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  • Secret Cable Revelation Blows Open Benghazi Cover-Up Story

    The revelation of a classified cable dated August 15 from Ambassador Christopher Stevens to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton describing in detail the security threats to the U.S. Benghazi consulate is a quantum leap forward in the reporting on the attack that left the ambassador and three security personnel dead.

    We have Fox News’s Catherine Herridge to thank for reporting yesterday on the existence of the classified cable. Mainstream media coverage of Benghazi has been scandalously negligent. Indeed, David Ignatius, one of The Washington Post’s top columnists, is now citing Fox News for its breaking stories on Benghazi. This has clearly not been sitting well with the editors of the Post’s op-ed section, who initially chose to run Ignatius’s column, “Lingering Questions About Benghazi,” dated October 30, on its website only. Criticized roundly on talk radio and social media, the Post ran it in its print edition two days later.

    The August 15 cable, marked “secret,” was sent by the Benghazi mission and outlined both the threats and the insufficiencies to U.S. security in Libya. The mission called for an “emergency meeting” to discuss the rapidly eroding situation on the ground:

    RSO (Regional Security Officer) expressed concerns with the ability to defend Post in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities, host nation support, and the overall size of the compound.

    The cable repeatedly describes the situation in Benghazi as “trending negatively” because “the Benghazi militias have become more brazen in their actions and have little fear of reprisal” from the government of Libya.

    “In light of the uncertain security environment, US Mission Benghazi will submit specific requests to US Embassy Tripoli for additional physical security upgrades and staffing needs by separate cover.” The cable went on to include “the location of approximately ten Islamist militias and AQ training camps within Benghazi.… [T]hese groups ran the spectrum from Islamist militias, such as the QRF Brigade and Ansar al-Sharia, to ‘Takfirist thugs.’”

    The revelation of the cable follows the report on Friday by Fox’s Jennifer Griffin that CIA officers in Benghazi had been ordered to “stand down” when they wanted to help repel the attack on the consulate about a mile away. Fox also reported that the CIA officers at the annex had asked for military support when the annex came under fire later, but they had also been turned down.

    Questions on what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi attack continue to pile up, and just a few media outlets seem to be looking for real answers.

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    25 Responses to Secret Cable Revelation Blows Open Benghazi Cover-Up Story

    1. kris says:

      if this was a lie the government would stop the story. he says what he means and means what he says. hell leave NO ONE BEHIND

      • Bobbie says:

        But what does he mean with what he says when what he says shows distinct opposite of what he says he means? He didn't leave NO ONE BEHIND! He left 4 SOMEONE'S BEHIND! 4 someone's who left America to bring peace where it rarely exists! 4 someone's honored! 4 someone's respected! He didn't leave no one behind and many in grave danger.

        I want Obama and the rest of the guilty to imagine what these men were thinking and especially Ambassador Stevens who had no reason not to trust he would be saved from the dangers he reported probably within protocol. But Obama and speakers second guess his calls to come to his rescue in this area of the world?! And then imagine what Stevens was thinking when he realized Obama breached Mr. Stevens trust!! This is the most inhumane act from America's government I didn't ever want to witness.

        And Mr. Woods, who was literally set up to understand rescue was coming, "give us your location"!!!?? Did the enemy intercept? Or did government in chief set him up?? Or did this government in chief accommodate their friends in America's terrorist enemies? The more truth is ignored, the more obvious to assume. As Mr. Woods follows instructions he's immediately down by terrorist forces?? THE WHOLE BENGHAZI HORROR IS INEXCUSABLE! UNACCEPTABLE! ABSOLUTELY AVOIDABLE BUT NEGLECTED at every cost of EVERYBODY'S! Especially life. I don't know what Obama believes but it doesn't come out good or in favor of humanitarianism as he knows the history and location, personally!

        When it's in men's blood to rescue fellow men, orders to "stand down" without legitimate reason that misdirects the core principle, is confusing, immoral, unreasonable and does not JUSTIFY THE RESULTS OF demise! It should be commended as heroic and would've been with total success had back up been appropriated! Government Obama, leaves out the MENTION OF THE TERRORISTS ACTS and arrests an innocent man who made a video! I heard over 30 lives were saved by ill given orders not followed! It's speechless! yet this President gestures no emotion or concern and isn't keeping us updated. He isn't a man of his word where America has better men than that, that American leadership is in dire need of today! If you have any dignity, you'll vote for a man whose word is proven.

    2. Rick Carlton says:

      The BUCK stops at the top, now then, just what do we expect to get as far as the last finger pointing goes. Barry and Hilary will merely blame the white house lawn keeper or some other low level person. We can't actually hold them accountable, even if we can, then what? They will slither through this like the snakes they are. Criminal Charges will never be even mentioned again, nor could the American People and particularly the families, get any satisfaction. Maybe America will see the real people at the top for what they are, then vote for the people who can pull us out from under the Bus.

      • ToucheTurte says:

        The only way these two "will slither through this like the snakes they are" is if the American people go to the polls today – November 6 – and pull the lever to give this administration FOUR more years!!! That will mean that in the grand scheme of things, a majority of Americans just don't care as long as they STILL get their goodies and their monthly paycheck in Obama dollars!

    3. Car53 says:

      All News Organizations (NBC, ABC and CBS) will take this story up at the end of Nov, 2012.

    4. Ben says:

      Why the media outlets don't want answers to this question? is it more important to select their favourite president or is it more important to get such story out? How can they sleep at night? What has Obama done over the last four years that really win their approval?

    5. Mark says:

      People are more interested in protecting their guy before the election, than in finding out what really happened, who is responsible, and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future. It is disgraceful.

