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  • Questioners at Tonight's Debate Face $4,492 Tax Increase Next Year

    President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney won’t be the only people in the spotlight at tonight’s presidential debate in Hempstead, NY. About 100 undecided voters from Nassau County on Long Island will have an opportunity to ask Obama and Romney questions in the town-hall format.

    These voters were selected by the Gallup Organization because they are uncommitted to Obama or Romney. No one knows what questions will be asked or who will be among the select few chosen by moderator Candy Crowley, a CNN political correspondent.

    But we do know a few things about the residents of Nassau County. Many reside in New York’s 4th congressional district. Taxpayers in that district will be subject to an eye-popping $4,492 tax increase on Jan. 1, 2013, as a result of Taxmageddon.

    Taxmageddon is the one-year $494 billion tax increase that will kick next year unless Congress acts. It hits residents of Nassau County particularly hard. The total increase for the district is nearly $1.6 billion.

    And if that wasn’t bad enough, Nassau County residents are also facing the impact of Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage payment reductions. These were enacted as part of Obamacare and will add up to nearly $3.2 billion over the next 10 years, according to a study by Robert A. Book and Michael Ramlet.

    Will one of the voters ask about this tonight?

    You’ll have to tune in to find out. Heritage will be streaming the debate live at 9 p.m. ET and offering instant analysis from experts on The Foundry.

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    74 Responses to Questioners at Tonight's Debate Face $4,492 Tax Increase Next Year

    1. THE BOTTOM LINE : A President of the United States has to have 5 days to prepare for this debate about sums it up for me. If he had a record to run on, it might not be such a problem for him.

      AMERICA has become so NAIVE … Neither party excites me but, I'll have to go for the experience of a job creator over Obama. I really do believe that Romney will be effective in tuning the red ink around for ALL Americans.

      The incompetence of this Administration has been on DISPLAY long enough for any thinking person to make the right decision on Nov 6th.

      • LicketySplit says:

        Yeah…im thinking that Zero has just about run the gauntlet…he is toast. I agree with your comment on how any thinking (i will extend that to informed and semi intelligent) person to make the right decision. The political correctness of the US has to be brought back to grounded views and rule of law. This lawless potus thru regulations and rule by fiat skirting(bypassing actually) the constitution should be viewed as traitorous actions and should be treated as such. I hope Romney brings up Holder and his lack of pursuing charges against certain(Black Panthers) individuals that intimidated white people at a Pa polling station. I and i hope millions of Americans are completely and thoroughly drained by the use of the race card that we would love some sense of normality returned to OUR country. The shuck and dive and deflect attitude has far overrun its course IMOHO. Its time for this bum to go into retirement…pretty nice gig for 4 years of tinkering and screwing up our USA!!

      • veto says:

        speaking of questions for POTUS:
        1)May we please see his NON-FORGED birth certificate?
        2)who funded his failure in college and why?
        3)Why are there doubts about the legitimacy of his Social Security and Selective Service registration?
        4)Why aren’t these 3 scandals alone enough to disqualify him from the office of POTUS?
        5)Why the cover up in Libya – and what is he going to do about that terrorist attack?
        6)Why did he get away with the outing of Seal Team 6 – and other national secrets – and what exactly was his role in the assault?
        7)Why hasn't he fired Holder over Fast and Furious and who all is involved in the cover-up?
        8)Why isn’t Holder’s decision in the black panthers case considered racist?
        9)Shouldn’t race-baiting be considered a hate crime?

      • veto says:

        21)Does he really believe that the US Constitution is an obstacle to progress as he has often stated? Should Americans believe that too?
        22)How does he get away with deliberately maximizing the roles of food stamps and cell phones – while reducing welfare qualification requirements – on our tax dime and without our vote?
        23)exactly what happened at Solyndra? – and which of his bundlers profited? – and what is he going to do about it? Who knew what when???
        24)How much of our tax money did the DNC collect from Solyndra?
        25)Is John Corzine still bundling for him – and was MFGlobal money given to the DNC?
        26)Is printing more money good for the economy? Where is the proof – or concept even? When will it stop?
        27)What is the legality of arbitrarily shutting down Gulf oil production?
        28)Combined with Keystone – only green energy failures – and his stated assault on the coal industry – Where is the proof that he wants America to be energy independent as he stated in the last debate?
        29)Does $5/gallon gas make sense for the middle class in this economic environment?

