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  • Heritage Action: Stand With Us

    Last night, President Obama won reelection. This is a devastating blow, but not a decisive defeat.

    We conservatives cannot give up now. We have to reaffirm our resolve and renew our fight for conservative principles.

    Watch the new video from Heritage Action to find out how we will fight the liberal agenda and work for future conservative victories.

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    11 Responses to Heritage Action: Stand With Us

    1. Melba Leach says:

      I am deeply concerned about the present state of America. I saw the video re-affiming conservative commitment to future political action, but what can I do now? I own a small business, I have a teenage daughter, and I am worried about our next 4 years. I want to work with others to make a plan and carry it out. How? How do we move through a political system where welfare checks battle paychecks? I am looking for help. Located in conservative Texas, I am proud of my state. What can I do now?

      • David says:

        I read an article a couple days before the election about a guy who promised that if Romney won, he would hire 100 new employees. When asked if he'd hire new employees if Obama won, he said he'd have to, since business had picked up so much.

        That's what you can do now. Recognize that the consumer is the ultimate job creator.

    2. The fight 2 save our country from socialism has just begun. We have more to fight than the Revolutionary War fighters did, but so do they. Time to become the Exceptional Americans O does believe exist.

    3. WeThePpl have become too soft. We need to fight to save our way of life. Remember Barry said he would "fundamentally change" our country? Dont let him win.

    4. mhjones2001 says:

      We have lots of resources. But remember: No political system can overcome human nature. It could be that conservatism has simply been one of the salts that slow down the rotting of the meat of American culture. But in the long run, rot is rot.

    5. dajb says:

      Why don't you all stop this fight against America – this is what is wrong with our country. You want to make this country better? Then, promote POSITIVE thinking and work with the system – stop all of the negativity. That is what has turned so many of us off. Every four years, we can use our right to vote to try to change the things that do not work. You don't have to be dirty and lie to people and create fear in order to get your way. Together, we can make this a great country. Whether you like it or not, President Obama is a brilliant man – give him his opportunity – he has won his office fair and square, and he has earned it. Don't like it? Be adults and use our Democratic process to create change through peaceful, honest, non-threatening ways. Noone is perfect. We all don't like the same thing. Let's show the world how a great Democracy can work. Please help with the healing process – stop making it worse. For once take the high road and let's bring back respect to our government and it needs to start with you.

    6. Bob Garrard says:

      The trick is balance. We appeal to the "better angels of our nature" and then put checks and balances in place. That's what the founders did.

    7. Bobbie says:

      Barack would've been defeated had we people the proper education in history, the founding documents and the people behind them but government controlled education indoctrinates the mind on another path. Distorting all facts in history and people, resulting in this selfish entitlement attitude and government dependency as the resource. Government democrats call it "compassion" but anything government is paid for makes it insincere. If people were properly educated they'd know the difference between "compassion" and condescension.

      People are compassionate. Charities are compassionate, private businesses are compassionate, non union, non profit, non government associated organizations are compassionate. Government dependency is a paid insult to call it compassion!

    8. Ann says:

      Love all the depression-era footage, especially the image at 0:48 of all those guys in top hats on the floor of the stock exchange. Could do without all the close-ups of Mr. Needham's lower teeth, though. And of course the message is ridiculous. War? Against what? The majority of the American people?

    9. HerrStarr says:

      "Barack would've been defeated had we people the proper education in history, the founding documents and the people behind them but government controlled education indoctrinates the mind on another path."

      Before you talk about any form of proper education, please revisit your own education in constructing sentences with intelligible structure. Thanks!

    10. Hope says:

      However you feel about the outcome, rejoice in the continued process of peaceful elections and in our great and amazing nation, its wonderful people, and try, honestly try, to work together to make the best of what ever we have. The truth is, we have a lot to do, and unless we work on solutions, instead of blame, we will have nothing to show for the next four years. I will not "war" against my fellow Americans, even though I sometimes do not agree.

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