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  • Morning Bell: Now Is a Time for Commitment

    Dear friends,

    I write to tell you to take heart.

    Yes, conservatives are disappointed that a President who recklessly spent trillions, expanded government and put many of our values and institutions at risk has won a second term. But many of us have been here before. In Washington, there are no permanent victories or permanent defeats, just permanent battles.

    Now is the time to stand up and declare we will continue to fight against big government and for freedom.

    We will see unfold over the next four years a crucial battle for the soul of America. This struggle requires committed warriors for the cause. The line must be held against bad policy while we continue advocating conservative solutions. We must fight against the efforts to divide the country through class warfare.

    Rest assured this is what The Heritage Foundation is determined to do.

    We know that the First Principles reflected in our Constitution made this country great. Those principles are alive and well in the hearts and minds of the American people. We will work harder than ever before to defend them and to see them translated into the right public policies.

    President Obama may have won an Electoral College victory, but he knows that he lacks a mandate for changing our nation according to his progressive vision. He is the first re-elected president since World War II not to improve his margin of victory and to get fewer Electoral College votes in re-election.

    Let me be clear: The President does not have a mandate. But even so, he may claim he has a dictate to radically transform our country with his Euro-socialist agenda. We cannot allow him to get away with any such false claim or dangerous plan.

    The President’s much-diminished support should make clear to Mr. Obama that he lacks a mandate for radically transforming this country, and we hope that will be the case. Of course, given the record of the past four years, we are not holding our breath. So we must be ready.

    We must be ready to seize opportunities and to make opportunities. There is the breakdown in Congress, a coequal branch of government. Conservatives were reelected to the House of Representatives, while Harry Reid and his friends still own the Senate. The status quo in Washington sadly still exists, and it is up to us to make sure that conservatives going forward present the clearest, most compelling contrast possible to the policies of the left. You can count on Heritage to work with our conservative allies in Congress to make this happen.

    We will fight by offering the right policy proposals. From entitlement reform to national defense and energy policy, The Heritage Foundation will continue to fight for the solutions the country needs.

    We have a lot of work to do. Obamacare is dragging down our already struggling economy. Our nation is going broke with a national debt of $16 trillion—a 60 percent increase under President Obama. We must stop our national binge of spending, taxing, and borrowing.

    We now immediately face a lame duck Congress. The present House of Representatives must hold the line over the next two months and refuse to sign on to even more spending or higher taxes.

    The Heritage Foundation has a comprehensive plan—Saving the American Dream—to reduce the size, scope and cost of government. It balances the budget within 10 years while maintaining a strong defense and without raising taxes. To achieve that goal, we must reform America’s entitlement programs—Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—if we want to save them.

    I understand it will not be easy. But the alternative is unthinkable. We cannot keep spending money we do not have.

    Let us do what is best for America. Let us resolve to save the American Dream for our children and our children’s children.

    Let us build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish and where an oppressive government does not hold anyone back or down.

    Fellow conservatives, now is a time for commitment. Let’s get to work to save America—starting today.

    Will you encourage your neighbors, your family, your friends? Will you commit to the battles ahead? Join our fight today.


    Ed Feulner

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    168 Responses to Morning Bell: Now Is a Time for Commitment

    1. Jimmy Deloach says:

      I am through, done with it damn the Republican Party I give up.

      • I will never give up. Life is not for quitters

        • A. Gilbert says:

          Right your are Rosemary, we can't give up now! and Jimmy, it sure isn't all the Republican's fault! Look at the ones who voted the wrong way. They were bought fraudently, I believe!

      • Dinah says:

        @Jimmy Deloach
        I feel much as you do, but I don’t think it is the party. It is the voters. I am 65 and have been paying close attention to politics since I was in my teens (the 60s–Ugh!). I have been totally amazed by the lack of knowledge or care of a huge percentage of our voting public. People who didn’t even know what Benghazi was after 4 weeks! People were told things that Romney said and totally disagreed with it; when they found that Obama had actually said it they didn’t care and were going to vote for him anyway. An administration that I will always remember for its ignoring the Constitution and lying about just about everything. On Red State there was one sentence I strongly disagreed with: The Obama group ran a good campaign. Successful, obviously, but I never heard much that was the total truth. Some lies were bigger than others. O told the truth once in a while, but usually reversed it the next day depending on his audience. I have never felt so sorry for my beloved country. I really don’t think we can ever recover from what has been done to her.

      • Leon Strain says:

        I don't blame Jimmy. The Republican Party has no GUTS — they did not challlenge Obama's Marxists ties or "take it to the Democarats". Where are the leaders that want to challenge the Media and the Democrate Party? Somebody has to stand up!!!

      • Marlyn says:

        Let's not give up yet! Everyone call your reps in Congress and urge them to impeach and/or charge him with treason regarding the Embassy fiasco that he sat and watched without lifting one finger to send help!

    2. Daver says:

      Thanks Ed,
      You are a strong, brave man being able to write words of encouragement for anything this morning. Thanks for all that you do, today and everyday!


    3. Nhills3 says:

      Sorry Ed, I have no more fight in me. I did not realize that cheating and lying are acceptable to a majority of Americans. I am deeply disappointed in my couintry and can only sit bact and watch as thousands begin to feel the higher fuel and energy cost and the economy takes a fatal blow.

    4. Paul J says:

      My vote, my voice means nothing.

    5. Phil says:

      I'm sorry but I have given up.

      • G Velasquez says:

        I almost feel the same way Phil…I fear my generation after the great generation (WWII generation) has failed our children and grandchildren to keep America as a God lead nation where it has been GOD, family, country in that order. Seems like it is all about "me, me, me" now….Abortion on demand, same sex marriage, free cell phones if you vote for me, socialism closer to becoming a reality in the USA now, with Islam lurking around the corner.

        I'm not all negative, just disappointed in my generation to do what it needed to do…I guess all that 60's pot smoking, drug induced stupors, flower child stuff just took over how people think…or in my opinion…NOT thinking…

        May God bless and keep us all.

    6. guest says:

      This may be the best thing to happen to the Republic since Carter was elected. When the inevitable crash occurs with the sequestration next year, the Republicans will be in the same postion to react as the Democrats were in 1929. Carter drove the country down into despair, and Reagan showed the way out. And no one can blame the Republicans for the crash this time the way Roosevelt and the Democrats did. I considered Romney to be Obama-lite, and almost couldn't vote for him when I got to the booth. But at least he won't get the blame along with Republicans when the crash hits. And Obama can't blame Bush this time.

      • Randall says:

        Thank you for your post. It's the best thing I've heard in the last 24 hours.

        • deception says:

          Yes, we can't give up – reading the men who risked everything, the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence explains extreme tragedy and suffering – nothing like what we are presently experiencing.
          and ditto to – "Thank you for your post. It's the best thing I've heard in the last 24 hours."

    7. ModerateMike says:

      What cheating or lying? By whom? Romney was so afraid to talk with the media he wouldn't even go on Fox News! He either lied about things(binders full of women, Welfare work mandate going away) or would change his story to cater to whatever crowd he was talking to that day. You have to be hugely partisan not to see this. This is not a great characteristic for someone in a major leadership position.

      • mdb749 says:

        You, sir, are clueless. Four more years of barry will take this country to it's knees. The only way out for us now is to turn back to God. We enjoyed prosperity because this country was BLESSED by God. That is no longer the case. We have taken Him out of our schools, our government and our lives and we will soon see his judgment upon us. Fall to your knees and pray for forgiveness and put your trust in the Lord.

        • Casey says:

          You, mdb749, are exactly right!!!

        • Phyllis says:

          Amen. There is so much corruption in this country that people don't know what to believe. God is our Savior, not O. Romney might not have been the best, but at least he is an American.

      • D-Voice of Reason says:

        Old white guys don't make USA policy anymore. If the GOP wants to have ANYTHING to do with government from now on you got to get in the 21st Century. Anti-minority, Anti-women, Anti-gay rights, and God over common sence are no longer the American vision. The GOP must get with the heartbeat of Americans TODAY OR forever be an also run… Face it GOP…. The 50's and Reagon are dead and gone…

        • Just a voice says:

          The problem is the indoctrination that being gay is normal, that you can do whatever makes you feel good no matter what God says, and that it is being forced on our children. Why do the kids believe what they do now? because of the schools. Because few parents are taking the responsibility to raise their children correctly, to train them up in the ways of the most high God. I blame it not on the schools, that are just feeding from the government machine, but the parents who do not care enough to sacrifice everything to make their children's lives right. I threw up at the results last night, as I am a parent who has sacrificed every worldly pleasure to make sure my kids are able to think for themselves. It is about education from the top down, teach the truth, and it shall set you free. It is not about facing anything, except truth! You D-Voice of Reason, will have a much tougher judgement to FACE, I pray for mercy on you.