      • veto says:

        30)When has he ever been involved in bipartisanship? Didn't he control all 3 houses of congress for 2 years and 2 of the 3 houses for the past year and a half? Can you please disclose 1 bi-partisan idea he has championed?
        31)Does he consider letting current tax rates go up – an increase in middle-class taxes that he promised to prevent?
        32)What is the American tax-payer’s portion of the budget for winning his re-election?
        33)Does he think campaign appearances on Leno, Oprah, The Morning Show, Mythbusters and other TV programs – or golf – is as important as attending intelligence and economic briefings?
        34)Does he think a true leader can get by just reading the ‘cliff notes’ ? (Is that why he flunked out of college?)
        35)Since he gained control, his administration hasn’t received a single vote for a budget. Why not? (and where is the outrage?)
        36)Why does he think he is more qualified than Mitt Romney to be President?
        37)according to Wikipedia “Forward” –Obama’s campaign slogan – is a favorite word of communists. Is he referring to them – or the fiscal cliff he has erected for us?
        38)Does the family dog always fly alone?
        39)Why does he believe that muslims are to share credit for making this country great?
        40)Does he really think his is the most transparent administration in history?
        41)Does he know how juvenile he sounds spewing the same lies over and over?
        42)Does he really think we will believe him if repeated enough?
        43)With the exception of wealth redistribution – hasn’t he broken ALL of his promises –
        a.cut the deficit in half?
        b.appease the muslims?
        c.lift up the middle class?
        d.heal the planet?
        e.close gitmo?
        f.Keep your doctor?
        g.No public funds for abortion?
        h.No middle class tax hikes?

        The American Vote is probably our most coveted privilege and many have sacrificed their own lives to protect it. Photo id is required to buy beer, cigarettes, drive a vehicle, get on an airplane, and attend Obama rallies.
        Why is he blocking photo id requirements to vote?
        - two more questions – if you can find someone with some spine to ask them:

        • Reference #30 – he did say at one point that Republicans could come along for the ride, but they had to ride in the back of the bus.

          Presumably, this is the same bus that he drove over his fellow democrat, Hillary – so, that's bipartisan, right?


        • jeanette says:

          you are awesome!!!Well done my friend.

      • deveryday says:

        It's astounding, really, that Obama can come into office, tear us apart through bad policy, bad management and utter neglect, and then be so hard to beat.

        I'm cautious about the outcome on Nov 6, but hopeful. Hopeful…hope. That word will never be the same.

      • @undefined says:

        He does have a record… Record of incompetence, Record of Lying, Record of Failures, Record Debt, Record Gas Prices, Record unemployment, Record number of people on government dime, etc…

        He is studying to make sure he remembers what he said and when!

      • guest says:

        Cathy' Candy' was at the WH Oct13th..Guess she had to go herself to deliver the pre-picked questions to them..Gallup has bent to the dems twice now to reflect a better picture of obama.they can only fix the polls so much…but they can stack the deck on participants,flight and rooms paid for by the DNC…

      • slconfidential says:

        If he told the truth then he would not need five days to study for the debate.

    2. Shamooo says:

      Cathy is a well known liberal. She will not ask Obama a hard question, and she will be tough on Romney. Anything different will be a shock.

      • dchapman says:

        She won't be asking questions. Per the agreed upon rules specifically for this debate, she is not supposed to really do anything other than present the questioner w/ the mic.

      • veto says:

        10)What is the legality of turning GM and Chrysler over to the unions – and still accepting campaign donations from them?
        11) Is it true that the Obama administration deliberately lied to the GM bankruptcy judge for political gain and expediency?
        12)Why does he persecute Catholics regarding the guarantee of life – in their own hospitals? Does he not agree with the Declaration of Independence either?
        13)He signed into law an executive order to prevent tax dollars to pay for abortion, and then increased funding for Planned Parenthood. Why does he not consider that a violation of his own executive order?
        14)What is his response to allegations of repeated federal election law violations?
        15)What is his response to allegations of repeated tax-payer funded Las Vegas junkets for his administration?
        16)Why is he suing Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and Utah – and how does he get away with selectively enforcing immigration laws?
        17)What is the legality of deliberately antagonizing Sherriff Joe with frivolous lawsuits?
        18)Who in his administration arranged the party at the now notorious Pley Club in Cartagena, Colombia?
        19)What agreements were made with the Columbian government during that meeting?
        20)What exactly are the American taxpayer’s funding obligations to the muslim brotherhood? Why?

    3. steven says:

      the question then , is, which questions will she choose? r leaning or o leaning?

      • govskeptic says:

        You can bet the left leaning and heavily opinionated Candy will attempt to find the
        questions she thinks Romney may have the most problems with. If his answers
        are good on any of the questions, she will cut him off and go to the President.

