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  • Morning Bell: Heritage Experts React to Vice Presidential Debate

    Vice President Biden and Representative Paul Ryan squared off last night for a spirited and intense 90-minute debate at Centre College in Danville, KY. Topics ranged from foreign to domestic, touching on serious issues that Heritage policy experts grapple with every day.

    While many commentators were critiquing style, a team of 19 Heritage experts cut through the malarkey and focused on substance. They reacted instantly to the debate last night, providing policy research on the multitude of questions raised by moderator and ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz. Below are some of the highlights of our experts’ reactions to the major issues addressed.

    We will be discussing the debate in our first-ever Google Hangout today at noon ET. Follow us on Google+ to join the conversation.

    Don’t Blame Budget Cuts for Libya Embassy Attack

    Biden claimed that Ryan’s budget is partly responsible for the failures of security that led to the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, saying that “The Congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for.”

    As Heritage expert Brett Schaefer pointed out on The Foundry: “Overall funding for those programs has increased sharply over the past decade. Indeed, Worldwide Security Protection is more than double what it was a decade ago. … Moreover, the State Department has considerable latitude in allocating security funds based on current events and intelligence on possible threats. Why that latitude was not applied in Libya deserves further scrutiny.”

    It’s also worth noting that the U.S. Senate has not actually adopted a budget in more than three years. So it is hard to see how the appropriations process is the appropriate place to start looking for the failures that led to the death of Stevens and his colleagues. The problems run deeper than that.

    –Ted Bromund, Senior Research Fellow in Anglo-American Relations, The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom

    A Not-So-Balanced Approach on Spending

    Biden echoed the all-too-familiar mantra that a so-called “balanced approach” is necessary to fix our spending and debt issues. Sounds fair, right? Except that the policy prescription he and President Obama advocate consists of more stimulus spending – disguised as critical investments, of course — plus massive tax hikes on high-income earners and small businesses, for starters. That’s a double whammy guaranteed to harm the economy.

    Ryan rightly points out the sluggish economic growth the United States has experienced recently. The unemployment rate is still outlandishly high, and GDP has grown at a crawling rate. It is hardly the recovery Americans were assured would result from federal stimulus spending. That’s all the more reason not to double down on tax hikes on Americans or propose even more government spending. The economy needs to be free from the threat of Taxmageddon and other tax hikes, and Washington needs to curb its spending problem.

    –Emily Goff, Research Associate, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies

    The Transnational Terrorism Threat

    The debate took a quick tour over the landscape of transnational terrorism from Libya to Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran. It was so quick that no one bothered to explain where the war against transnational terrorism stands today.

    The case in Libya is tragically all too clear. Al-Qaeda affiliates have established a base in the country. In Iraq, the AP recently reported that since the United States “ended” the war, the number of al-Qaeda in the country has doubled. Iran remains one of the world’s most notorious state sponsors of terrorism. The Taliban and other affiliates are threatening the stability of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Whoever holds the Oval office in January is going to have to deal with a significant transnational terrorism threat. The current U.S. strategy is just not up to the task.

    –James Jay Carafano, Deputy Director, The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, and Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies

    Obama Tax Hike Would Devastate Jobs

    Biden discussed President Obama’s plan to raise the top two marginal tax rates. If that were to occur, the economy would create 710,000 fewer jobs, according the accounting firm Ernst & Young. Jobs would suffer badly because, even though the Vice President said only 3 percent would pay those higher rates, those 3 percent are the biggest, most successful small businesses that do all the hiring. The Ernst & Young study found the Obama tax hike would devastate jobs because those businesses that would pay the higher rates employ 54 percent of the private workforce.

    On the other hand, tax reform like Governor Mitt Romney and Ryan propose would lower rates to encourage growth and do so without reducing revenue or shifting the tax burden from high income taxpayers to middle income families. Even the Tax Policy Center, which is the group Obama and Biden cite to criticize the Romney tax plan, does not claim the Romney plan would reduce revenue — never mind by $5 trillion.

    –Curtis Dubay, Senior Policy Analyst, Tax Policy, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies

    The $6,400 Question on Medicare

    The allegation that premium support in Medicare would cost seniors more than $6,400 more is both wrong and misleading. Heritage expert Rea Hederman explains, “[T]his dollar amount is incorrect, and the charge is erroneous. Such false charges are based on an outdated Congressional Budget Office (CBO) model of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan’s (R–WI) 2011 budget proposal.” In fact, under Ryan’s current proposal, a senior would be guaranteed at least two health plans whose premiums meet 100 percent of the contribution amount. Read the facts.