          • John Hutchinson says:

            But if I dont believe that god exists, why do you want me to do what you think god wants!!! A huge hoax like god (which i dont believe even exists) is used by republican party to impose things i dont like. You should do what you believe in and you should let me do what i believe in. All parents have a right to teach their kids what you think may be contrary to god (e.g. Teaching the kid that god does not exist) as long as it is not against constitution.

      • Bobbie says:

        Hugely partisan is when you believe allegations you have access to find truth to but ignore like all narrow mindsets!! Wouldn't go on fox news? So what! He was busy defending himself from false claims and misleading accusations. Binders full of women? So what! The only women offended were the weak activists women who were desperate to find something to mislead for attention! Ignorance is not a good characteristic for anyone. Mitt Romney has a background he doesn't hide and is truthful in everything he says. Because you and anyone else wants to misinterpret what he means is your one sided fault.

    8. AKMcDonald says:

      Which senate democrats can we pressure to vote conservative? We need to know who they are and begin inundating them with mail, emails, and text messages.

      • deceived not bad says:

        Yes, we need to know our reps – their staff are helpful, on both sides; using the tactics of the far left,/blame and slander does not work – they got votes based on lies; we got to respect our reps, even those on the far left, and succinctly let them know we won't vote for socialism.
        Thank You

    9. cjustin says:

      The fight must start with a complete change in the leadership and mindset of the RNC

    10. RickW says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't George W. Bush spend more in his final 4 years than Obama did in the his first 4?

      • Esther says:

        Nope! Look it up!

      • Dayle says:

        Last two of Bush's 4 were with a Dem congress, they began spending in earnest

      • sue says:

        Bush opened a can of worms when he went to Iraq against Nato wishes and now its just getting worse because we have a president that spends tax money like its his checkbook.. And thinks God doesn't belong where statues have stood for hundreds of years. Who is he to do this. Yes Bush opened this mess but Obama is so much a wolf insheep clothing. And the constitution is old news REally?. He is a terrible person and will take alot of America down ….

      • charles says:

        Of course not.
        The national debt went up 5.4 T during both of W's terms combined.
        BHO put us $6.3-6.5 T more in debt in less than 4 years.
        This is directly releated to total Federal spending.

      • You're right, however, he never sacrificed an Embassy and the, Ambassador and left our hero's to die without recourse. Think about this election when you watch our economy waiver and the American dollar sink. All this without a plan to put America back to work. It may struggle along, thanks to the individual entrepreneur's, but not with this Presidents help.

      • Bobbie says:

        he was quite spendy in his last two years where Obama was handsomely seated in the senate, making sure.

      • Joseph says:

        Regardless of how much he spent, OBLABBA's debt is much higher!!! You can spend more if you are not in debt to the Tune of 26 Trillion $$$. 16% higher than when he took office!!!

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Mr. Feulner, with all due respect, how can any conservative commit to anything the Republican Party is connected too? Quoting a famous left-wing pig, Bob Beckel, if the Republicans would have picked any other than Romney, they would have been 20% points ahead. What we must face now, which is the same we faced when the GOP shoved Romney down out throats, is an inept political party that has out lived it’s usefulness and now helped the collapse of this nation.

      • Casey says:

        You are absolutely wrong, Lloyd. Romney was an excellent choice. The problem is a majority of Americans uninformed, misinformed or don't care. This is in large measure the result of a biased media and a well-crafted but beguiling Obama campaign.

    12. toledofan says:

      Well, I have to say, watching the results yesterday , I was demoralized and actually quite dumbfounded; I mean how can so many be fooled to think the government is the anwser to our problems? I don't know what Gods plan for us is, who knows maybe this is the start of the end, I doubt it, but, I do think that the good that will come out of this is that the Republicans will be stronger. I mean if you look at some of the upcoming stars like Rubio, West, Ryan, and a whole host of others they are the ones who will fight to win back the country. I'm sure there will be blame to go around for the next year and all the mistakes that were made, hopefully, we'll learn to fight a better fight.

      • Michael says:

        I agree with you to a degree but if the American young people are not taught then they will keep falling into the trap of electing someone who can tickle their ears with false promises. It is we the people who will take the country back.

      • Jim Uberti says:

        Those "many" weren't fooled.
        When I watched the two crowds(Chicago and Boston), I saw why Romney lost. O'Reilly is right, we're becoming a "gimme" ,society. The beautiful and frustrating part of being an American is that those people in Chicago have one vote each, just like you and me.
        The administration was ADVERTISING since last summer for people to apply for food stamps!! Does anyone think that every family on food stamps is really in need? No, but many people will not say no to something free.
        I don't pretend to have an answer, but if we couldn't convince a majority that this incompetent HAD to be defeated, we are in deep trouble. Can you say Greece??
        We are going to see serious problems in the very near future. One can only hope that he is up to solving them.

        • Randall says:

          I've heard they are also advertising on the radio in Mexico for people to apply for food stamps. I haven't checked it out, but even if it's not true, it's scary that someone even thought it up.

        • Casey Corry says:

          You are absolutely right, Jim. I completely, and sadly, agree with you. That is why we must teach our own kids and those in our own communities, correct principles – they will be the ones to fight for righteousness and the freedoms of this STILL great country.

          And yes, let's hope and pray that Obama and our other elected officials are 'up to solving them'.

      • DenverMom says:

        Why don't we just give the Democrats what they want? We know the country cannot exist with Big Government. We should all just go on welfare. Where will their redistribution be at that point? I'm tired of Democrats saying we are obstructionists. The quickest way to show them their policies don't work is to let them implement them.

    13. Commitment to what?

    14. Tom says:

      Thank God for Conservative House members and their re-election. They are our last resort to hold down the fort. This election should send a wakeup call to the Republicans regarding candidates and primaries. Romney fought a good fight and played safe in his approach. Lacking was the compassion of a Gingrich in making his points. There are up and coming candidates for the future runs. Let's hope the party wakes up and changes leadership to fit the times while maintaining our values. The new faces of the party should begin making themselves known now. The 2016 campaign should start today. The 2014 elections will indicate what will come. Hang in there folks. Look back to 1964. Barry Goldwater's ideals finally hit home in the 1980 Election!

    15. paul says:

      Today, i agree with Jim, Nhills, Paul and Phil. The young Americans only want, not to give to the country. Soon it will be all gone and they will wonder what happen. Just pass the dept to 20+t and then congress will have nothing to do, same as they have been doing, for four years. Can't even pass a budget.

      • mbrosch says:

        I disagree that young Americans only want to take. My experience with young Americans is that they have't gotten any clear direction or guidance, so they see no reason for action. Just like older Americans have received no clear enunciation of any political goals since candidate Reagan accepted his nomination for president. We must forget about our "pet issues" and concentrate on identifying a candidate for 2016 who can articulate, lead and inspire. We need an Alpha Male with the charisma to compel all Americans to stand up for the core principles which built this country and the courage to condemn and denounce those who do not want to be members of this society as it's members see it.
        We have spent the last 50 years attempting to be everything for everybody, with the result that we are left with nothing.
        Now stop sniveling and get to work. Plan. Write. Organize. Take the pages from the lefts play-book and use it against them. Don't be so adamantly pro life or second amendment that you scare people. Be pro American. Let the founding documents speak for you. Carry a copy of the declaration of independence and the Constitution and give it to anyone who looks interested. Post them on public bulletin boards. bring them up in conversation. Identify people who you feel personify those traits we need and urge them to run for office. Run for office. And never forget, your an American; respect others right to speak out but demand they respect you.

    16. Boogalie says:

      To those of you who are whinning and protesting that you ' have given up'. There is a scene in the movie 'Moonstruck' where Nicolas Cage tells Cher…..'I love you'. Well, she backs up…looks him dead in the eye and says "SNAP OUT OF IT". Well, that is my message to you so called Patriots that are whinning this morning. I take you back to the Battle of Trenton. How do you think Washington felt as he and his Officers loaded men onto barges to cross a frozen Delaware River in the dead of night, with no certainty of outcome? He was on his heels, it was do or die….EVERYTHING rode on his success or failure. Review a writing of that battle with empathy and be revived. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY PEOPLE! Are you telling me you have become a sheep to be led to a slaughter? By God wake up, there are ebbs and flows in any battle, and that is precisely what we are in, a battle. Do you think our Marines, Airmen, Sailors and GI's have the option to say 'I quit'? My pouting period is set to expire tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.