        • yirmin says:

          She will pretty much ignore Obama, if she asks him anything he will fumble along and look like an idiot. If she asked his speech writer or teleprompter she might get a reasonable response, but not from the moron in chief.

    4. Justin Case says:

      Message to Drudge… Please take that big nasty picture of Creepy Crowley off the front of your website. I want to eat lunch today.

    5. AliVonGoldberg says:

      Mr. President, that drone in Benghazi that was filming the attack on our consulate, why didn't that drone fire on the terrorists that were assaulting with RPGs and 50 cal heavy weapons? Did intelligence inform you of your drone being sent there? Who gives the order to fire the weapons on our drones? Could lives have been saved by that drone ? Do you think the consulate called for that drone to just come there to film the attack? Where were you when this was happening, Mr. President?

      • Teresa Fields says:


      • nvrat says:

        Golfing and playing with Hollywood elite.

      • Hal says:

        you're a genius….great question

      • Blakeman says:

        Not all drones are equipped with weapons. It would be nice to know what drone was flying at the time…then we can ask your question.

      • Obama will give the same answer he's always given when a) he's lying, b) getting ready to lie, c) thinking about getting ready to lie, d) thinking about getting ready to lie about what type of lie he should lie about….his response will be "I can't comment on an ongoing investigation but what I can tell you is this (ssssss), and let me be clear, we must bring to justic (ssss)e those that were responsible for the embassy attack….but I'll need another 4 years (sssss) to make sure the job gets (ssss) done right and that's why I'm asking for your vote because after all, I got Bin Laden!"….spike imaginary football, whoop, whoop, whoop with angry fist in the air….

      • Bucky Badger says:

        Recon drones are not the same as Predator drones. They are not armed.

    6. TargetDestroyed01 says:

      I doubt anyone will ask about this tax increase even though we will all get hammered by it. I bet there will be nothing but “touchy feely” questions. Those tend to be more about “what can you give me that I don’t have to pay for and won’t think about where the money comes from” verses “why can’t you leave me alone to do things myself”…Serfdom vs. Freedom….which is what this tax question really is about. People just don’t think anymore, they simply feel.

      So I doubt this upcoming nightmare will result in a single question, which is very sad because it dang well should. TD01

      • George says:

        You are exactly right 'Target' It will be, "I have $68K in student loans, owe more then my house is worth and can't find a job with my masters degree in women's studies, what are you going to do to make my life easier?" These questions definitely favor the mommy party who wants to give everyone cradle to grave comfort.

      • Joe Sockit says:

        Two Problems with this debate, 1 There aren't any republicans in that part of the country. I live in Upstate NY and we vote 95% conservative and are always outvoted by the city (much like Illinois/Chicago) .
        2. Crowley gets to pick the questions so her only decision is what is the worst question for Romney and what question will make the "O" happy.. There will be massive Media bias on display tonight.
        I am beginning to think that people are becoming aware of this charade and the blatant bias will work against them unless Romney completely self destructs. Anyone that thinks this debate will be fair is either an Obamaite or a moron.

    7. John Gault says:

      Candy Crowley has control of what questions will be asked. I highly doubt she will allow such a question to be asked. She will protect Oblama and allow him to blame everyone else for his incompetence while making sure Romney has tougher questions. I can’t wait to see what kind of “what kind of underwear do you wear” questions Obama gets tonight.

    8. buffmuffin says:

      "100 undecided voters from Nassau County on Long Island"

      ROFL… as if anyone from Long Island is 'undecided'… Lifelong born and bred libs.

      • Ex-LIer says:

        Nassau County was once a Republican stronghold in liberal NY.

        • Marjanne says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble but to an Upstate or Central or Western or North Country New Yorker, a Nassau County "republican" is what we call a liberal, union loving Democrat! Married one, a whole in-law group of them–all registered R's but not like ANYONE else would understand it. I seriously think the questions are "rigged" in this respect.

      • Mike Kelley says:

        Just like last time when CNN had the audiance STACKED with Obama supporters and gay activists. They are too stupid to even do a Google search on these people nor do they care. By the time the debate is over and the questioners are vetted by non-biased media all they will say is “Sorry” because it’s “Mission accomplished! We protected our guy” What Bull…

    9. Richard E. McCormack says:

      New Democrat Party campaign slogan: "WE''VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO TAKE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!"

      • fredvn2 says:

        Hope you don't mind but I just re-posted this on Facebook. Very funny…..and sadly…… very true.

