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  • 3 Questionable Foreign Policy Statements in the Second Presidential Debate

    The second presidential debate is done, and the pundit debate regarding its meaning continues. President Obama made three questionable statements relating to national security, and as the foreign policy debate approaches on Monday, these are worth addressing:

    1. “I ended the war in Iraq.” This one is a stretch. The surge that really ended the war was begun under President George W. Bush and Secretary Robert Gates. The President can take credit that he brokered departure of our forces from Iraq, so in that sense he “ended” it. The problem is that the departure did not include an adequate security cooperation agreement. So he was right, but the sheen is not as bright as the President would like the public to think.
    2. Mitt Romney “wants to spend $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military hasn’t asked for.” This one is more problematic. Here, Obama is apparently referring to the $2 trillion difference between his budget, wrought with cuts, and Romney’s proposal to reverse them. These cuts have been called “shooting ourselves in the head” by the Administration’s own Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Romney stated that he would restore these cuts because they have gutted defense. To say these are funds that the military has not asked for is again, technically correct, but the military said it could get by despite the cuts. No one ever said they didn’t need the money.
    3. “We doubled the number of Border Patrol agents on the southwest border.” This last one is just flat untrue. The doubling of the Border Patrol’s strength occurred wholly during the Bush Administration. President Obama should recant that claim. It is not his accomplishment. The best that can be said is that he has not rolled back what was previously done.
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    5 Responses to 3 Questionable Foreign Policy Statements in the Second Presidential Debate

    1. Bill says:

      Major Fraud in Cheif Obama. He will lie forever to get sympathy votes.

      • TCY RON says:

        This is "simply" the "liberal Mantra"…………Say whatever you must say, to win an election! Never mind the "truth", or accuracy, nor intention to "follow through" with "action on promises"! Do what ever you must to gain your agenda….."there are "no" limits to what a liberal will do,[ ie, Vince Foster], "monica", Benghazi gate, Obama's outrageous campaign promises, & so much more. Sorry folks, politics just "ain't what it used to be"! Our forefathers, are rolling ovcer in their graves, "grimacing" at every obama Presidential decree! [If king oba wins this time, better look for a "safe place to land", cause America is going to the "dogs", & the Muslims!

    2. Mitt needs to play hardball in this debate or we will get 4 more years of President Obama. If he gets re-elected he will have the opportunity to stack the deck on the Supreme Court and do what he wants to, to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Progressivism equals tyranny

    3. Pat from Texas says:

      This president will say anything to get elected. We must not believe what he says or we will be hoodwinked again; and this time the results will be will be far more serious.

    4. Pat from Texas says:

      You are so correct in your assesment of the dangers of obama winning this election. It will be “no holds barred” for obama and his liberal cronies if he wins another term. He will in all likelyhood, try and “finish us off” as a nation and we will be just one of the crowd of do- nothing, have-nothing, be-nothing nations that are crowded at the trough.

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