      • Jitters says:

        Love ya – I'm with you!

      • Angel says:

        I'm With You! I'm gut sick but not defeated – we all have setbacks throughout our lives. This disease in the country will be defeated, but not by quitters.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        George Washington didn't have to content with a communist world movement, with one of their strongest allies in the White House, that is hell bound to drag the last free nation on earth into their government control of every aspect of our lives. Washington had only one country. We now have every country against us except perhaps Israel.

      • cjc says:

        Walk us through how we get rid of obamacare.

        Enough of the fake enthusiasm and Battle of Trenton garbage. I heard that from Glenn Beck this morning.

        It is not the same suituation. Obamacare is enshrined forever. Bye bye conservatism. The Heritage foundation and conservatism writ large are now irrelevant and museum pieces.

      • 2Dokie says:

        WHINING only has one "n", because two would shorten the pronunciation of the previous vowel, "i". You are otherwise right-on. Our civilian population to too great a percentage validate abortion, or at least the extreme use of birth control. Relativism is the greatest curse we labor under. There are too many fantasy truths circulating among the indigent and stupid around us.Like:Obama will pay my bills and spike up my lifestyle.

    17. RG Schmidt says:

      "The President’s much-diminished support should make clear to Mr. Obama that he lacks a mandate for radically transforming this country, and we hope that will be the case. "

      You're too intelligent and politically savvy to really believe this. Here's what's clear to Obama:
      1) He's still president
      2) He still controls the Senate
      3) The House still lacks the backbone to call him on unconstitutional actions
      4) A majority of Americans still have no clue about where he's taking the country.

      That's what's clear to Obama.

      • Randal Matheny says:

        Mr. Schmidt has it exactly right.

      • Z Turp says:

        I'm so sad to say this, but you are right. It's all well and good to talk about 'hanging in there' but it seems like an impossible hill to climb, and O is just laughing at his country right now. So sad and hopeless for our country!

      • ThomNJ says:

        My thoughts as well. While I don't wish to give up, one would have to have a strong Speaker of the House, just for starters, to enforce the "lack of mandate" – but that won't happen. The Republicans – not all of them for sure – in the Senate and the House will sell their souls to make a deal, and in the process, they will sell us out.

        Secondly, obama could care less that he doesn't have a mandate – "he won" remember – just like he said the last time, and he has already shown that he will run roughshod over Congress, ignore judges and court orders, defy Republican governors AND release executive orders to bypass the Congress – whether they be legal or not.

      • sdfultz says:

        I think the vote proves that the majority of Americans do understand where we're going and that's why he gets re elected, Duh!

    18. Brad M> says:

      Giving up is not an option. It is a reaction. We cannot give up for all of the reasons written above by Ed. This is exactly the WRONG time to give up. However, our GOP needs to get its act together and the Heritage Foundation needs a white paper on how to do it. Take a look at why the GOP did not win the Swing States and fails continually in liberal states.

      1. Demographics in this country have changed – we need a plan around immigration that welcomes the growing upwardly mobile hispanics to our party. Without this you can kiss future elections good bye. Find a way to appeal to the Hispanics, you win future elections. Don't and you get same result.

      2. Women – you cannot have radical right wingers make stupid statements about abortion issues and woman's rights on the eve of the elections. Get more women to trust GOP candidates – you do that by developing more GOP women in the party.

      We had a chance to win the Senate and we put up some scarecrows.

      Develop some leadership in the youth of this country for the GOP. It needs to have some color, it needs to wear perfume and Gucci pumps and it needs to emphasize why big government, tax and spend and redistribution of wealth is a failed model for long term success.

      Obama won. He is our President and I will respect him because of the position he holds.

      But I will not give up believing in the American Dream or the ideas of the GOP. 1,000,000 people per year do not immigrate here for handouts. Our Country is Great and it will continue to be great so long as people do not give up when faced with adversity.

      Take a rest. Regroup. We will prevail another day provided we address the gaps in our performance.

      • Hubert says:

        I am an old warier and my saber is bent…encourage me some more

      • Julie says:

        You hit on the two things that we need to figure out – Hispanics/change in demographics and Women.

        We need guys like Akins and Murdock out, and I hope this is a wakeup call for Republicans to watch what they say and be smarter in what they communicate. What a shame to have lost these two seats due to absolutely stupid comments. Shame on them. Doesn't matter that they were taken out of context or that they're correct. It's like throwing pearls to swine!

        Much to do…

    19. PaulE says:

      America has made its choice and decided the traditional values that the country was founded are now dead. A majority of voters now only want to know one thing: "What can the government give me for "free" and how fast can I get it?" Unfortunately, we've passed the tipping point in this country and this country, as a result of yesterday's elections, is now on cruise control towards becoming Greece.

    20. Ken says:

      I'm up for a fight but can you stop using the moniker "Middle Class" when we're talking about free peoples.

    21. The Republican party is a dead horse that conservatives will continue to beat. Most conservatives are so mired in their ideology of being a Republican they they don't even know they are mostly Libertarian. The GOP has left them behind in search of more liberal pastures.

    22. conservative_Texan says:

      Part 1:

      Count me among those who have given up. I'll stll vote straight Republican in every election, but I have no hope that we will ever "take back" the country–as if we ever had it. I 'm no newbie to conservatism. I became a conservative in 1983 after reading Geourge Gilder's "Wealth and Poverty". Subscribed to The American Spectator for 20+ years, plus National Review among others. Joined the Conservative Book Club in 1984 and got acquainted with the great Thomas Sowell. Enjoyed Rush's TV show in the early 90's and have been an avid talk radio listener for fifteen years. Became a life member of the NRA, and contributed to numerous conservative causes. And of course, donated as much as I could afford to Republican and Tea Party candidates. (continued)

      • sdfultz says:

        That's some impressive credentials, as a Conservative, how much are they worth?

      • Rush says:

        Romney did not even disclose his tax records. He kept on switching his position. How could you vote for such a person who represented only big corporations and rich people unless you are rich too in that case it does not matter who gets elected, you will remain rich.

    23. Jim says:

      We did not convince the American people we could do a better job on the economy. We must attract more latinoes, women, blacks, and young people.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        So true, Jim. And also we must attract gays. All this talk about "saving traditional marriage" is really code words for conservative bigotry against homosexuals. That's a large constituency, many of whom share our values, but look to Republicans as the party of bigots and tormentors. Two states yesterday passed referenda allowing gay marriage. That liberal trend toward non-discrimination against homosexuals is in place nationwide and is inexorable. Our party needs to move beyond the policies of the few remaining bigots among us, just like the democrats were able to do. Sorry Michelle Bachmann, but this is reality. Oh, and it's also morally right.

        • Jovet says:

          As a very conservative yet bisexual male in a long term relationship with another man, I think gay marriage is repugnant. Anyone who thinks men and women are the same is foolish. Similarly, anyone who thinks that same-sex relationships are "the same" as heterosexual relationships is in denial. My left hand is very much like my right hand, but they are inherently different, and they're not interchangeable. I see nothing wrong with calling heterosexual unions "marriage" and same-sex unions something else. They can be legally more or less the same, but still distinct. The gay people I know who support gay marriage don't seem to see the big picture. My perception is that homosexuals believe cramming themselves down the majority's throat is right way to go to be accepted. But history shows that wearing down a majority never ends well.

          The Republican party has never been conservative enough for me. I've never been registered with it and don't have any intention of changing that anytime soon. I love the Constitutionalist and am constantly in awe over how and why this country came about. As a people the majority seem to have forgotten all about that. But despite all that, gay people are a lost cause for conservatives because they can only see the world from their perspective. Same as the other Obama voters.

          • Brandt says:

            The problem with conservatives is not that they are staunchly against calling homosexual unions "marriage," it is that they are staunchly against giving the same legal rights of heterosexual marriage to homosexual partners, regardless of what it is called. You are socially against yourself (and your boyfriend) by siding with conservatives. Sounds like you would fit in more with Libertarians (or as I call them, the worst people)…

    24. Gene_C says:

      Our fight is not with Obama and his policies. Our fight is with a republican establishment currently lead by boehner, cantor, mcconnell, mccain and the likes. The are feckless and incapable of leadership and good judgement. They keep thrusting the mccains and romneys on us and we keep losing (I read where it appeared romney polled fewer votes than mccain). I for one am done with them and the so called republicans. If that is the best they can do I will not vote republican or democrat in the future. Why vote when my vote achieves nothing? Hmmmm?

