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  • Backward on Women’s Dignity

    “We have made woman a sex creature,” complained a psychiatrist at the Margaret Sanger clinic, according to Betty Friedan’s 1963 book The Feminist Mystique. A half-century later, a new Obama ad proudly likens voting for the first time to a young woman losing her virginity.

    You’ve come a long way, baby. But not necessarily forward.

    Women’s liberation is parodying itself in “The First Time” spot featuring Lena Dunham, 26-year-old creator of the shockingly sexualized HBO series Girls.

    “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” Dunham provocatively begins the ad. “You want to do it with a great guy.”

    “My first time voting was amazing,” says Dunham. She salaciously describes her vote for Barack Obama as a rite of passage to womanhood, dangling a policy teaser about free birth control along the way.

    It is an astonishingly base, sex-centric monologue that degrades public discourse and demeans young women in particular. Seeing sexual double entendre everywhere is typically the sport of sophomoric boys. Now adults are using it to stoop for the youth vote—and expecting women to fall for it.

    “The First Time” is the lowest yet in a year of new political lows when it comes to infantilizing women.

    First, liberals fabricated the “War on Women” to shroud a bumbling Obamacare mandate that trampled on religious liberty. The coercive policy requires, with few exceptions, coverage of abortion drugs and contraception despite conscience objections. When religious charities sought relief, liberals accused them and their defenders of assaulting women’s freedom—as if the First Amendment’s religious freedom protections don’t apply to women, too.

    Then they brought us the government-driven Life of Julia. The faceless female seemed hardly capable of taking a step in life without government intervention from the “hubby state,” as one observer dubbed it.

    Now, “The First Time” combines sexual and political debut—and vulgarizes both. In a day when more than 40 percent of children are born outside of marriage (and therefore six times more likely to experience poverty) and one out of four teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease, it is brazenly irresponsible of any leader to play on premarital sex in this way.

    But it is particularly sad that the purported champions of women’s interests would objectify female sexuality for political ends. It’s hard to imagine any woman not being revolted, anyone with a daughter not being scandalized.

    The ad actually flaunts its own short-sightedness: “Think about how you want to spend those four years. In college-age time, that’s 150 years.” It’s true that with our current policy trajectory, America’s horizon seems limited.

    But to attribute centennial significance to an undergrad’s matriculation—or a presidential term—is to lose all sense of history. To sexually pander toward the youth vote is to degrade the sober calling of citizenship. And to so trivialize female sexuality is to deal a setback to the dignity of women.

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    29 Responses to Backward on Women’s Dignity

    1. Mayu says:

      forget about sexuality… what’s more insulting is that democrats/liberals look at us women like idiots. That we are too stupid to think about anything except reproduction rights. That we don’t see that the jobs numbers are better only because they neglected to take into consideration those who stopped looking for work and no longer collect benefits or those who are under employed. They think we’re too stupid to worry about the economy, and… whose this Ben Ghazi guy? seriously? I never heard of him have you? (Sarcasm)

      its like, ‘Hi I’m like… a woman and junk, and like… I can barely chew bubblegum and walk and like… when it comes to voting… tee hee, I want my first time to be with someone beautiful and who like, is going to give me free birth control on someone else’s dollar and it’s so fun like a game! Who you voting for tee hee I’m not saying, no who are you voting for? tee hee guess…”

      that’s seriously what I hear when I see that ad. Obama is appealing to young women like we’re air-headed vaginas who are too stupid to care about real issues. The sad thing is, Lena Dunham is every reason why he believes that. How, as a woman, she can degrade herself into a stereotype is beyond me.

      This is my perspective. Its your body, it’s your choice… so it should be on your dollar. Thanks to Obamacare, I’ve got other worries. My insurance is dropping the affordable plan I’m on if Obama is elected because it won’t be Obamacare compliant. My brother’s work is dropping insurance because the penalty for not carrying proper coverage is cheaper than the Obama approved plans… so that would leave my brother and his family to fend for themselves… like they get paid enough. My mom’s insurance sky rocketed before she turned 65… which Obama promised wouldn’t happen. Her premiums went up as did her deductible, and she had to drop coverage until she got onto medicare. And speaking of how the republicans want to destroy medicare… Obama is borrowing so much from Medicade and Medicare for HIS plan, this program won’t be sustainable. At least Ryan’s plan protects the program for those already on it, or are close to getting it.

