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  • 5 Effects Obamacare Will Have on Working Americans

    Obamacare will certainly have a negative impact on every American, but here are five ways it will harm working Americans:

    1. Two-thirds of American employees’ wages will decrease as employers deal with increasing costs. Heritage’s Drew Gonshorowski explains the results of an Urban Institute study: “The Urban Institute claims that mid-size firms will see spending per person increase by 4.6 percent, while large firms will see spending increases by 0.3 percent per person. According to the U.S. Census, this accounts for 65.1 percent of employees—or roughly 79 million—in the U.S. who are employed by medium- or large-size firms. The study suggests: ‘Any increase in employers’ health-related costs will be offset by decreases in other compensation—whether wages or other benefits.’ This means that individuals in mid- and large-size firms will receive less in take-home wages (or other benefits) and pay a greater proportion of their compensation to health care due to Obamacare.”
    2. Loss of existing insurance coverage. Because of Obamacare’s high costs, experts predict that employers will stop offering employees health coverage, forcing employees into the new government-run exchanges. Although estimates vary, it is likely that millions of Americans will lose their current coverage. For instance, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that between 5 million and 20 million Americans will lose employer-sponsored coverage, the American Action Forum estimates 35 million, and McKinsey, a consulting firm, estimates that 30 percent of employers will definitely or probably stop offering coverage after Obamacare takes full effect in 2014.
    3. Premiums in the individual market are set to skyrocket. Obamacare’s new, extreme insurance rules and regulations will have dire effects on the cost of coverage that individuals and small businesses purchase on their own. As Forbes columnist and health policy analyst Avik Roy has pointed out in recent articles, “Obama adviser Jonathan Gruber has estimated that, by 2016, the cost of individual-market health insurance under Obamacare, relative to what it would have been under prior law, will increase by an average of 19 percent in Colorado, 29 percent in Minnesota, and 30 percent in Wisconsin. A prestigious actuarial firm, Milliman, has estimated that individual-market premiums in Ohio could increase by 55 to 85 percent.”
    4. Full-time workers turned part-time to avoid the employer mandate. As Heritage predicted, businesses have already begun limiting the hours their employees can work, turning full-time workers into part-time workers, to avoid paying the employer mandate penalty or providing costly insurance coverage. For example, one of the nation’s 30 largest employers, Darden Restaurants, is experimenting with keeping employees under the 30-hour threshold established for Obamacare’s mandate. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “In an emailed statement, Darden said staffing changes are ‘just one of the many things we are evaluating to help us address the cost implications health care reform will have on our business.’”
    5. The heavy burden of 18 taxes and penalties. Obamacare imposes 18 new taxes and penalties that will cost Americans over $836 billion between 2013 and 2022. These taxes will either hit consumers directly or be passed on through higher prices. For example, the infamous individual mandate to purchase health insurance will be imposed on 6 million Americans in 2016, many of whom are the working middle class. Nearly 70 percent of payers will be below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and even those below the poverty level could be forced to pay the mandate tax.

    Obamacare must be repealed in order to protect hard-working Americans from its harmful and far-reaching effects.

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    22 Responses to 5 Effects Obamacare Will Have on Working Americans

    1. Lisa says:

      Aca data shows monthly premiums of $1000 for family of 4 making 60k. Unfortunately, people who favor this plan think it will be free. So if you want to pay a higher premiums for less coverage, enjoy.

    2. God I hope this doesnt get implemented…

    3. Again, and again, and again,…for all middle class working folks, such as me and Sherrin, our kids, and I suspect most of you, the current democrat administration is duplicitous and untruthful. Our taxes are going up significantly due to the cost of obamacare, never mind all the new regulations placed on business and industry by executive order. Remember this when you vote. Increasing government control reduces our liberty, our freedom, our happiness, and our standard of living. I heard someone say recently: "Socialism reduces the wealth of the rich but the poor will become poorer." Socialism, as the democrat party espouses – whether they admit to it or not, will simply bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator; whereas capitalism through innovation and risk-taking raises everyone's standard of living while increasing our liberties and freedoms.