      Heritage needs to devote its energy and wisdom to replacing the current republican "leadership" with those with conservative values. If not willing to take them on and do this, Heritage needs to lead the way in forming an effective and viable conservative party independent of the washington establishment.

    25. Samuel says:

      Ed, while I understand you having to put a smiley face on this crash. We keep drawing lines in the sand, then falling back as incrementally losing the country. The Constitution means nothing as a living document.

      You write: "We know that the First Principles reflected in our Constitution made this country great. Those principles are alive and well in the hearts and minds of the American people." Those First Principles appear to be in the hearts and minds in less than half the country, and they don't have a voice, and the other side will just go around the Constitution to do what they want. Maybe individual states can draw the line, but I have little hope. I would like say that I haven't given up, but I identify with those commenters above. Maybe we should just hand them the liberals the keys to their own destruction?

      The math of the debt was going to be hard to overcome with the will to do it, without the will we are screwed.

      We're screwed.


    26. conservative_Texan says:


      What have I got to show for it? A dying (ok, dead) culture and a divided nation–I think fatally so. Given the country's demographics I don't think a Republican can ever again be elected president. And there are literally tens of millions who benefit from the system being broken, so it is in their best interest to make sure it never gets fixed.

      You can try to stand athwart the great sweep of history, but it won't work. The people want to embrace statism. I know that it won't work, but I also know I have made a concerted effort (I figure I have converted at least five voters to our side) and I have nothing to show for it. I am not trying to demoralize anyone, but I have been fighting the good fight for 29 years, and some of you folks are going to have to take my place.

    27. ModerateMike says:

      People talk like it's only the poor and underprivileged that are looking for what the government can give them. Read up on the Delphi tie in to the bailout. Romney made milliions on the auto bailout through this, and the other vulture capatilist who took over Delphi received $12BILLIION in government aid and made a mint off of this while laying off 25,000 union employees and moving these jobs to China. I would rather have the country become Greece trying to help the average American, than a South American country with no middle class, only super rich and super poor, which is what the ultra wealthy are doing to the country.

    28. Flooseman Dave says:

      So we still have status quo. That means we have another Do Nothing Congress. And BHO will continue his march to fundamentally transform America by going around Congress. He has already done this using the EPA. Unelected and unaccountable gov’t bureaucrats will continue to write regulations that will kill the coal industry. Taxmageddon will arrive Jan 1st and the Do Nothings will bloviate and vent and allow it to happen, which will cause me to lose my job and consequently my home because I will not be able to find another job.

      Giving guidance to Congress on proper fiscal policy will fall on deaf ears because Dingy Harry will not pay attention to the advise much less work with the House. Impeachment of the President because of Benghazi will never happen, so we have been silenced. Why give money to a cause for which no one in places of ‘power’ will listen?

    29. Todd says:

      Mitt Romney was a good candidate but the Republican Party once again found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Romney lost the election on the third debate and everything he did following it.

      By "playing it safe" he gave the initiative back to the democrats and its media machine that was able to to turn everything around. And Christy did not help by giving Obama a photo op so close to the election. As a Republican "Leader" he should be ashamed of himself for doing that. He was and is part of the problem.

      When is the Republican leadership going to learn that elections today are a street fight, and you don't stop until the opponent is down and will not get back up?

      Playing it safe cost Romney the election and has put this country in a terrible predicament. We can only pray that we survive to the extent that we have the opportunity to turn it around in four years.

      Brad M> said it best above:

      "But I will not give up believing in the American Dream or the ideas of the GOP. 1,000,000 people per year do not immigrate here for handouts. Our Country is Great and it will continue to be great so long as people do not give up when faced with adversity."

    30. FLA Jeannie says:

      Dear Mr. Fuelner, This was a moving piece. But unlike you, I believe that the Republic is indeed lost. King Obama did not need a real mandate to carry out his radical agenda. He just needed to be re-elected. And his uninformed, brain-dead subjects handed that to him, now giddy with their mindless joy.

      He will reformulate our government by edict now. Every day of the next four years will be like the past four and most likely worse. Every day will bring another insult, another new rule or regulation, another intrusion into our precious and hard-fought liberty. He's proven that he's not above that. In fact, it's what he wanted. And at what point will the brain-dead (the slow boiling frog syndrome, I think) understand that they are no longer free? It hardly matters now.

    31. Betty says:

      Be brave people! Looks like we are the only ones with a brain in America, but we will not give up, cuz we have honor, we believe in freedom and the values that hold the constitution. Those who voted for Obama will pay the consequences, and they will learn that comunism is not the way to go.

    32. Rick says:

      I have to agree.. This was the LAST election.. The socialists have won, and America is no more… Obama will continue to implement his left wing agenda, and place his corrupt appointees EVERYWHERE in the government,,, The cancer is now terminal…

    33. Dave says:

      It's over. This little idea that people can be self governing has ended. You still have the right to keep and bear arms. I suggest you do. The socialist, statist group mentality is coming and in the course of human events that has never been good.

      • ThomNJ says:

        As soon as obama can appoint a SCOTUS judge to tip the scales into his favor, count on the Second Amendment getting a real overhaul…and then the police will come for yours (and my) guns.

    34. Ralph says:

      It's sad to say SOCIALISM get used to it.

    35. Iyrad says:

      We have become the United Cities of America. The dense population centers now rule our country.

      How, how, how, Heritage Foundation, do we defeat that?

    36. I think that there is a group of people who need to learn the lessons by being squeezed. This administration will squeeze each and every one of us who don't support him and those who do will lose quality of life. Bottom line, we all lose. This country has a lesson to learn. We have edged God out and this is the result. We kill our own and allow the progressive message to take hold in our educational institutions. This fight should have started 20 years ago, however now it needs to take the natural course. I am committed to increasing our morals and values with lots of prayer. Get rid of the rhinos who hold back our political agenda and put those who are committed to the people in positions of power. We need humble and dedicated citizens who fear God to take us out of this mess!

      • chukker says:

        Yes, Sharon, I do believe that is the bottom line: "We have edged God out . . ." God has allowed us to choose our own king and we have chosen Obama. What we sow we reap.

        • DenverMom says:

          It is time for Christians to work at the grassroots level and try to convince people that leading moral lives is the best for them. This is what happened in Rome when they were killing all their children. They worked on the hearts and minds, not at the national level through brute force, but with reason and compassion. God's way is always best, but we can't blast people with the message.

    37. Sarasota John says:

      The next four years will be the time of our individual State Governors to exercise their 10th Amendment Rights to insure the safety and well being of the citizens of each state. All states must move to strengthen the 10 Amendment Rights by its free exercise. Our US House is where we start our tax and spend and they must be very firm insuring that true conservative principles are followed and not compromise on those principles.

      What lost the election for those who support a more Constitutional Republic lead by the US Constitution were the RNC leadership and their Progressive Liberal approach and the abandonment of individuals like Ron Paul and other strong conservative thought. If the Republican Party wants to be a vital part of this country they must mend their ways or fall as did the Whig Party and others of the past. The Republican must take back their control of local and state governments, a good start with 30 governors as of this election. But if they don’t gather more House and Senate seats in two years within twenty years there will be no Republic left to save. My God have mercy on our souls and guide us in the right direction.

    38. Sarasota John says:

      It is now a matter of record, the majority of people in the USA have made their choice to be a Socialist Country and re-elected Obama to force that on the rest of us. We have heard from the President himself that he will reach across the aisle to the other party and judging by his past performance in this effort it will be to grab his opponents by the throat. Watch for the rising amount of Executive Orders flowing from the White House compromising our Rights and Liberty to satisfy the Socialist / Marxist agenda. Our only defense at this point lies in two areas. First the US House and second the State Governors.

    39. KC - NM says:

      I suggest that the President take immediate action to have both Pelosi and Reid step down and be replaced by someone from the democrat side who understands bipartisan behavior, negotiation skills, and a general desire to get this country moving again.
      Listening to newly elected Representatives – they want to work across the aisle, however reality tells us that they must do what Pelosi or Reid tell them to do. If this occurs – it is back to a stalemate and another crappy 4 years.

      • ThomNJ says:

        I respectfully ask you if you really believe the president would consider such a thing? The man with a penchant for going around the Congress via executive order? Are you just being sarcastic?

