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  • Clinton, Obama Try to Rewrite History on Benghazi

    For more than a month, Obama Administration officials have shifted blame for lack of intelligence or diplomatic security in Benghazi, Libya, where terrorist attacks on September 11 killed four Americans. But now, all of a sudden, both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and—during last night’s presidential debate—President Obama himself have decided to claim ultimate responsibility. These claims seem perfunctory, do not bear any consequences for either Clinton or Obama, and come more than a month too late.

    Not only that, but the President is also trying to rewrite history, claiming last night that he did say that it was a terrorist attack that cost the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three security personnel. In one of the tensest moments of the debate, the President evaded Mitt Romney’s question of clarification in which he asked, “You said…it was an act of terror. It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you’re saying?”

    For a point of clarification, President Obama in the White House Rose Garden the day after the attack mentioned “acts of terror” in a general statement. Furthermore, the Administration repeatedly blamed the attacks on the now-infamous YouTube video on several occasions—on September 16 with Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday morning shows, and on September 25 in Obama’s speech to the U.N. And don’t forget in his appearance on The View the day before.

    As for Clinton, in a series of interviews given in Lima, Peru, just prior to the presidential debate, she stated, “I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha.… I take responsibility.” While signaling that she was stepping forward only because of the election, Clinton thus absolved President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from culpability. She affirmed that they had no involvement in security decisions to deny the consulate additional security personnel.

    Rewriting history is nothing new for the Obama Administration. White House staff have been rewriting online histories of Obama’s predecessors to add him in, and it was recently discovered by Heritage researcher James Roberts that the State Department is rewriting its country reports, cutting out reams of history and previous U.S. policy and reducing the focus to the policies of the Obama Administration.

    Obama and Clinton should not succeed in rewriting the history of the Benghazi terrorist attack. Four brave Americans lost their lives, and we deserve an honest accounting.

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    7 Responses to Clinton, Obama Try to Rewrite History on Benghazi

    1. Bruce Spencer says:

      This most corrupt administration this country has ever endured. That will be the history lesson for my children and grandchildren..

    2. Alfrom Fl says:

      An honest accounting??? like Fast & Furious – these guys are old hands at changing words, meaning of words and context. By next week, the Pres may well tell us that Libya does not exist. His words are usually meant to tell a story, not to indicate what he will do or what he did(or didn't) do.

    3. Unfortunately the Kool-aid drinkers will believe Obama regardless what he says. Only rudimentary attention was needed to see the Obama administration blew this one completely.

    4. MGNC says:

      What is the point of re-writing history, when the new version is worse than the old one. Is the President saying his administration had recognized the Libyan attack as a terrorist attack as far back as the Rose Garden speech, but he could not find a more decisive and committed way to announce this than a declaration that would force the average person (and for that matter, the press) having to research a month-old transcript, and within it look for code words like "terror" amidst all the hedging and evasion. (And of course to ignore all the subsequent interviews, TV appearances, etc.) Did it take 30 days, left alone 30 seconds for the public to know what FDR thought had happened on Dec 7th, or GWB on Sept 11th? Even Bill Clinton responded to the attacks on the USS Cole with more transparency.

    5. John Scoby says:

      Kind of like the Fast and Furious that cost a lot of lives that according to our leaders was done by low level officers on their own. Because nobody in the upper ranks knew anything about it. Yeah Right

    6. Rex Remes says:

      I just read that Clinton asked for more security in Benghazi, Obama said no.

      Is that true?

    7. giubril says:

      You can rewrite history.From information gathered in the 80's,in sources close to the consulate and at the Libyan Embassy in Italy, the reconstruction of unpublished events happened in Libya before entry into the war of Benito Mussolini.
      A few months before the war, Italo Balbo could change the history of Libya and the fate of World War II.

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