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  • Armed Services Chairman Denounces White House Benghazi Cover-Up and Muzzling of Military Leaders

    President Obama should come clean with the American people about what exactly happened in Benghazi, according to the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Buck McKeon (R-CA).

    In fact, the President is the only one who has all those answers, McKeon says.

    “The whole thing smacks of a cover-up,” he says. According to McKeon, the military has been muzzled by unprecedented orders not to provide information to Congress.

    Benghazi, Libya, is where the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed on September 11, 2012, by a terrorist attack, which reportedly was monitored live for several hours by President Obama from the White House Situation Room.

    In an interview on “Istook Live!” Friday (Listen to the interview here), McKeon said he’s heard that the White House might be setting up the military as scapegoats: “One of the things I’ve heard is that maybe they’re trying to put some blame on the military that they disobeyed orders or they didn’t respond to orders.”

    But the military “would have somebody taking down notes of everything that was said,” according to McKeon. Normally such orders from the President would be put into writing, he said. But just in case there was a delay in written orders, the commanders would have those notes.

    “I know these people,” he said. “They are men of the highest integrity. They are unchallenged in their patriotism….They would do whatever they were commanded to do by their commander in chief.”

    Despite Congress’s direct constitutional powers over the military, McKeon says:

    We’re not getting anything. I have written to commanders in the field, 3-, 4-star admirals and generals, and the response I got out of the Department of Defense is that “we will not be able to answer your simple yes and no questions,” that I’m sure they already know the answers to. “We will not be able to answer them on your timeline (which was now a couple of weeks ago when I wrote the letter), and we do not know when we’ll be able to respond.” And the other requests that we’ve asked for briefings, “we will not be able to comply with.”

    This is the first time I’ve seen where the military has been basically silenced, when they could not answer a direct yes and no question from the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

    We’re not able to do our job if we can’t get information, and the commander in chief or somebody that he’s over has told them that they cannot respond to us. I think the whole thing smacks of a cover-up, and the President could clear this all up if he would just go before the American people.

    The one who knows it all, that could clear it all up, is out campaigning and is totally silent on the issue after telling us he wants us to have all the information as soon as he receives it.

    McKeon told me that the only information he can get is from Fox News and other media outlets, and from individuals who continue to push for disclosure. “The President could easily clear this up,” McKeon says. “He’s the only one who can.”

    Listen to the interview here.

    Former Congressman Ernest Istook hosts “Istook Live!,” broadcasting from The Heritage Foundation 9 a.m. to noon Eastern, Monday through Friday. Listen live at www.istook.com.

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    17 Responses to Armed Services Chairman Denounces White House Benghazi Cover-Up and Muzzling of Military Leaders

    1. Cayce says:

      Why don't you tell Fox and CNN? The people need to know. I'll bet it will be all over the news after Tuesday.

    2. @woofbone says:

      Listen to the LOUD SILENCE from the President regarding the Benghazi attack and what the President did or DID NOT do during this attack. He was very loud and revealing to accept praise for himself for the killing of Osama (not praise for the Navy Seals). Let's see pictures of him in the situation room and details of what he ordered done to save the Ambassador and the Navy Seals when they needed help. Talk to us about that Mr. Pres.!!!!!!! Vote Romney!!

    3. richard dorling says:

      Another turn of the screw–better the truth surfaces before Nov 6th for all of us.

    4. ARMOND "SI" SIMMONS says:

      Thankfully the Armed Services Chairman understands the intentions of this enemy mole in the White House —

    5. captdax says:

      'The evidence suggests that the Obama administration has not simply been engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have now taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East.

      the Obama administration has been arming them, including jihadists like Abdelhakim Belhadj, the leader of the al Qaeda franchise known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group'.

      Frank Gaffney

      They Begged for help,and were left there to Die.!! .

      This is Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.! = TREASON.!

    6. ARIZONA says:

      THE congress,WHITEHOUSE,and military must be in competition,who can tell the biggest lie and still make it plausable enough to be swollowed by the news media and the public,…..I present a new way of asking these liers a question- we put all government officals on a lie detector and if the needle even moves ,we hit them with a police tazer,I think they would be very willing to tell the truth, NO BS,just the stright out truth……………after all if they'll hit a ten year old with a tazer for refusing to wash a police car,imagin how effective it would be on some one we pay a 1/4 million dollars a year to ……………………

    7. Scarlett OHare says:

      DEATH follows Barry's every decision.