        The likes of Boehner will “make deals” – it will be all one-sided commitments, the deals will be broken by the Dems, the Repubs will complain….and then they will go back and do it all again. The Republicans en mass have not learned – even after what happened to George H.W. Bush and how the Dems renegged on their deal with him. It is more like a sequel to the movie “Groundhog Day”.

    40. That's the spirit! Excellent. Not over til our toes turn up. Get up America! Our work has just begun! And….we are now awake and we know who and what we are dealing with. Don't Quit ( one of my favorite poems, ever). Will be my mantra? Good stuff. We really are better than all of this! No whining.

    41. eileen strong says:

      I too give up. Perhaps if the liberals are allowed to enact all their foolish policies the death of the USA can be brought about quickly. As all drug addicts know there is no going up until you hit bottom, time now for the us to hit bottom. who knows what "up" will be. the american dream has been changed from "reach for the stars" to food stamps and a free phone. we will get what we voted for, God help us.

    42. Dave in NC says:

      Don't blame yourselves, Mr. Romney or the party. We must now accept that our country is profoundly changing. Through demographics, ideology, morals and ethics of a growing (now, it seems, majority) number of "Americans." Unemployment doesn't hurt because one still gets compensated and no one is shy about taking the hand out. Obama supporters don't lose on the stock market because they have nothing invested…they are waiting for someone to provide for them. This is our shameful society now. We will never recover. The wolves are waiting to come in and finish the job – Putin was congratulating Mr. Obama quietly thinking now we can do as we like as we have Comrade Obama still in power. Life as we know it will never be the same…

    43. Krehbiel says:

      "Let me be clear: The President does not have a mandate."

      But in his own mind he does. It was obvious even as he ran for his first term. He is a communist who despises this country and used his first term to set the stage for its destruction by assuming powers necessary to implement his agenda in a second term. We will soon be known as the United Communist States of America and we will grovel for our meager handouts from our less than benevolent dictator.

    44. Ed Johnson says:

      I'm done with the Republican Party. It's time for a real conservative party.

    45. ThomNJ says:

      I'll offer another comment. While I loved Ronald Reagan, I have often told friends that he did not win as great a victory against communism as many conservatives like to make out. He won a major battle, but Russia has regrouped. The real battle was being fought here for the past hundred years while we were looking elsewhere. Communism is currently winning, and Krushchev was right

    46. Doug Whaley says:

      This election was our last chance to stop the country from moving over the edge to an entitlement based one party rule social welfare state. The obvious losers from this election (besides working Americans) were the military, the Republican Party and senior citizens.

      The Republican Party is now totally irrelevant. If you can't win an election after the last four years there is no hope for you. The majority of people now want big entitlement government and it won't matter what the republicans in the house do or don't do after four more years there will be so many people locked into the government it will be impossible for an opposing party to ever win another election.

      My prediction is the republican house will cave and give Obama what he wants in tax increases for not quite so drastic defense cuts and other budget cuts to be named later. Of course this will never happen. As a result of these actions by the house they will have put the final stake in the heart of the Republican Party.

      The result of this will be continued weakening of the military, continued deficit spending and over 20 billion in debt before Hillary is elected our next president.

      So Ed, you have a daunting task ahead of you. One I don't think will be even close to being achievable.

    47. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      We should be running up against the debt ceiling as soon as March 2013. It was set at %16.394T back in January 2012. What do you think Boehner & the boys will do this time? Buckle? If they are really serious about fiscal conservatism and following through with their mandate, they should threaten to shut down the federal government. Yes, there may be some political backlash in 2014, but the country is headed over the fiscal cliff if they buckle. Try to save the country instead of their power, and they may save their power.

    48. Bill says:

      i appreciate your will to go on but I am done. I was kicked in 1964 with Goldwater, kicked again with 8 years of Clinton and now the country if so overridden with people that can not see the forest for the trees with this mess last night. Obama should not have received “one” electorial vote based on the first 4 years. The media is in his pocket, Hillary will probably run in 2016 and the American voter will cry & vote for the first woman President and it will go on and on. The takers have taken over the electorate – I am done.

    49. Millimom says:

      I’m really in shock. I can’t believe God allowed that evil empire to overtake our nation again. But, He did, even here in Wisconsin — Thompson lost to the ultra liberal Baldwin. I’m still not convinced the Dems won fair and square. Acorn helped them in 2008, and who knows what other group Soros put together for this last election. Who checks on the university students voting in their home states by absentee ballots and voting again in the state they live while attending school? Integrity will never win against evil when they’re allowed to play by different sets of rules. And, the misguided biased media certainly helped put the Democrats back in office. The only silver lining I see is impeachment, but are there enough red-blooded American journalists out there? No matter how Barack Obama transgressed, whether in Benghazi, Libya, or gun trafficking on our porous borders, the traitors in the biased media gave him a pass.

      Lord, have mercy and help us bring the evil politicians and journalists down to their knees in defeat, bringing glory to Your Name and to our nation!

    50. Joe FreshOutOfBelief says:

      I have never fought so hard or donated so much to anything as this effort ever since 2008. For all the hoopla all I get for the effort is tired. Money and time wasted. All this will do is make weaker conservatives. They will be too scared to vote and speak conservative principles. The GOP is nearly full of cowards afraid to offend anyone with the truth. The flimsy spineless crop that will emerge from this loss will be the end of what we love.

    51. Lakota Kid says:

      The battle isn't over but we do need to consider additional tactics such as getting control of some of the main stream media so our message and real truth can reach America. If not, our message will be suppressed no matter what.
      We also need to develop real leadership in Washington, people who will voice our views with passion.

    52. Charles G. says:

      The lights went out in America last night.
      Israel better start warming up their nukes.
      I tried to join the IDF 3 years ago when the House of Reps passed the
      Cap and Tax Bill, but I did not have a Jewish heritage.
      Maybe I’ll try again — they might be more open now. They certainly can not count on the American Jewish people to support them.

    53. Mae says:

      We're screwed. Period. That was it, folks. The country is over. Be realistic. Four more years of Obama means the total destruction of everything…the Constitution, our way of life, free enterprise, every good thing. We all need to get out while we can, before the doors clang shut.

    54. Rod says:

      Imagine splitting our country by land into two parts. Liberals on one side and Conservatives on the other. Each would define their own form of government. This, with minor tweeks, would be a "no brainer" for Conservatives as our founding fathers did a great job from the get-go. How long do you think it would take the 47% to be begging to join the side of the Conservatives? Talk about leverage.

    55. sdfultz says:

      I don't understand how you figure that only you guys have a understanding of the constitutional principles, but that's always for debate, that's how we continue to Perfect of Union!
      But the Debt will take a huge hit when sequestration hits

    56. bruce hague says:

      I also am giving up. The Republicans seem so inept at countering mainstream media. There are so many things they could have said, but did not. We are looking at four more years of gridlock. I fear the best days of America are in the past.. Congress will never do the right thing. They will continue to spend money they do not have and our currency will continue to decline. Our President is a true Socialist and he will continue to lead us down this path.

    57. DR1 says:

      Such desperate panic over the debt…well who here actually wants to push toward a solution, a compromise? No one here. It's easier to whine about it. And oops, you might have to cough up that extra 3% and well, I guess you're not THAT desperate.
      Anyone who won't take a 10 to 1 ratio (spending cuts to tax hikes) deal, (and that would be repubs), is not business-like enough to to run a lemonade stand let alone run a government.
      We all know cuts have to, and will be made. And taxes will rise some.
      Hey big shots, start hiring now, with the $2-3T sitting on the ledgers now.

    58. Peter Murray says:

      I must take serious issue with Mr. Feulner. The president most certainly has a mandate. That's what the election was about. It was about giving him a mandate. It's called democracy. I take it that Mr. Feulner doesn't like the fact that the electorate gave its mandate to the candidate he opposed. That's a different issue. The reasons why the electorate did what it did is something I will address in due course, but what horrifies me is his refusal to accept the democratic outcome, and his call for obstruction. Democratic governance depends on an idea of consensus and acceptance of the electoral outcome. That is the essence of the system of separation of powers bequeathed to us by our Founders. It is a concept well understood and implemented by people like Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill. We have now reached some sort of nadir when the editor of a supposedly responsible magazine incites obstruction rather than co-operation and consensus when the electoral outcome isn't to his liking. God help us if this became the opposition modus operandi under future Republican or Democratic administrations.