    10. Commonsense58 says:

      Romney should state this simple choice: If you are a voter at home and undecided about whom to select as your next president, please consider this: "My fellow Americans you are already aware of what you pay in Federal, State, and local income tax. Sales taxes, luxury( I-phone tax ) tax on services such as gas and water and electricity, you are taxed basically on eaqch and everything that you do. I am stepping in and saying enough is enough. An administration under Obama will have the government farming you much like an animal, they determine which doctor you will see and for how long. They will tell you what you can and cannot eat and by taxes what you will earn for the duration of your life. Choice my friends will be a thing of the past. Your individual freedom and Liberty is all but gone. Please let us not surrender our dignity and freedom to a government but let us return it to ourselves as independent proud Americans. The choice is a very simple one, Give yourselves up to a government that is intent on farming you, or come with me to a proud land where you will determine your own destiny and will reap the fruits of your hard labor and ingenuity.

      • Gslav30 says:

        Well said. Romney should recite your text, verbatim, regardless of the first question asked.

      • Random Guest says:

        I'd vote for ya

      • Rob says:

        If I were Romney I would look directly to the camera and pledge to the American People that if he's elected president he will assume full responsibility from the day he is inaugerated unlike the current occupier of the White House who has, from the same date four years prior, blamed his predecessor for everything.

      • Freeman says:

        You have my vote.

      • joe sockit says:

        You are not going to convince any owner of an Obama phone with that drivel. And don't think that Crowley would let you get away with a statement like that

      • balticroze720 says:

        Excellent statement! Gov. Romney should definitely express this as an opening & closing statement to the people of America. God Bless America!

    11. dan says:

      The ideas of the obama admin. have been on display for four years..they have not worked for this country and they have not worked for the entire history of the world…the only thing that works less then socialist ideas is the US CONGRESS….and they are still on vacation…in the old days the states legislatures would have recalled THEIR senator a long time ago….but congress amended the Constitution to allow popular vote for state senator…now they are only doing the governments bidding and not beholding to the state….hence a do nothing good for the country congress

    12. Rob says:

      I would like to ask Obama: Mr. President, for the past nearly 4 years you have blamed anyone and everything for your problems. Bush for the economy and wars, ATM machines and Republicans for lost jobs and you let Hilary take the fall for Benghazi. You had control of the House and Senate and you nominated two far-left Liberal justices to the SCOTUS. At what point will you accept blame for the countries problems. Also, if you are re-elected, will you blame yourself for the mess you left or will you still blame George Bush?

      • Joe Blow says:

        Exactly. Every issue ANYONE deals with is framed by a "problem". In other words, EVEN IF someone left you a problem, either you can or cannot fix it, regardless of the parameters of the problem. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

        We need someone who can make a difference now, not more of what we have been getting. It's the economy stupid it played against George Sr and things weren't nearly as bad, so it ought to work here too.

        Jobs, tax relief, give us a bull and let's share the wealth. I'm sick and tired of loaning MY MONEY to a bank for a high yield of a whopping 0.01%. The financial industry is taking advantage of us everyday.
        Recent example – JPMorgan post record profits, but my savings account did not notch up at all – where's the quid pro quo when a $100,000 CD gets you $500 bucks a year!!! Greed still rules America.

    13. FlexoRick says:

      Candy's questions of Obama will surround the smell of his underwear and how pleasant it must be.
      To Romney it will surround why are you so white, rich and out of touch

    14. Taxes is why I left the Long Island back in '92, lets hope those I abandoned realize what's coming in January and how devastating it will be to their quality of life if Obama has four more years.

    15. Mary Jones says:


      Hilary Clinton is all smiles as she offers millions of American taxpayer dollars to Libya. And a Senate panel approved 53 Billion in foreign aid to the Palestinians and the Middle East.

      In the meantime, millions of senior citizens have had their EARNED Social Security benefits reduced by up to 60% due to the unfair WEP and GPO laws. It would only take 6.2 billion per year to correct this injustice but congress won't do it because it our elected officials claim it will cost too much to pay seniors what they actually EARNED.

      In other words, aiding the Libyans and the Palestinian state and giving billions to the Middle East is more important to our government than the welfare of our elderly citizens who have played by the rules and paid into Social Security system for decades.

      The USA government is corrupt!

      • Carol says:

        And Mary my husband is one of them….God Bless….

      • Guest says:

        No, not our government. The banksters only get $40 billion an month for the rest of eternity because the people of this nation and the nation itself is broke. Only $40 billion a month for the banksters, we all have to suffer some.