      This is why this video is offensive.

    2. Gina says:

      Obama has zero class and even less respect for women and children.

    3. TexCIS says:

      That Obama ad makes me sick! I have a daughter who can vote in this election for the first time. Just imagine if the Obama daughters were old enough to vote, and Romney made an ad aimed at them . . . asking them to think of "doing it with him" for the first time. The MSM would blow a gasket!

    4. Honestly!………pretty darn degrading and insulting every females intelligence, grrrrrrr.

    5. Kathy says:

      Again, women want respect, education, decent paying jobs to support the family if the "man" she loved walks out or abandons her in other ways. Women need to know they can depend on their own ability and not be turned into the oldest profession "gender". They need good health care from breast cancer screening to child care and yes if raped or harmful to mother birth, the choice should be hers to give birth or not. Free birth control or access to abortion only allows the "Male" government or male gender the influence over women it does not help women help themselves. Women may want a man in her life but it has to be her choice not the only means to keep a roof over her head or a trade off for sex.

    6. Prof. KPS Shante says:

      Even if the article may have politically motivated connotations, the fact remains that Jennifer has raised a sensitive, pertinent and extremely important issue. The grotesque ad has ruffled the sensibilities of all right-thinking people and needs to be condemned and withdrawn with apologies from the makers/broadcasters, failing which punitive action would be the only welcome recourse

    7. They make women look cheap and ignorant. So tired of the democrats exploiting race and sex as if they care about minority's and women.

    8. Tim Rhodes says:

      I have only one thing to say regarding this base and saddening commentary: After the last four years, are we even slightly surprised…?

    9. I think Romney should be playing this ad and saying at the end, "Do you want four more years of THIS? Your sons and daughters deserve better. I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message."

    10. One thing (among many) that is so sad about this is how Obama always uses his daughters as his reason for his decisions. Can you imagine knowing your father was behind an ad like this? Pray for those poor girls.

    11. Randy says:

      And best of all, it echos those of Vladamir Putin in his recent election bid.

    12. The first time I watched the video I had to stop it. I had my 6 year old Grandson next to me. He asked me "why is that girl talking like that? " I was embarrassed being fooled into thinking it was an innocent video and subjected my grandson to the first few seconds. It is sad that the Democrat Party has gone this far left. Decades ago it would have been hard to pick out the difference other than the way they present themselves and their voting record. Now it is way different. The GOP is grounded in our Constitution and the Democrats are grounded in losing any moral guide and ruling the American people instead of working for them.

    13. Lisa Botkin says:

      Oh Yuck. Does this man stop at nothing to try and get re-elected?

    14. Dr LGS says:

      War on Women indeed. At the DNC, the GOP's supposed "War on Women" was a major theme. Ironic that one of the keynote speakers was former philanderer-in-chief Bill Clinton and a prominent plank in the DNC platform was unfettered support for abortion the ulimate "War on Women" . . . unborn women.

    15. As a man I sometimes have had a tough time stating my opinion on matters such as this one. It more than likely has been because I don't want to offend the reason being I am not a women and therefore cannot possibly know what its like, or understand the pressures. But now I have a daughter and now all I want to do is protect her and this add angers me.

    16. Ray2 says:

      We continue to degrade ourselves!. Putting ourselves out there as sex objects for men (and women) to leer at us – hands full of birth control, abortion on demand, medical induced breast sizes, starving ourselves to look like a Barbie doll, injections and suctions and so on. I agree we need to look our best, but there is so much more women! What are we teaching our children? First time voting compared to first time sex – this is woman at the lowest form of humanity! I feel sorry for you if you think this is the basis on which to have sex!

