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  • ACORN Founder Proposes Mass Pro-Union Wikipedia Editing Campaign

    Wade Rathke, founder of the infamous Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), is attempting to galvanize union members into a mass Wikipedia editing campaign designed to make the online encyclopedia more friendly to Big Labor’s cause.

    In a Wednesday blog post, Rathke, who resigned as ACORN’s chief organizer during a 2008 embezzlement scandal, proposed “draf[ing] folks from the communications departments of various national and international unions for the project.” The goal would be to counter “attack[s] from conservatives and corporate shills and web-workers who ‘manage’ their social media presence.”

    Noting a recent piece by Derek Blackadder, a columnist for the labor journal Our Times, Rathke wrote:

    Blackadder for his part calls for a “Wikipedia Labor Initiative” where a dedicated band of volunteers would team-up to scour the Wiki-world to right wrongs and correct inaccuracies.  For labor unions in Canada and perhaps the United States, this might work if they drafted folks from the communications departments of various national and international unions for the project so it was something more than a one-off, when-I-have-a-minute exercise.  The capacity exists for the fix there.  For the rest of the progressive forces less well resourced and staffed, it is likely a harder slog to find some flat ground where only the facts can stand…

    The harder job of not just restoring some entries to reality but pushing some of the slants so they are able to stand straight is critical.  I hope our folks have the endurance and take this notion seriously before the fiction becomes so settled in the Wiki-world that there is no longer the prospect for facts or truths in that world.

    While Rathke and Blackadder see a bias against labor in Wikipedia’s user-edited entries, the site actually leans left, according to data collected by political media firm Engage. Even Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has noted, “the Wikipedia community is slightly more liberal than the U.S. population on average.”

    Rathke is one of the country’s most prominent “community organizers.” The Wikipedia-editing effort appears to be an attempt to bring left-wing activism tactics into the digital space, which continues to play an ever-larger role in Americans’ efforts to access information.

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    5 Responses to ACORN Founder Proposes Mass Pro-Union Wikipedia Editing Campaign

    1. Stirling says:

      At some point the "re-writting" history by the "progressives" will backfire on them, mostly because the media that they "exploit" will become so biased that they loose legitamacy in the public eye.. They expose themselves by their actions which are forced and not natural.. Facebook, Wikipedia, and others will become the wasteland of the internet, as the lamestream media has become on TV.

      • Daniel says:

        The greatest problem is that Wikipedia is often the reference that people in general will believe, true or not, and the textbooks are as bad as the stuff Blackadder writes. In the past history is written by the winners not the enemies. In the past there have been sufficient objective observers to write the balance. With the progressives in control of the information, in not many generations, their history will be the only one left.

    2. citizenwells says:

      In "1984" Winston's job was to rectify news. This is no different.

    3. jbt says:

      They should hire a bunch of people named Winston, but they can't be over 38. At 39, Mr. Smith will realize the truth and cause a lot of trouble.

    4. undunder says:

      I think that the media has already lost much of their credibility. A free press/media should be the government watchdogs, a medium to protect Americans and the keep the government overreaches at bay. But instead, the free press/media is anything but free. They are bought and paid for by liberal/progressives agencies, coalitions, individuals. They do not oversee the government as they should. They do not provide "news, news, nothing but the news". The provide hype, opinions about the news, and suggestions of how we should interpret or view world events. But pure news is not available to us. Shame on the press, shame on journalists who are news whores, shame on those in leadership or authority that decide what news we are allowed to consume.

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