    59. idaho redneck says:

      Stuart Varney had it right the other day, when we reach a national debt of over twenty trillion dollars, the annual interest on that debt will be one trillion dollars. There will be no way out. Clearly, the vote of America yesterday was "damn the torpedoes" full entitlement spending ahead. No one will pay attention until the day that no one will buy any more Treasury notes and demand payment for what they have already loaned. No one will pay attention until their entitlement check does not hit the mailbox. They will not pay attention because they will be watching their "Savior" promise hope and change right up until the end of this Republic.

      • @DWeissel says:

        How does Varney or anyone else know what the interest rate on the debt will be in 7 years?? Today we are borrowing at 1%?

        Who should the electorate have voted for? The Republican Party that in 2000 and 2001 cut taxes instead of paying down debt? Neither party will cut the debt by making hard choices.

    60. Frank says:

      It never made any sense to me why Republicans would think that… :
      1. … if Romney lost to McCain & McCain lost to Obama in 2008, why Romney should beat Obama in 2012
      2. … big government RINO Romney was really much different from big government Obama
      3. … Romney was ever serious about balancing the budget & reducing deficits
      4. … Romney's support of the NDAA & continuing drone strikes (same as Obama) was a good thing

      Most Republicans, like most Americans, have not woken up yet. The main struggle now is not between "left & right", but between "big government v small government". The only candidates that really supported small government that I know of: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson & Virgil Goode. WHY DIDN'T THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION SUPPORT THEM INSTEAD OF BIG GOVERNMENT RINO ROMNEY?

      The nomination of another Establishment type big government GOP candidate to run against a big government Democrat in 2016 might well result in the death of the GOP. The GOP must reform itself into a small government, Constitution-loving party or go the way of the Whigs to be replace with a 3rd Party. Right now the duopoly of the D & R Parties are killing America. The average voting American needs a real alternative to the Big Government Democrats that have no hope of reformation.

    61. Jake says:

      I said the same thing last night,. “I give up!” But after a horrible nights sleep I awoke with a better strategy. I will resist what I know to be wrong by doing what I know is right. I will not compromise my ideals, my principles nor my faith. I will not demean myself, my nation nor the Conservative Movement by resorting to the liberal playbook by being angry, bitter, resentful, unforgiving and obnoxious. We lost the battle but the goal of a better America is something I will continue to fight for. Our children and future generations of Americans deserve it.

    62. Mary P. says:

      The Republican party must stop running boring old candidates. Our elderly statesmen (Dole, McCain, Romney) would have made much better presidents than what the Democrats offered. Unfortunately we are living in what I call an "American Idol" society that does not pay attention to the issues — they are looking for a "Rock Star."

      Now is the time to for Conservatives to show their mettle. We need to gird our loins and fight! And we need to groom that Conservative Republican rock star for the 2016 campaign.

    63. Rex Reddy says:

      We need to optimize efficiency in our overall tactical game.
      I hate to say it but the democrats have constructed the optimal vehicle for success.
      We need to either use their rule book or come up with a better one.

      • Rex Reddy says:

        We need to “IN-SORCE” Bring all the overseas jobs back. And bring them to RED States!
        All of you Business owners you all need to move to red states!

        • Rex Reddy says:

          We need Conservative Universities! Start some! Or buy some!
          Move the New York stock exchange to a red state!
          Move all of the head quarters of industry and plants to red states!
          They want their communist Utopia! They can have it!
          Let all the democrat controlled areas turn out like Detroit!

    64. Bon says:

      Please, come to the table. Come with your conservative values, but please draw a softer line. Your insistence on being totally and complete right about everything cost this party an election that could have been easily won. The left is not your enemy – it's your moderating force. You talk about founding principles yet you refuse to acknowledge the two party system. Your all or nothing stance is pure stupidity. Put down your stubbornness, release your fear, stop calling them Euro-socialists – they are liberals and progressives, fellow Americans. Obama has repeatedly called for good ideas from both sides, offers to work together. So please, come to the table.

    65. Douglas Marti says:

      The fight is lost as we watch companies, and citizens relocate north and south. What took nearly 300 years to build will be destroyed in 8. God help us all, but especially those left who will have to pay the bill, our children and grand children.

    66. Len says:

      I've read none of the comments only the post for today. All the past conservative rhetoric and " bloviating" have not only not worked but has ebbed, I see nothing going forward that can be done. There is a cultural divide in this country that is not being considered. There is nothing, short of a major interruption, that could change the current trend. What is this trend, well let me tell you. To not consider the power and attraction the unions have over the "other" side, and to not consider the erosion ot the morals in this country will only result in more defeates for the Republican Party. Unfortunately these two merging, and steadily growing innate, under the radar control of the will of the people is on a course of an inalterable train wreck. My last comment was ignored, as I am sure this one will be too, but at least someone will read it, and maybe, just maybe it will be the germ that will inseminate America into addressing these two issues.

    67. Harry Santiago says:

      While I am not a Republican nor a Conservative, I must say that I do agree with one of their points. We must control our spending. To me, this election shows that although people are worried about the ecomnomy, there are also other factors in the decision making. I had planned to vote for Romney because I liked some of his proposals UNTIL he went too "Far to the Right" and started talking nonsense about supporting a Consititutional Ammendment banning gay couples from legally larrying anywhere in the country. This are people's lives and families that we are talking about here and you are willing to affect them because of your religious beliefs? Sorry, I defend your right to have them (I did serve in the Army) but I will not support you imposing it on everyone else.

      Lesson to be learned? Social issues DO matter and when your start messing with people's personal lives (marriage/abortion), well, it gets personal.

    68. Donald DaCosta says:

      "Those principles are alive and well in the hearts and minds of the American people." Really? It has been said, over and over again, that the majority of the country is conservative at its core. This election casts serious doubt on that premise unless conservatives are mostly ignorant, mindless dupes, a conclusion I refuse to accept. Perhaps it's a feeling that will eventually subside but, this morning I no longer feel that this is the same America that once swelled my chest with pride. The list is too long for this venue but Obama has so many disturbing, obvious negatives as to elevate this election result from a potential to a very real disaster. I fear for the future awaiting my children and grand children.

    69. @DWeissel says:

      If, after losing, you believe you have a mandate to continue to represent only the white, male, property owning electorate of 1776, why should the winner not assume he has at least as much of a mandate?

    70. FAYE KRAUSE says:





    71. cowboybobmt says:

      it is not important we think Lord O has a mandate…it is only important if HE thinks he has a mandate…which he most assuredly will. While i will not give up the fight for what little remains of this once great republic, I sure as hell will modify my approach from this day forward. I will only support conservative causes…there is no party loyalty any more…the RNC has consistently demonstrated their inability to be a strong adversary who can put fear into the communists who are slowly but inexorably taking control of this country one institution at a time. Simply voting is no longer enough. This is now a war on all fronts…that means…skipping hollywood movies which put money in the pockets of the perversion and political power that comes forth from that cesspool…quit buying products of moguls and entrepreneurs who line the pockets of radical politicians and support distortions of fairness with legal drugs, gay/lesbo "marriage", the ultimate insult to any real religion on the face of the planet…dump cable/satellite entertainment which forces you to support CNN/MESSNBC/MTV, etc. so you can watch the NFL and other mind numbing sports (this does not come easy from a HUGE ex-sports fan)…you know the rest.

      We can no longer have our cake and eat it too.

    72. Charles G. says:

      America died last night.

      Israel better warm up their nukes.

    73. David says:

      Your "continue the fight" is what is wrong with Republican/Conservative movement. The Liberal/Socalists do not deal with the same people you do. The people they deal with do not read your reports and they care less about jobs. All they want is foodstamps and Gov checks. The Media will not help spread the word and unless you boycot the media you can not make progress sending messages to members.

      • Peter Murray says:

        Hi David. It's just plain silly to say that all the 50% of the electorate who voted for the incumbent want is food-stamps and government cheques. It also betrays a worrying determination to ignore the real lessons of this election. The fact is that a plurality of our electorate of your fellow citizens decided they preferred the policies of the President, or trusted him more to guide our nation over the next four years. Remember, after the first debate, when he put clear blue water between himself and the poisoned legacy of the Republican primaries, and repositioned himself as a sensible fiscal conservative, he went from no-hoper to contender. The fact we need to accept is that moving the party further to the right is a sure-fire recipe for future electoral failure. Republican Party pundits, and the right-wing media must also get a grip on the fact that using language which convinces large swathes of our population, such as Hispanics, that the party hates and despises them is not a great idea.

    74. Stirling says:

      It's amazing that 25+ years after Reagan said "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" that we are becoming what we fought against. (communism/socialism).. Our Education system has failed to properly educate the end result of why an all powerfull government will ruin a country in debt and despotsim.