    8. Evvy Johnson says:

      Kinda Reminds One Of A Large Watergate!

      • FmrUSMCRnTX says:

        Yes, but nobody DIED as a result of "Watergate". Not so in this case. What's interesting is the huge number of retired miltary leaders who've come out endorsing Gov. Romney today in a full page ad in the Washington Examiner (most likely the Wash Post refused to run it to their shame!). As Senator McCain said this morning, veterans and active/reserve military folks are "more angry than I've ever seen them!". As a veteran, how can ANYBODY TRUST this LIAR who failed miserably to support OUR PEOPLE on the ground in Benghazi and essentially let them DIE to stay on message in his political agenda (that HE had killed Bin Laden (US Navy SEALs did that) and that Al-Qaeda is "decimated". DESPICABLE!! :(

      • Sue Lowes says:

        Yea, but no one died in Watergate

    9. For what its worth! says:

      This president is anything but an American leader. He is rather truly the personification of the Manchurian candidate with the full intention of destroying the Republic. This is how he has been acting from the very beginning and now is the time for real change if we are to save our country. A vote for Romney is a step towards the restoration of sanity, our national heritage and even our manifest destiny. A vote for Obama on the other hand represents the beginning of the end of the American dream that will soon to become a national nightmare of biblical proportions!

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      As one Obama supporting union thug states several months ago, "if we can't use the power of persuasion, we will use the persuasion of power". Exactly what Obama and his administration has done from the first day. The use brass knuckles and baseball bats to intimidate anyone that will not follow their agenda, and that includes the men and women of our military that protects us..

    11. Jeanne Stotler says:

      What happened in Libya is TREASON, not by our men on the ground ,but by their Commander-in-Chief. This is without a doubt the liar in chief, he twist things so that people believe him, those who worship at his altar and do not read, research anything other than what HE say. To bad they do not read the BIBLE with the same enthusiasm as they do the POTUS propaganda and th lies, cover up printed in Liberal papers and spouted on liberal TV

    12. Bobbie says:

      This has become political from the mouths of those that accuse it. Once addressing the public with a blatant lie makes the politicization erupt! This administration and their “intent” causes murder and terrorism! We want answers that tell the truth!! We want everyone accountable to stand accountable and take their punishment!! We the people don’t run America like this and want the people who are, OUT FROM ALL PUBLIC SERVICES!

      It’s so unbelievable the magnitude of American haters in this country under Obama. He wants people to vote for revenge? That’s just terrible! We don’t want revenge!? For what exactly? He didn’t grow up in America so his hatred for America is sincere AND SHOWS THROUGH HIS ACTIONS and therefore can influence hatred in the impressionable minds of anyone through his many activists for hatred like Van Jones and some that call themselves “Reverend.” For every skin color he voices he’ll help are all the ones he belittles to see without personal dignity able to sustain personal livelihoods without government help! Falsely representing America(ns!) This man does not have the content of character to lead America.

      FEMA sure is doing well for the victims of sandy isn’t it? He’s unwilling to show any capability when it comes to any situation within his control without drama from Obama. Lambs tied to the stake! Our prayers and thoughts go to everyone this dangerous administration leaves vulnerable domestically and internationally.

      God Bless America!

    13. RennyG says:

      If all this of information is true, why are we still talking about it. WHY HASN'T SOMEONE TAKEN LEGAL ACTION??? Is there a reason why is this guy "untouchable???" We haven't gotten Fast and Furious done yet have we!!!! Does this tell you something about how weak we are! I guess it's the peverable "don't bite the hand that feeds you!!!" Why is it "Judicial Watch" is the only organization that is in pursuit of the government????????

    14. tommy mc donnell says:

      why aren't any of our democratic representatives asking about benghazi?

    15. guest says:

      When will the truth and facts come out about what really happened in Libya? Congress needs to put a lot of pressure on getting to the truth. What if it comes to treason, then what. Issa started the investigaion about Fast and Furious but why nothing recently on this important subject.

      Heritage can you shed light on this please. Also is Hillary still going to be Secretary of State still or will Susan Rice step in her shoes.

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