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  • Report: GOP Election Officials Forcibly Removed in Philadelphia

    Reports from Philadelphia polling places Tuesday morning claim that poll officials have been turned away and forcibly removed for partisan reasons.

    The Pennsylvania Republican Party filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas claiming that 75 GOP officials were “prohibited…from accessing polling places in heavily Democratic areas in Philadelphia.”

    “Incidents ranged from judges of elections refusing to seat Republican Minority Inspectors and Clerks, to reports of Democratic election operatives announcing that ‘No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place,’” according to a news release.

    The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reported that at least one Republican inspector “was physically thrown out,” according to a GOP official.

    The Court issued an order reinstating Republican officials at a host of Philadelphia polling places.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tom Fitzgerald reported that GOP officials were expelled or turned away in the following Philadelphia divisions:

    • Ward 32, Div 13
    • Ward 43, Div 14
    • Ward 56, Div 1
    • Ward 6, Div 22
    • Ward 32, Div 8
    • Ward 12, Div 17
    • Ward 39, Div 1
    • Ward 24, Div 9
    • Ward 18, Div 25
    • Ward 43, Div 14
    • Ward 29, Div 19
    • Ward 65, Div 19
    • Ward 20, Div 1
    • Ward 6, Div 11
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    15 Responses to Report: GOP Election Officials Forcibly Removed in Philadelphia

    1. PhillyCop says:

      Something tells me those wards will have higher than usual turnout with lots of extra votes for Obama during the hours when GOP watchers were forced out.

    2. Beems says:

      And yet, we won't hear about this anywhere in the mainstream media – only reports there about a voting machine in Tulsa not allowing "Obama/Biden" choice.

    3. Cyndi Booth says:

      let's just give Philly to Venezuela and be done with it

      • ethel says:

        They were going to have it any way. The GOP is supposed to be 25 feet from the doors. They were directly holding my door to the polling place. I reminded the poll worker he needed to move back__

    4. Unreal, what has happend to any kind of integrity when it comes to freedom? Everyone has the right to vote when registered!! We need to stand up and not allow this type of thuggury to occur.

    5. Is there anything these people won't stoop to? For them it's not even called stooping. That's their level of mentality. Yet they are the ones who cry the loudest in this country about non-existent voter suppression. Man talk about the mindset of entitlement being taken to a whole new level. These folks are the true racists and dividers in America. They are the very reason we cannot move beyond all the prejudice and strife we see!

      • ethel says:

        That is a lie voter suppression has been huge this election. Voters were purged from the rolls here in PA and the people have been voting for years. The dems need to make sure a law is passed before the next election where you will have to serve hard time if you try to disinfranchise someone from voting.

    6. Samuel McCullin says:

      So some people who wanted to intimidate voters got turned away, boohoo. They didn't get turn away from voting, they don't like who they want as president they can get inline and vote like the rest of us instead of hiding behind the guise of acting as a "official". Seriously "Minority Inspectors"?

      • Bobbie says:

        what are you saying? It says that GOP officials were expelled or turned away in Philadelphia divisions. that's not intimidation, that's suppression.

    7. Garrett says:

      If Obama wins and there are wide spread reports of these kinds of things, nothing will be done and Republicans will go on quietly about their lives. If Obama loses, even if there are no credible sources of mass fraud, there will be rioting. Typical.

    8. GONZO says:

      The reason you don't hear about this is because it is made up! This is the fear mongering that perpetuated by the right and left wing of each party…This is why being an independant is so important…break away from each party people and quit being sheep!!!!

    9. Bobbie says:

      What sad and desperate people under Obama! No integrity, no dignity, no human qualities. They have no respect to follow the process and held to no accountability. No self esteem, but why need it if you're not accountable.

      If Obama wins, the weak will continue to overpower the strength of America(ns!) Obama doesn't promote strength he exploits the weak as the weak seem fine with that representation! Bringing down America one day at a time!!

    10. Bill Pickle says:

      "No Republicans to be allowed in the polling place"
      WOW talk about voter intimidation. Massive Civil rights violation there. Any bets these precincts will have more votes than registered voters? How do you do that anyways?

      Crazy thing is, their candidate will most likely win those local races, without them having been an evil devisive haters.
      And yes I can make that call. Anyone that needlessly and intentionally attempts to intimidate and exclude an entire side from the election is all 3.
      What would Martin Luther King Do?

    11. I want the ones responsible for booting out our election officials prosecuted!!

    12. Tim Cottle says:

      Is the justice department going to prosecute?

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