      • Marc D. says:

        I've made this same point to many progressives, and they scoff at the concept that a free market brings freedom. Wealth also brings freedom, and power, and that power and freedom is what our government wants to limit. People that succeed and become wealthy, however you define that , do not need the governement for anything except for our national defense. The Obama admin. wants to eliminate that feedom and power.

    4. Ken Miller says:

      This is simply making big government Bigger, some people think the are going to get free insurance which is far from the truth. The very, very poor will get coverage, which the get at hospitals now, but the rest will pay for theirs and the poor…wake up.

    5. That is why recently Obama has signed some legislation reconfiguring the minimum hours for part time work; it used to be 32 hours, now he cut it down to 30 hours to qualify for full-time…..

      • parker says:

        This will only cause employers to cut back on their hours. My boss has already told me that any new hires can only be scheduled 26hrs a week

    6. Roger Dadiomoff says:

      You forgot one very important one. Those with a health care plan will be taxed starting this year , on the value of that plan. Remember that "no increased taxes on the middle class" , it was a big fat lie.

    7. I so want everyone to get the medical care they need but this isn't the answer

      • troll says:

        then what is the answer? universal health care? I'm going to guess you wouldn't support that so whats your magical answer?

    8. guest says:

      Vote for Romney/Ryan if you want America to be great again !!!!!!

    9. Lasunman says:

      MAYBE NO COMPANY SHOULD OFFER HEALTH CARE THEN THE LIKES OF Aetna Blue cross etc will let everyone buy it base on your income. the rich pay more middle class pay less just like Ny state child health plus for kids up to age 18

      • Not the smartest thing I have heard someone say….. Really because someone makes more money they should have to pay more. There is no reasoning to that at all. I am middle class, why should the wealthy pay more for the same insurance as me?

        • troll says:

          to support people who are making minimum wage, because no one needs to be making hundreds of thousands dollars a year.

    10. Shellie says:

      And how are we expected to live and eat then? Oh. It won't matter as long as the rich and big business are happy…

    11. Karen Merkle says:

      Sadly Obama supporters are not informed. They have no clue what his policies even are and sadly will be hurting themselves and contributing to the downfall of America! You have to pick a president based on who is qualified not how likeable they are or we all loose.

      • Rebecca says:

        you are exactly right, I have found Obama supporters to be very ignorant, uninformed, and unaware about his policies and the bad consequences we will all have to suffer if they are written into law.

    12. Jim Blackburn says:

      The Founding Fathers fears and predictions will spring to life right before our eyes.

    13. McRich says:

      As an employer with 104 employees, I have been very successful increasing peoples pay and hours based on performance. I currently offer healthplans for my employees but because of the over-reaching effects of ObamaCare, they won't qualify. My people are happy with what they currently have but will be forced out of their plan.
      Because I currently employ 60+ people that work over 30 hours a week, I will be fined $2000 per employee for everyone that works over 30 hours (yes there is an exemption of 30 employees)
      If I don't change my business model, I will be fined about $60,000 per year. As a business person, I will go broke if I don't change my business model. This is not because I don't care about my employees. The $60,000 per year will cause me to go broke.

      • Charles Root says:

        Small business is essential to local economies, if a local economy is successful, then many small local economies can contribute to the state economy, and eventually, the national and global economies. Destroy small business? More people go on unemployment and assistance (food stamps, HEAP, etc), which will cost the government more – and then they will turn around and tax us more and it just gets ugly. It's depressing you have to change your business model because it sounds pretty good as it is.

      • Shane Radliff says:

        I'm extremely sorry to hear that sir. I'm glad I read this because I wasn't sure what the exact cost was per employee. That's outrageous. Everyone's going to feel the harmful effects from this wreckless bill.

    14. sharon says:

      I struggle as it is but its my fault I didnt get a education i was born here and have equal rights and could of had a free education and I didnt that was my fault no one else. why does the rich or middle class have to pay for my discission i made in life.A lot of them went to school got student loans and made something of there self so why should they have to pay for my stupid mistakes

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