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  • VP Debate: Joe Biden's Three Most Misleading Foreign Policy Statements

    During Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden made numerous misleading or outright inaccurate claims regarding American foreign policy and the Obama administration’s performance on that front.

    Attacks against Americans and American diplomatic facilities in North Africa – most notably Libya, where U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed – have thrust foreign policy to the forefront of the presidential contest. Biden’s claims on that front, then, merit particular attention.

    Here are Biden’s three most factually-challenged foreign policy claims from Thursday’s debate.

    Biden falsely claims he did not vote to invade Afghanistan or Iraq

    In what was at best a serious misstatement and at worst a flat out lie, Biden claimed that he voted against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Senator. In fact, he voted for both.

    “I was there, I voted against them,” Biden said of the wars. “I said, ‘no, we can’t afford that.’” In reality, Biden voted for the congressional resolutions authorizing the use of force in Afghanistan – on September 14, 2001 – and Iraq – on October 11, 2002.

    Biden contradicts State, blames intelligence community for Libya misinformation

    Biden flatly contradicted his own State Department in claiming that initial intelligence after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi indicated that the violence was a response to an obscure YouTube video.

    State Department officials say that they never concluded the attack was a spontaneous protest against the video. They made that clear in a late-night conference call with reporters on Tuesday, and reiterated the point the following day at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

    But Biden attributed the White House’s false statements (it has since retracted its initial characterizations of the attacks) to unnamed intelligence sources. “The intelligence community told us that,” he told debate moderator Martha Raddatz.

    So who’s right, Biden or State? According to a report from the Daily Beast’s Eli Lake, who cited three sources in the intelligence community, “U.S. intelligence agencies had strong indications al Qaeda–affiliated operatives were behind the attack, and had even pinpointed the location of one of those attackers” within 24 hours of the Benghazi attacks.

    Biden claims the administration didn’t know the Benghazi consulate requested greater security, again contradicting State

    “Anyone who paid attention to a hearing in Congress this week knew that the administration had been implored to beef up security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya before the deadly terrorist attack there,” wrote the Associated Press on Friday. “But in the vice presidential debate Thursday night, Joe Biden seemed unaware.”

    Indeed, the day before the debate, Eric Nordstrom, the former chief security officer in Libya, told Oversight that his entire team was “in sync that we wanted these resources.”

    What’s more, State has admitted that they received – and denied – requests for additional security. “Senior State Department officials acknowledged to Congress on Wednesday that they had turned down requests to send more U.S. military personnel to guard diplomatic facilities in Libya shortly before the Sept. 11 attack,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

    On Friday, a White House national security official was forced to state that Biden does not speak for the administration on this issue.

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    33 Responses to VP Debate: Joe Biden's Three Most Misleading Foreign Policy Statements

    1. John Nalivka says:

      So, let me get this straight; the Vice President of the United States does not speak for the administration! Oh yes. He is just "old Joe".

    2. Jim Backus says:

      4 Americans Died! Joseph Biden declares that he was unaware that the administration had been implored to beef up security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya. On Friday (10-12-12), a White House national security official was forced to state that Biden does not speak for the administration on this issue.

      Is Joseph Biden incompetent or an outright liar?

      I have to question those who state that Joe Biden won this debate (including George Stephanopoulos, ABC and others). If lying, being uninformed, acting disrespectful and unbefitting the second highest office of the United States is considered wining, what is the basis for loosing?

      • anti-Modrama says:

        Obviously he's both a liar and incompetent But he is a very competent liar. I easily envision him as the obnoxious, opinionated , swaggering, half-drunk attorney, divesting attorney-client privelaged info to his peers (union "leadership" , ambulance chasers and other "pillars of the community") at the smarmy cocktail lounge across the street from the local courthouse. He should just retire and stay drunk on the golf course at his local country club. That's what he geared for.

    3. Jimmie says:

      Folks, there is little room left to deny this guy is either completely disconnected from the White House or a blatant bold faced liar!

    4. Joan Waters says:

      Keep up the good work in keeping us informed. This guy is a total joke!

    5. Sheree Coon says:

      Ole Sherrif Joe, he's always been a goof. And I have absolutely no doubt that he DOES mean everything he says.

    6. PaysoncsensePaysonb says:

      Amazing how the VP of the USA can sit in a nationalized debate and lie through his teeth. His behavior was not only dishonest but unstately and immature. He's an elitist who panders to the poor and disenfranchised for his own benefit. A phony with an oversized ego demonstrated with arrogant antics and imbecilic passion.

    7. Earlfj says:

      And Obama said Biden did a wonderful job.

    8. Lets see. Maybe Biden has been skipping security briefings when this topic was brought up. Not that they care about security overseas. Because everyone loves them. Right. ANd he just forgot to count the vote where he voted for the war because they wanted to look good because of 9-11. It is all politics. Say what they think will get them points today and ignore the past history of their actions.