    75. Clay M says:

      One may certainly question the efficacy of Romney and his campaign. But he had two opponents: Obama and the mainstream media which, by ignoring any issue that could hurt Obama (and there were many), seemed to do everything it could to ensure Obama's election and Romney's defeat. Such bias is as appalling as it is injurious to the welfare of the country. I think it was Reagan who said that we can't make liberals change the way they think but we can make them feel the heat. If we are to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish, I think we must, among other things, make the mainstream media feel some heat.

    76. Jim says:

      The Republican party is a dead horse. If it wasn't capable of garnering enough votes to vote obama out of the presidency, it is more than useless….it is a danger to the country. What must occur to resucitate our Country is the formation of a true CONSTITUTIONALIST party that will loudly and continuously pound our Constitution's contents into the consciousness of the people of this Country! Unfortunately, however, that's probably not going to happen. Instead, Obama & his acolytes will bring this country to ruin, and nothing will change it until there is nothing left. What we must now hope for is that total collapse happens sooner rather than later……& with Obama & the communists in charge that shouldn't take too much longer.

    77. Dave Johnson says:

      As a left-leaning centrist, I have subscribed to your the Heritage Foundation email postings in order to better appreciate the Conservative perspective. I understand your focus on striving for smaller government/fiscal responsibility and I am "on board" to a degree. However, what moderates like me are not on board with is the growing income/wealth disparity between a small minority and the rest of us. What we are not on board with is the refusal of the Conservative-privileged to step forward and lead/set the example in sharing in the sacrifice that our country needs in order to spark commitment to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. What we are not on board with is the apparent "exclusiveness" and hypocrisy of the Republican party and Heritage Foundation in discriminating against freedoms for racial & sexual preference, women, immigrants and the impoverished and other minorities in the U.S. and abroad. What we are not on board with is the seemingly enthusiastic fear-mongering rush to war mentality under the guise of promoting freedom while enriching private defense contractors at the expense of killing and maiming the less privileged in the U.S. and elsewhere. What we are not on board with is the unapologetic greedy,, "winner-take-all," non-compromising mission on which the leadership of the Republican Party and the Heritage Foundation are fixated. Your smug, self-righteous, sanctimonious and hypocritical attitudes are so very counter to the best aspects of the American Heritage!

      • Jovet says:

        The founders of this country risked their reputations, their fortunes, their families, and their lives to bring-about the system of government and freedoms we enjoy today. I wish you could have met them. No nation in the history of the world has ever done anything as remotely remarkable as the United States has. If you want to call that "winner take all" then so be it. I see nothing wrong with being the single global superpower as long as we use that power well, for our benefit and that of our fellow man. Please educate yourself on true American heritage before espousing it blindly. I am not a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, a war-mongerer, or opposed to immigration. What I am is angry at people like Obama who believe everything good about this country is wrong and everything wrong is good. The strength of this country lies with how and why it was founded–personal liberty–not what government can do for everyone. Personal liberty does not mean doing whatever you want, but acting in accord to what's best for society with your own self-interest in mind. I will never apologize for believing that America and its concept are a miracle, and I'm sorry you can't seem to get your head around that.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Thanks, Dave. Your comments are welcome, and I am pleased that Heritage can tolerate a diversity of views and even criticism on their web site. This honest sharing of viewpoints IS what our American Heritage is all about!

    78. J. Smith says:

      I will never give up!! The is the United States of America. The founding fathers fought for us…it is our duty to fight to protect this great nation.

    79. mbs says:

      Please, tell me who or what can stop this dictator from signing all the executive orders he wishes to sign (as he did the past 4 yrs) to do anything his agenda calls for? ALL politicians & officials (Washington D C & the states) have given him Carte Blanche to destroy what is remaining of our country. Who has the guts & fortitude to bring him to justice?

      Ed, I am sorry, but you really are looking thru rose-colored glasses; for this is the SADDEST & MOST TERRIFYING event ever in this country's history. May God help us, for man certainally cannot!

    80. bthis says:

      Nice try, Ed, but please explain to me how we fight back when Liberals will educate our young, influence them through manipulation of our arts and our social media, and control them by denying them the facts and the truth about our government's actions as they now do in Benghazi? How do we teach the next generation that freedom is about personal responsibility and what an amazing country our founders created for us when everything they learn in school is just the opposite? When our President redefines "freedom" as "freedom for the government to do more for/to us" and our constitution is merely an obstacle to be overcome so government can do more and control more of our lives?

      How do we teach them to stand when the government has them sitting comfortably and sucking at the Federal teat?

      Please, explain this to me, for I cannot see the light, and the only path ahead is toward socialism followed by economic collapse followed by totalitarianism?

    81. George Makrauer says:

      Thanks for the nice try at encouragement. He might not have a "mandate," defined only by mathematical spread, but he's got CONTROL via Obamacare and Bush tax cuts sunsetting and EPA lunacy run amok and his denying Islamic terrorism is an active national and international problem. The email I received from our CPA this morning is life-threatening. The voters have no idea what they re-elected yesterday. HEY — everybody out there, regardless of annual income, who thinks your total taxes are NOT going to skyrocket next year, raise your right hand. Okay, put your hand down. You're WRONG.

    82. bthis says:

      The President doesn't care whether he has a mandate, and he doesn't care if he doesn't have a Democratic House. He will say he has a mandate–true or not–and the "free" press will back him up along with our education system, our arts and communication media, and all of the other organizations that are Liberal puppets. Obama will rule by fiat as he as done. He will continue to get away with it because the "free" press will not challenge him. And Republicans won't be able to combat it because the electorate has no understanding of our principles other than what our Liberal schools, Liberal media, and Liberal government have taught them–that what we believe, and the principles on which we stand, are wrong, self-centered, and evil. Our reasoning, our protests, and our actions will continue to be dismissed without consideration.

    83. guest says:

      Now that Obama is re elected and the senate is in the hands of the dems, we the people have no other choice because the house can only do so much. Obama will continue to change our country and how can the house stop this lunatic? I do not hold much hope for the American People. I am very fightened for our country right now because the left is destroying this country. How in the heck can we the people stop this???

    84. C Way says:

      Maybe, Maybe not.

      The Country of my Grandfathers' and Father's generation sailed out to sea last night. What remains is a metastasizing government (with a big G) and necrosis of individual freedom, self reliance, personal responsibility and truth. This election guarantees an increase to majority dependence on systemic government support, and continued herding and conditioning of the children by (liberal and union influenced) public educators, producing an electoral tide in permanent ebb from the family, American Traditions (which this president detests), truth, and belief in endowed rights.

      My wife and I are digging in, taking store, and preparing to survive economically (if we can) while focusing solely on our children and grandchildren. If there's a stand to take, it will be for them; not the conservative philosophy or the Republican Party. At this point the latter has failed to sail a true and honest course.

      Think about it today: I pledge allegiance: Is it really "One Nation"? The states are not united; the government and administration run in opposition to "Under God", and liberty is being devoured.

      I draw the line this time in my driveway. Godspeed

    85. Bobbie says:

      jiminies, mine wasn't that bad was it?

    86. Derpa says:

      The fact that no president has ever been reelected in such a bad economy shows how bad the GOP campaign was. This is an election that the Republicans HAD to win.

      The reasons are simple:
      - Romney and the GOP failed to convince the American people that self reliance, entrepreneurship and hard work does not mean every man for himself, but a society where potentials can be reached.
      - Seriously WTF were those rape-abortion comments about??
      - Let's be honest: The GOP did everything it could to obstruct Obama, but in terms of policy and a vision of America didn't offer any alternatives. Sure everyone here is hardcore conservative – but the wider public was rather unconvinced.
      - Too white, too old, too male and too radical.
      - Everyone wanted to lower taxes, fine, but when asked WHERE to cut spending suddenly everything was off limits (Military etc.) Do we need Military Bases in Germany??

      Sorry to say it, but the only way to save the GOP is to make it the party of the American Dream and sound financial policy again.

    87. chukker says:

      "The President’s much-diminished support . . .." Heck, what about OUR much diminished support? What happened there with so many boots on the ground? Where did everybody go when it mattered the most?

    88. Please don't be sunshine patriots. NEVER QUIT! Never, never, never QUIT! of course, we are devastated, but if we really care about our country, this defeat is a clarion call for COURAGE, and to re-double our efforts. We need to be smarter. How about this… All conservatives who live in blue states, move to a swing state within the next year and sign up as an independent. Then, when the 2014 elections occur, we will take back all the swing states. Then we will have the momentum to fight the big fight again in 2016. Anyone who has not seen the movie 2016: Obama's America… buy the video and have a party and invite all your friends.