    17. Evelyn Ritchie says:

      Thank you for this article. As I wrote when I shared this on Facebook, the commercial reminds me of having to explain the seedy headlines to my young children when President Clinton was in office and treating women SO well. The idea of President (and Mrs.??) Obama approving something like this, and having to later explain it to their young daughters is unbelievably disturbing.

    18. Bobbie says:

      Very well written, Jennifer. She did mention gay marriage, too. It’s ssssso sad to see how minds narrow under the influence controlled by media and government! This ad is really saying women are clueless with the lack of ability to think beyond themselves. Lilly Ledbeder is so impractical and unreasonable while Dunham supports without comprehension. Women like this (democrats) do not represent American women who are much wiser, stronger and independent without a LOOK to government dependency as a resource but a last resort! American women think for themselves and take on responsibilities necessary. Dunham like the rest of Obama’s supporters men and women, wants government dependency forced on women! What or whoever is brought up as a political subject, naturally becomes an unconstitutional government target! We don’t want to burden society as government subjects, we want to be Americans with liberties, living free and independent from government authority and attention. Dunham and all girls should learn the history and pay attention to today’s American women who are stronger and wiser then to give up personal responsibilities to government control…

      A vote for Obama is a vote for Obama (government dependency.) A vote for Romney is a vote for America.

    19. Michelle says:

      That commercial is trash and shame!

    20. Paul Helper says:

      Thank you for standing up for the dignity of Women. How refreshing that someone does not buy the krap that the main stream press peddles about women's rights.

    21. sarahmorris28 says:

      Its appalling that the campaign has reduced a woman's right to vote down to a sex-centric monologue.

      • FmrUSMCRnTX says:

        Absolutely, sarahmorris28! But then, we know HOW this radical liberal bunch operates, don't we? And we know WHY they do it! They have nothing to run on and they're reduced to using Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" tactics to try and win this election. It won't work. Of course they should be ashamed of this kind of disgusting campaign advertising…but then they have no shame…any more than they have honor or integrity! :( The majority of Americans see clearly through this kind of garbage! Thanks to Jennifer Marshall for the fine article that tells it like it is! Semper Fi! :)

    22. rocky63 says:

      The Dems seem unable to realize that, of the people who think killing babies is wrong, a great many are women. They seem to think every woman thinks abortion is an essential element of health care. I know many women who are mothers, who love their children and the children of others and who think a baby is the most precious gift there is. But the Dems don't know anyone like that, apparently.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        I am 80 YO and a mother(10), grandmother (13) a retired nurse, worked with new born.high risk babies and now do day care. Each soul is a gift, I've seen babies born less than perfect, held the hand of mothers as they watched these little ones fight to live, I lost one of mine, I also lost a grndchld to cancer, there is nothing that can make.me understand how a woman can willully kill their unborn child. Children are gifts from God and he will provide,trouble is Dems preach desire for the icing on the cake, while throwing away the substance, ie:morals and truth.

    23. martha skinner says:

      I thought it absolutely disgusting – a real turn off.

    24. Cyndi says:

      I have a hard time verbalizing how disgusted I am by the "War on Women". Past generations of women did not battle for the right to own property, the right to equal education, the right to hold a good job and the right to vote to be reduced to this. Brave woman fought for and won the right to go into space, be firefighters, police and warriors and do not deserve to be belittled like this. We as a group have fought for equality in all things and are now portrayed, by a complicit group of liberal women, as weak and needy and unable to care for our own bodies. How can we, as women, not speak up. This is the war on women!

    25. Reese says:

      Excellent article. The Obama Administration is corrupt through and through and to its core.

    26. Bob Marshall says:

      Since the Nov. 05, 2008, exit polls showed that nearly 70% of married women, mothers and non-mother voted for Obama, i hope these women have realized what a mistake they made.

    27. Bob Marshall says:

      Both the 2008 and 2012 exit polls show that women were very instrumental in Obama first becoming president and also in being re-elected. As for African-Americans and Latinos, that was no surprise.

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