    9. Don says:

      Unfortunately, the mainstream media continues to throw shiny objects and divert American's attention from the facts. I hope we can find a way to hold this administrations feet to the fire on their epic failures regarding Benghazi. But, as Cutter blames Romney, and the administration spins it's lies, the people will tune out and move on. Somehow, we must keep the focus on this situation and force the media to actually cover it and demand accountability.

    10. Joe Brochu says:

      Listened to Col Hunt on Howie Carr talk radio. he went into detail how all embassies are connected electronically in real time back to Washington and how protocols for operations are recorded w/ real time video and radio. How Wash was aware in minutes and how the political decisioning was responsible for lack of response which in turn failed the ambassador and crew.

    11. michael alspaugh says:

      When are we supposed to believe the Obama administration? Why do they call the Romney/Ryan team liars when they never tell us the straight truth?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        If they call Romney/Ryan liars it makes them look good and truthful. An old saying: “I’t come out in the wash,” just hope it’s not too late to wake Americans up as to who is in the WH.

    12. Bill Buckley says:

      What can be said about this clown? The biggest lie he said the other night was: "Americans know they can trust the President and I on this." What planet has this guy been living on the past 4 years cause it hasn't been this one!

    13. MizDi says:

      "Joe Biden seemed unaware.” Sounds like a typical day in Biden-Land.

    14. Chris Harris says:

      He used same flawed intelligence for confirmation that Iran has no plans to build a bomb! You can't have it both ways Joe!!

    15. Once again it is proven, we the people cannot believe ANYTHING that comes from the mouths of the BHO-JB camp. Coverup, lies, and deception have been the norm, even before the 2008 election.

    16. carl rains says:

      how can we the people vote for someone who can not tell the truth <<<<< !!!!!!

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        They drink the Kool-Aid. Unfortunetly, there are those who believe anyhing they hear — it makes things look good for them, just like the woman who thought electing BHO meant she would see her rent and gas bill paid for her. This is another reason that Civics needs to be taught in schools, not socialism

    17. Jim MIngs says:

      Inexcusable!! The deaths of 4 americans was preventable. Why has the admin. followed the line about an amature video? Who called the shot to abandon our people in Libya? Someone should pay.

    18. How come it took Biden a week to prepare for the debate. "Grin a lot, wave your hands in the air, interrupt, whine, make stuff up, and lie your arse off"! That took a week?

    19. Can we expect anything different from the BHO-JB camp? The cover-ups began before the 2008 election and nothing has changed in the four years following. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, it has happened with too many situations, they tell what they thing their people will accept as truth.

    20. Reagan says:

      I don't think Paul Ryan was prepared for this debate. He could have called on "moroncrat" on his misleading statements. He could have done better using "moroncrat" statements against such as TARP used (green companies and auto industry GM failures and FORD refusing TARP coming out its problems) the list can go on…Paul needs to improve his debate skills. I know his a gentleman but in politics sometimes you have to be a "nasty SOB"…Americans need to be educated meaning change the school system (UNION OUT of schools and universities) otherwise WE ARE TOAST!!

    21. This is a good article to educate yourself on foreign policy and misleading and inaccurate claims which were presented at the VP debate.

    22. Kyle says:

      And like his boss BO, both of these incompetents are a tragic mistake as leaders of this country!

    23. Frank says:

      It is so sad in our country today that the medias will not let all Americans see the truth an continue to hide posts like this!! We all better pray that this changes soon or we will all go down the tubes!! And, guess who will be the first that the socialists/communists/muslim terriorists do away with first? The news media!!!!!!

    24. Larry Cummings says:

      Would you want this character as president?

    25. VP Joe Biden is asking the Lord to forgive him for telling so many whoppers during the debate

    26. Ed Hilgaertner says:

      Watch his lips, If they move, he's lying.

    27. oldephardt says:

      That Biden is a heartbeat away from the White House is enough to frighten all Americans. Why did the Democrats ever run him for anything as he has never shown wisdom, courage or plain old guts in anything he has said or done and, in fact, he cannot remember what issues he voted on ? America needs him to go back to Delaware where he may evermore hide from the realities of his performance.

    28. Ken Whitworth says:

      This is another example of the lies of this administration. I didn't know someone could lie so easily and still hold his head up as if he has credibility.

    29. Lloyd Scallan says:

      I truly don't understand why the author and HF continue to give this Obama administration a soft spot to land by using words like "misleading" or "mistaking". These people lie! During the debate Biden continued to lie,then to cover, he went into a Vaudeille type act to divert and distract Ryan and the American people. The only hope the Obama bunch has is to lie and distort knowing full well far to many Americans will not take the time to learn the truth.

    30. jbs says:

      We have to get people out to vote these fools out of office! See if your local republican org has a list or some ideas.. just talk is notenough.we are losing our country.

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