      I do not care how hard you have worked on this election, that is no excuse to quit. Take a day off for grieving, then get back to the fight. What would George Washington say to us right now? He would not be telling us to give up. We have to make honesty and integrity mean something again. We the People can and will do what is necessary to save our liberty and Constitution.

    89. billthelib says:

      The GOP would have more reason for hope if its members would stop pretending that the facts actually agree with their ideological fantasies. The President not only did not double the deficit, as Mitt continually claimed, he has had the lowest year-to-year deficit increases since Eisenhower's first term. In fact, despite huge losses of revenue due to the Bush depression, deficits have basically remained flat. If the congressional GOP had not blocked job bills, the deficits would have decreased.

    90. Cheri says:

      I am commited to the battle to fight and defend our country and its founding principles!! Bring it on!!

    91. Bobbie says:

      Harry reid fights against principle. He hasn't followed the law in 4 years denying America a budget! No accountability is a lesser man! Once Harry Reid learns what American principle is that his American upbringing should have instilled, that no one had a noticeable problem until people started running government without it, the fighting will cease!! No compromise on America's principle that would support Harry Reid's lack of principle. He's anti American like the rest of the traitors. America wants as all people deserve, honorable leadership that Harry and the harrigans show no reflection of!

    92. Jim Goyette says:

      "We know that the First Principles reflected in our Constitution made this country great. Those principles are alive and well in the hearts and minds of the American people." I don't believe this quote. The people who elected Obama don't care about principles or country. They care about themselves and what they can get from the Federal Government. They are oblivious to what our country needs to do now to save the future. This is not my country any more when there are more takers sucking off the government tit than there are people earning dollars to give to the takers. America is now in the hands of idiots who are intent on sucking us dry. We are in mortal danger of being reduced to the same status as Greece – only larger.

    93. Pamela says:

      Mr. Feulner, I'm afraid you're fighting the wrong battle. Obama is the American Idol President. He appealed to a shallow population, to gullible women who believe that the right to a contraceptive abortion is above everything, to young people with no experience, to foreigners looking for an American handout. Your appeal is to people who actually study and learn, who understand civics, history and economics. The people who voted for Obama are none of those things. And your appeals to politicians focus on a tiny, tiny audience. That's not where the game is.
      Until we can begin educating, indoctrinating and persuading schoolchildren, we will LOSE.

      Get back to basics. Work the field, not the politicians. Pamela

    94. Diane Howard-Sherman says:

      OMG REPUBLICANS Obama will only be President four years. We the people of the United States I know and love never say die. LIBERTY OR DEATH! Stay the course n don't give up the fight ever for your CHILDREN n for yourself. Lets all prepare n work harder for the next election. If you want America to be as it was you have to stand up n fight. I hung at least 500 door hangers in my neighborhood, took census votes of the same n the Democrats thank God few, we're very hostile. I took a 2 1/2 hour training class so I could be a clerk on at our precinct election site. I worked 3 hours the night before setting up our precinct election site for the following day. I worked from 6am-8:30pm as a clerk at our precinct election location. My sister did the same in her precinct. It was hard for both of us to find volunteers. Lets not be complacent the next n we will succeed

    95. Barack O. says:

      Ah, poor Eddie and the Koch boys … you still think you can buy America. Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids. "Power to the people, right on!"

      • Bobbie says:

        what did Eddie and the Koch boys do that you feel you've been tricked? Please thrill me with your acumen. Eddie and Koch boys are people with their power established from your "power to the people" comment., unassociated with the "government power" you want Eddie and Koch boys to pay for. Why don't you want people inspired by personal achievers and know that independent wealth employs lots of people without the needless cost and interference of government? Resulting in the ability to provide for our families in freedom and independence from government power you want the wealthy to pay for? The Koch brothers and Eddie are people like anyone independent from government, who's freedom to seek opportunity and create jobs for success taking full accountability and responsibility pays off everyone, especially government. The government is suppose to protect that freedom and independence, Barrack! Not take it over! Silly goose! "Power to the people!!!!!" Is right on!!!!!! Stop putting people down you don't know making no right for you to judge, target, label….

    96. Dave fowler says:

      If people realized that the national debt is not 16 trillion it is probably a third more. The federal gov't has stolen trillions of dollars from Social Security this is the American peoples money and to quote a jewish proverb the debt should be pay thy self first.

    97. Dave Erhardt says:

      I think the soul of America has already been lost. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but this country has gone from the God fearing society we had 50 years ago before they disallowed prayers in school, to a hedonistic society where fewer and fewer believe in God. I’m not saying we can’t get the soul back, but it’s going to take an almost catastrophic event to get us back on track. I thought the 9-11 tragedy would bring us back together, it did for a little while, but it’s gone. I thought the aids epidemic might get us away from the disaster called the sexual revolution, but it did not. I even thought the huge debt and terrible recession would do it, but it was not to be. I don’t wish that a catastrophic event will occur, but people haven’t learn their lesson.
      Most people are good people and are moral. It’s the 10% of us that are causing the majority of the problems, and many are in the media (movies, tv, and journalists) and the rest are the career politicians. We worship them as they lead us astray. Only when we start believing in God again and throw those people out of power, will this country get back on the right track. Right now it seems a long way in the future, but I still have hope.

    98. cjc says:

      It's all over.

      How exactly do you propose to "fight obamacare?"

      Obamacare is enshrined forever – and that will prevent conservatives from EVER winning again. We lost.

      We allowed teh country to be destroyed on our watch and now our kids will never knwo what a free country is. They will get used to nanny state oppression.

      Then it will get worse.

      It is ALL OVER.

      I can't believe how many e-mails I am getting begging for money today. It is OVER. Shut it down.

    99. TJ Goforth says:

      I would not be as worried about our future if the President loved America and wanted only the best for her and her citizens. As it is, he is filled with acrimony and has only revenge in his heart. He is the ultimate Janus, speaking from one side and doing (usually damage) from the other. In four more years we may have lost our sovereignty, health care will be rationed to the younger more productive of us and environmental regulations will have taken a huge toll on our economic well being. As much as The Heritage Foundation does, I doubt it will render any significant change to the above outcomes. This President sees himself more as a dictator than a leader of a free nation. Only GOD can intervene and I think HE is rather disgusted with us too!

    100. Bill Boyer III says:

      The Republic of the United States of America may be a "REPUBLIC" no more with the new dynamics that are overpowering OUR Constitution ! We must apply an intense concerted effort to actually LEARN what these human dynamics are and intice this constuancy beginning NOW if we are to reestablish OUR REPUBLIC ! I say that Ryan is the man to stand behind , encourage to run for the Presidency , and begin grooming him AND wooing back the new human dynamics that are choosing a Marxist National Socialist Fascist Dictator and Socialism over a Judeo-Christian Nation and OUR Constitution !!

    101. Our thinking and hopes for this election were a little warped. It has taken the socialists-marxist-followers of Alinsky almost 100 years to hoodwink this country into believing that they have all the answers that matter. We have to be in this thing for the long haul. I honestly believe we need to step back and take a breath then hop back in and start educating the American People. We need to strongly consider what our goals are then prosecute them.

    102. Tamra says:

      What is the reality of the possibility that there may have been significant fraud with "malfunctioning" machines or other mis-ballot counting in some of those states that surprised us with their percentages? Just curious if anyone knows what extra measures may have taken place or not taken place to prevent this and if the numbers that came in are actual, legitimate numbers. I too am still in disbelief with the numbers that came in as they did in favor of Obama.

    103. jeff grimm says:

      Thank you for trying to find the positive Ed, but in reality, there is none. To not be able to dethrone the most imperialistic, tyrannical, despotic, socialist president to ever disgrace the office with the conditions of this nation today to me means our country is quite simply, lost. I have not only lost my faith in this country, but in my own God, not just because of the election loss, but because of the social ballots that went clearly to the side of evil. All I can figure is that we have completely lost God's protecting hand, have completely abandoned our basic founding principles, based totally on the existence and blessings of a higher being, and therefore our country is doomed. I guess it was a great run for a couple of hundred years. I guess man is forever destinied to be flawed and a participant in its own destruction.

      I am totally and completely despondant. Like others here, I have no more fight left in me, no more money to give to try to get rid of these people, no more hope. The devil has won, and we will simply get what we deserve. God help us all.

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