    6. Brett Crans says:

      It's incredible how incompetent this administration is by not only failing to take proper measures to secure the lives of American citizens abroad in the service of their country but then subsequently lied repeatedly to the us and the world by stressing the video caused the Benghazi massacre. Falsely blaming the video allowed Hillary Clinton to accept terms from the UN to not take Mohammands name in vein. Wait until the public awareness catches up by learning about the other agreements that are being forced through the UN to take our freedoms (speech/arms/property/etc.) away by treaty.

    7. gil says:

      wait until the election is over, all hell will break loose with a congressional investigation.

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        After all the finger-pointing, name-calling, grand-standing and report-writing is over, only minor heads will roll, as in Fast & Furious, and we, along with our foreign interests, will be in as much danger of attack as before if not more so. They said we have to do a better job at connecting the dots after 9/11/01. Well, what good does connecting the dots do if you do not have someone with moral clarity in the oval office to act on it? Who would dare take a post in one of these new embassies? Talk about hazard pay.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The leftist media is already answering the questions. Today, in the local communist manifesto (Times-Picayune) is reporting an article from one of Obama's administration extentions AP, denying everything FNC has reported. This Saul Alinski ploy Obama has been using from day one is simple. Just lie, confuse and distort! Enough brain dead followers will accept the lies without question until after November 6th.

    9. Helle Dale helledale says:

      The lack of journalistic integrity and investigative curiosity in most of the media is pretty scary. Fortunately, the mainstream media do not have the stage to themselves anymore. If they did, American demoscracy would be in real danger.

    10. smm says:

      We are weeeeell past that now, "american democracy" has been on life support for a half
      century and is now very very dead. When 3rd party candidates are thrown in jail on false
      charges to silence the you know its over.

    11. Carl says:

      I hope the Classified Cable was declassified prior to it's release. If not, someone commited a Felony for unauthorized release of Classified information. Journalistic Integrity cuts both ways and breaking a story is not an excuse to break the law.

    12. major tom says:

      reminds me of Somalia with Clinton.

    13. O2BMe says:

      I feel it is all hopeless. Obama and his team will win with the help of the media and we will never know the truth about Fast & Furious or Benghazi. Our government will continue to waste billions on so called green projects that don't produce jobs or money and more business will close their doors because of taxes (including the Obamacare tax) and regulations. We will continue to borrow foreign money as long as the government can get away with it and our great grandchildren will be paying it back if they can get past the intrest due on the loans. The Obama organization is very good at stealing elections.

    14. JamesTK says:

      Obama lied, Americans died

    15. David says:

      It is disgusting how Obama, Hillary and Democrats are covering up this sad terrorist attack in Libya, and the most disgusting part of this traitorous activity is that the Mainstream Media is part of the cover-up because of their slobbering love affair for their socialist, liberal messiah ! They have put their journalistic qualities on hold ever since Obama had started running for President in 2008! Since then they haven't asked unbias serious questions of him. It is like we have the enemy of the state in the White House. I mean…which side is our president and the pathetic mainstream media on?? America or terrorist? ! Simply pathetic and traitorous !

    16. Norman Duquette says:

      There is enough Hard Evidence to pursue IMPEACHMENT. Why has this not already been done?

      • Richard says:

        I agree 100% I am a Veteran and as a Vet I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies Foreign and Domestic. Pres. O has become an enemy and any supporters of him in the Military are guilty of breaking the oath that they have sworn to….

    17. Louis G. Bosco says:

      Article NY Times 10 30 12 re:Benghazi State Dept. states no specific warnings about attack on compound in Benghazi. Article heading pg. 3 "Plenty Of Libya Warnings But Not About Compound".What a weak excuse and weak thinking.The Brits pulled out after they were hit in Benghazi.Stevens a week before his death warned that Libyan officials declared a state of maximum alert. To the State Dept.specific means a Certified Letter with Return Receipt announcing when the attack would take place.

    18. R M says:

      It is looking like our embasey and was the sacraficial lamb for the White House for whatever reason. Now US people are dead and there is not justification for that. None. Let's hear from the President on all this. What did he know and when?

    19. @cantonst says:

      If the press fails to work and report Benghazi, is that treason by ommission?

    20. barb says:

      I’m convinced that there are those, who want to weaken this country. I believe that this investigation into the Benghazi debacle, should continue till the American people learn the truth, no matter where it leads, and then we should boycott the stations that do not report it, and bring it to the forefront, so that all Americans are made aware of this situation, where we left 4 to die. Notify hour Congressmen, Senators, etc. keep the pressure on till we are made aware of the whole truth, (TRANSPARENCY) isn’t that the word that has so been bantered about.

    21. @ranchdancer says:

      Just venting a little here…4months gone by and still no serious answers…it looks like a dodge ball game. Four Americans lost, families who want to know what happened and little has been answered. I am wondering were any attackers killed, I read someplace there were 80. What about the Blue Mountain Security did they have bullets or not? Why were they hired and where are the survivors of the attack, those who went to the hospital in Germany? What was the meeting with the Turkish minster about? Who knew about that meeting? What was in that extra mission building, prisoners or weapons, or both.? What was the 3 wk delay getting FBI investigators into the area, since the day after the attack pictures were posted showing people with signs saying "sorry"? Penetta said it wasn't safe. What, we don't have an efficient military to protect FBI while they gather evidence? Could they have found weapons left by the attackers? Weapons that could be tracked back to the supplier? What about that laser painting by the seals…why would they bother if they didn't expect help from above? Why isn't the media asking these questions.?

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