    16. Mr FixIt says:

      the fix is in. I guarantee that every MSM reporter has already written their story about how "Obama really turned things around in tonight's debate. He really stuck it to Romney and this is the Obama we all know and love!"
      Mark my words, no matter how badly he does tonight, the media will claim Obama won.

    17. Momofthree says:

      I grew up on long island and i find it very hard to believe there are undecided voters in Nassau County, NY! They all go for Obama anyway in NY!

    18. MSNBC says:

      Obama really turned this one around! What a great debate, and there is no doubt across the board that Mr Obama did a fantastic job tonight and brought back some of that '08 magic.

      Wait, did that get posted before the debate. Sorry, hit the wrong button.


    19. Clearhead says:

      If Miss Crawley doesn’t conduct herself properly tonight. I will neither watch CNN, nor patronize ANY of their sponsors until she is fired. On the other hand, if she DOES act civilly I will retract the above. P.S. I am not alone in this endeavor — not by a long shot.

    20. USAGeorge says:

      Well since Biden said the State Dept didn't tell them it was a terrorist attack perhaps Obama can tell us who told them it was caused by a video? My guess is that Big Bird sourced that one..

    21. KenS says:

      You are spot on Fixit

    22. ?FALCON? says:

      This election was over weeks ago when Obama said You didn't build that. He can toss his childish blame, but facts are facts. Since Obama doubled down on Elizabeth Warren's idiocy – things have been going down the toilet. And I couldn't be happier.

    23. iambicpentamaster says:

      They already have a tax increase.

      The Obamacare taxes are hitting the middle-class, the poor and women hardest.

      Obamacare = Obama's War On Women

    24. "O-Bot" morons says:

      The answer to the question is no! No one will ask. They won't ask because they do not even know about that tax increase they face because they are informed . How do we know they are uninformed ? Because they were picked by Gallup from a pool of undecided voters . It's 3 weeks out and they are "undecided" .John Wayne said it best." Life is hard, it's even harder if your stupid" .It's about to get harder the the folks of this county .

    25. "O-Bot" morons says:

      if it's 3 weeks out and you're "undecided" then you';re pretty clueless ,so it's doubtful they even know their tax hike is coming. Ignorance is bliss and if you're undecided at this juncture then you're clueless

    26. bigguy says:

      Keep it simple, Cowley.

      Pres Obama, What is your favorite color?

      Gov Romney, How many people have lost their jobs after you bought their company?

    27. joe says:

      Anyone going to ask if Obama improved his golf game while President?

    28. Herb Giles says:


      • Tom says:

        Opening line should be "My name is Mitt Romney not George Bush, yours is Barack Obama not Bill Clinton. Let's talk about the past four years and what will happen in the next four years.

    29. GregB says:

      Previous economic downturns resulted in significant growth up from the worst of it. With Obama, everything is getting worse, not better. The 7.8% unemployment rate is the result of people leaving the workforce. We import 100,000 legal immigrants each month, and that's about how many jobs are being created. The American people get nothing but feat and nausea.

    30. _ALDEBARAN_ says:

      Let the liberal hack "journalist" and the man-child, thin-skinned empty suit go at Mitt. The sincerity and truthfulness of Mitt will plainly display the lack of substance, ideology and duplicity embodied by both the both of them for all to see.

    31. Psanford says:

      This is an event set up against Romney …it is what it is…I will be watching who the cameramen focus on…100 undecided in this area??? 72percent dem?? Sure.

    32. JoeBlow says:

      So as both sides bicker about who is responsible for imposing a near $5K tax increase on the "average American"…who will wring their hands when the bill comes due? Not the Uncle Sam, because he needs the cash and can always find a place to spend it. Spendaholics in Washington.

    33. 47%er says:

      I hope we see the real Romney tonight, not that phony that was in Denver!

    34. JCIll says:

      Did you read anything about Bain Capital or are you just echoing what the lefty websites spit out? Their mission is to buy failing companies and save those that are salvageable, and close down those that can't make it on their own. People who lose their jobs would have lost them anyway. However, those that succeed are now among the best run companies in the country. Wikipedia mentions the following companies that Bain rescued: AMC Entertainment, Aspen Education Group, Brookstone, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Clear Channel Communications, Domino's Pizza, DoubleClick, Dunkin' Donuts, D&M Holdings, Guitar Center, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Sealy, The Sports Authority, Staples, Toys "R" Us, Warner Music Group and The Weather Channel.
      Now some of these companies might outsource some jobs…but overall, Bain Capital has created hundreds of thousands of jobs right here in the US. You need to turn off MSNBC and get yourself educated.

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