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  • Unraveling the Libya Debacle: Biden's Disregard for the Facts

    Vice President Biden’s assertions during the debate last night showed either a lack of information or a willful disregard for the facts.

    Biden stated in relation to the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi—which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens—that “We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there.”

    Biden’s assertions squarely contradict headline-grabbing testimony given just the day before to Members of Congress. At Wednesday’s hearing of the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee, Eric Nordstrom, a regional security officer at the U.S.embassy in Tripoli, described his intense frustration at having his requests for more security turned down by State Department officials. In fact, said the exasperated Nordstrom, fighting violent extremists inLibya was nowhere near as tough as fighting bureaucrats inWashington.

    A timeline of the events leading up to the terrorist attack on September 11 shows that terrorism is indeed alive and well in Libya, a very inconvenient fact for the Obama Administration. The U.S. consulate had been attacked with explosive devices twice in six months, and diplomatic vehicles were routinely targets of assault and attempted kidnappings. The British ambassador had also been attacked, as had the building of the International Red Cross.

    The Obama Administration continues to cling to the fiction that Libya is an Arab Spring success story, where normalizing relations and downgrading security would be appropriate. Even in the face of this terrorist attack, Charlene Lamb, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security, stated at Wednesday’s hearing that security in Libya was “exactly right.” Unbelievable.

    The aftermath of the Benghazi attack—one might call it the cover-up—is equally messy. The State Department appears determined to not take the blame and is shifting blame back to the White House for the post-attack cover-up. In two conference calls Tuesday—one with staff of five congressional committees and one with reporters (minus Fox News)—unnamed State Department officials denied that there was ever a demonstration outside the Benghazi consulate over the anti-Islam YouTube video “The Innocence of Muslims.” “That was not our conclusion,” the officials said repeatedly.

    This distances the State Department from the official White House line that the 14-minute amateurish video was the cause of it all and not resurgent al-Qaeda terrorism. In particular, it distances the State Department from U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and her five now-famous Sunday show appearances in which she unswervingly peddled the White House line as a fact.

    Most importantly, however, it is now amply clear that terrorism did not die with Osama bin Laden and that we do not have a policy to deal with it. The Vice President got that one wrong, too.

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    6 Responses to Unraveling the Libya Debacle: Biden's Disregard for the Facts

    1. Denise says:

      The MSM better stop ignoring the Benghazi Cover Up. Cannot understand how everyone in the chain of command up to the WH could sit on their hands and listen in to the SIX HOURS of the attack (in real time) as those 4 Americans fought for their lives. They were the sacrificial lambs of the administration's desperate attempt to present a "things are improving" facade. Although you won't hear it from Biden or Obama, THIS Coverup is a BIG F'ING DEAL!

    2. Denise says:

      One thing is crystal clear…Biden is either incompetent and misinformed, or he is just a flat out liar… neither of which would surprise me much. This administration is one fiasco after another, and one cover-up after another.

    3. Bobbie says:

      It's a laughing matter to Mr. Biden and all those who think we believe their lies and cover ups. Chris Stevens and his colleagues should have been highly protected since day one! NO QUESTION! It's deplorable these men were ignored in this area of terrorism in the world. How dare they do this to the sons of parents! It's SICK AND INHUMAN ON BOTH SIDES!! Charles Manson didn't have to murder to be charged with it. There's no excuse for this to have happened! NONE! Reprimand is extremely necessary! NO QUESTION!

      Big bird and sustaining his high salary off tax payers is more important to Biden and the President than the President's duty to protect Americans here and abroad? What's the criminal rate in America since he's been in office? How many people and elderly have cowards maimed and murdered under this President that this President wasn't supporting focus on convincing America, a man with Mexican decent is white?

      No one can control the behavior of anyone but proper law enforcement does assist to insist on maintaining society civilly where violators are punished the same and accordingly to fit their crime! No skin color relevance!! Mr. President!

      Thank goodness Mr. Romney isn't a vengeful person stirring resentment between Americans but a inspirational peaceful person with priorities and intelligence to know the difference between a terrorist attack and a protest!!

    4. Sandra Hopes says:

      I don't know what he was on, but that was indeed the weirdest debate I have ever seen, and I have been watching them since 60. And the lies, one after another.

    5. Fred says:

      The Obama administration places politics before everything, including human life. There has never been a group of people like this in authority. I am disgusted.

    6. DiscontentWithLiars says:

      And all they had to do, was say it was an planned terroist attack, and say they were mistaken within 24 hours of the attack, and stand strongly against these attacks, and pursue these murderers to the ends of the earth. We would be with them. Instead it was lie after lie from Obama's administration. We can't trust them (here that Biden)! Lying isn't ok anymore! We don't have to put up with it, and we won't!

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