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  • Monthly Archives: October 2012

    Must-Read Research: Obama Gutting Welfare Reform, Setting Spending Records


    Welfare spending is at a staggering, all-time high. A new government report confirms that the U.S. now spends roughly $1 trillion a year on what has become a behemoth welfare system consisting of more than 80 federal programs. Robert Rector explains more in congressional testimony from earlier this year: “Examining … More

    Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism

    Obama Forward

    Barack Obama calls himself a “progressive” or “liberal,” and we should take him at his word. He had the distinction of being the most liberal member of the United States Senate when he ran for President in 2008. The title had been conferred by National Journal, an inside-the-Beltway watchdog that … More

    Win an iPhone 5 from Heritage!

    If you want the absolute best in conservative policy analysis, The Heritage Foundation is the place to be. Not only does Heritage provide informative backgrounders, resourceful charts, and easy-to-comprehend fact sheets, but we also have our finger on the pulse of breaking news each day. Our Morning Bell is a … More

    Will Stay-at-Home Moms Be Allowed Credit Cards Again?


    Much has been discussed on the “war on women” this presidential debate season, and yet we haven’t heard much about those rules made in Washington that actually hurt women in very real ways. One such rule denied stay-at-home moms access to their own credit cards. A proposed amendment finally seeks … More

    Morning Bell: Why We Aren't Producing Enough Domestic Energy

    A Kodiak Gas & Oil Corp crew pulled drilling pipe from the ground on unit rig 328 near Watford City, North Dakota.

    President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney had a heated exchange about energy in the most recent debate. The President repeated his refrain that oil and gas production is the highest it has been in eight years, but Romney was right to point out that this was driven by production … More

    Medicare Myths: A New Quiz Show

    You’ve probably heard some scary things about Medicare reform lately. Words like “vouchercare” and an alleged $6,400 cost increase are now permanently etched into liberal talking points — even though these myths have been debunked time and again. Our colleagues at Heritage Action are keeping a running tally of the most … More

    Cuba Drops Exit Permit Requirement, but Don't Expect a Travel Boom


    On October 16, Cuba’s official newspaper announced that the requirement of an exit visa to depart the island will be lifted on January 14. A future Cuban traveler will have to present only a renewed passport and a visa from his destination country in order to depart Cuba. Permissible periods of … More

    The McKinnon Case and the U.S.–U.K. Extradition Treaty

    In a file photo taken on January 20, 2009, British hacker Gary McKinnon leaves the High Court in central London. (Photo: AFP)

    On Tuesday, British Home Secretary Theresa May announced in the House of Commons that Gary McKinnon, who has acknowledged hacking into U.S. government computers, would not be extradited to the U.S. because he was mentally ill, and extradition would therefore violate his human rights. The U.S. Department of Justice responded … More

    French President: Homework Just Isn't Fair!


    Homework is lame. Just ask any kid: Would you rather be glued to a desk doing long division or playing video games with your friends? But even kids, who love to whine to their parents about fairness, wouldn’t go so far as to say homework is unfair. Leave it to … More

    Is Marriage the Key to Prosperity?


    What’s the number one antidote to child poverty in America? Marriage. The truth is that children born to married-parent families are 82 percent less likely to live in poverty. The most effective weapon against child poverty is within our reach. Last week during the second presidential debate, former Governor Mitt … More