-National Companies Create wealth (Economics 101.) Enviromentalists, Unions, and Green Energy would be nothing without the taxpayer dollars from the private sector to support them.. The diference is the private sector is beholden to the people to survive financially, while this government seems to think they are not. (thru money printing at the fed 40% of every dollar). Your disconnect disrepects the taxpayers of this nation sadly.

    3. trishothinks says:

      I'm guessing there are hundreds of "payoffs" that we haven't heard of or know about. That explains why he won a second term. Pathetic.

    4. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      What was that slogan about the Democrats being the party of the little guy and middle class?

      Big Labor keeps wages high and makes it more difficult to hire in all industries.

      Big Environment blocks exploration of minerals (oil, coal, gas, metals, etc.) and installation of pipelines (Keystone) sometimes to the detriment of unions.

      Big Green Energy advocates diversion of food to fuel raising the costs of food which affects the middle class the most.

    5. Roger says:

      If you don't understand that labor and enviormentalist kill job growth, then you should take a economic 101 class. Go ahead and support your socialist ways, dems. Kill this country's freedom. Just remember when you give up liberty for security, you get neither.

    6. Obama is sadly where we are in America —just pray we can get back to good old American blood in the Whitehouse as soon as possible—we are downsliding badly when we put non-americans in the president's office –could anything be more obvious?—we were sick to vote for him the first time and really MUST get back to honoring our own first to get our true greatness back as a nation

    7. Todd says:

      Unemployment will sky-rocket. Just watch CNBC and listen to the CEOs that they interview.

      Capital expenditures will diminish throughout the country.

      Best case scenario is that the work force will stabilize at the same level. More than likely, more lay-offs and hiring freezes.

      I just hope all the union hacks that voted for Obama because the union told them to will remember what they did when they are out of work and the union bosses are making millions.

    8. Bob Vance says:

      I Just wonder if the economy continues to tank, will Obama still be blaming GW Bush?

    9. cowboybobmt says:

      and rest assured, they will all get what they ask for. This interloper has no shame.

    10. Gayle says:

      How far we have fallen as a country to be discussing this after an election.

    11. Perry OK says:

      I had 2 people show up for work with berry bumper stickers and bragging how they sand bated the ol man! 2 more for berries hand outs they do not come here anymore as we are down sizing and are letting people go in the face of the future. That said a new sub showed up and had some Hispanics w/him I ask if they were legal? He handed me copies of there school id's? Wow! So much for big anything except The Big Lie! Hang in there just to see what happens.

    12. Diana says:

      It is truly a sad day for America. What happened to all those people who believed in the rule of law, our Constitution and defending our freedoms by keeping our military strong. What we have instead is Obama policies of re distribution of wealth, tax and tax more, give away free stuff and what was it that he really wanted to do oh I know…..fundamentally transform America. Wake up your stupid people, because that is what he will do!!!!! God only can help our country!!!!

    13. Big Ron says:

      Obama cannot be compared to any president in the past.
      Obama is a president who will not compromise on anything. It is his way or no way.
      Sadly this no comprise attitude is the prevailing attitude of the democratic party.
      The democratic would perfer the country go down the tubes than comprise.
      Sadly we now live in a country where people vote for self interest over national interest!

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