    Heritage expert Bob Moffit explains, “There is no major Medicare reform proposal, including the Ryan proposal, that would issue future senior citizens a voucher (a certificate or coupon or a check for a fixed dollar amount).” Under premium support, the government provides a direct payment from a government account to a health plan of a person’s choice, including traditional Medicare. Under premium support, plans would all have to meet government standards and provide at least the benefits of traditional Medicare. See how Ryan’s plan compares to the Heritage’s premium support proposal.

    Medicare’s trust fund is projected to be bankrupt by 2024 and over the long-term the program has made $37 trillion worth of benefit promises to seniors that aren’t funded. Despite these serious problems, Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 billion over the next 10 years and uses the “savings” to fund new spending in Obamacare.

    –Alyene Senger, Research Assistant, Center for Health Policy Studies

    Saving the American Dream

    After a discussion of Iran, debate moderator Raddatz moved the conversation to a “different kind of national security issue” — the economy. Raddatz was entirely right to put it that way. You can be a liberal or a conservative, but it is impossible to believe that the United States can continue, over the long run, to lead in the world, to meet its national security responsibilities, to protect its allies, its interests, and its ideals, if its economy continues to grow slowly and the budget is consumed by entitlement spending.

    A strong economy is not just vital for our prosperity: it is vital for our security. Unfortunately, after Raddatz’s well-crafted introduction, neither candidate made the connection she seemed to be hoping for, with both of them presenting their respective views on tax and economic policy. But as Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan points out, fiscal responsibility needs to go hand in hand with international responsibility.

    –Ted Bromund, Senior Research Fellow in Anglo-American Relations, The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom

    Don’t Lose Gains in Afghanistan

    Ryan was crystal clear that the United States should not lose the gains made in Afghanistan over the last decade and must ensure the Taliban cannot regain influence there. By contrast, Biden staunchly defended the administration’s commitment to withdraw all combat forces by the end of 2014, but failed to explain how the United States would ensure Afghanistan does not again become a safe haven for terrorists intent on attacking the United States.

    It is misleading for Biden to maintain that the only U.S. interest in Afghanistan is the withdrawal of U.S. forces. In reality, U.S. national security is inextricably linked to the future of Afghanistan. If the United States turns its back on Afghanistan, as it did in 1989, the Taliban are likely to regain influence, providing a boost to Islamist extremists throughout the world and an opportunity for al-Qaeda to revive itself. The truth is the United States will have to remain engaged in Afghanistan diplomatically, economically, and militarily through counterterrorism missions and training long after 2014.

    Not only did the Obama Administration err in announcing the beginning of U.S. troop withdrawals back in December 2009, before U.S. surge forces had even been deployed, it also has fumbled the handling of peace talks with the Taliban. The administration has been more intent on striking a deal with the Taliban in order to justify troop withdrawals, than on using the option of negotiations as a tool to moderate the Taliban’s behavior and bring them into a political process.

    –Lisa Curtis, Senior Research Fellow, Asian Studies Center

    Unprecedented and Unconstitutional HHS Mandate

    The Obamacare Health and Human Services preventative services mandate requires nearly all employers to cover abortion drugs, contraception, and sterilization regardless of moral or religious objections, effectively exempting only formal houses of worship. More than 100 plaintiffs have already been forced to go to court in an attempt to escape the coercive rule and protect their religious freedom.

    The anti-conscience mandate is unprecedented and unconstitutional, and it is only an early warning sign of how one-size-fits-all health care requirements will trample on religious liberty as well as individual liberty. It should be a warning sign to Americans that one of the first parts of Obamacare to be implemented will force employers with religious and moral convictions to violate their consciences.

    –Sarah Torre, Research Assistant, DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society

    The Importance of Judges

    Ryan and Biden talked about the importance of judges in this election and the likelihood that the next president will appoint one or more Supreme Court justices. They are right. The future of the Supreme Court does hang in the balance.

    One vote may well change the court’s constitutional rulings on a host of issues that are critical to Americans who value freedom, including gun rights, the death penalty, private property rights, free speech, the free exercise of religion, and health care. If one constitutionalist justice leaves the Supreme Court and is replaced by a liberal judicial activist, our lives will be very different.

    –John Malcolm, Senior Legal Fellow, Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

    Military Readiness Must Remain an Issue

    Sequestration and other defense cuts cannot be ignored. It is imperative that our nation’s leaders never forget that they have a duty to provide for the Common Defense. Cavalierly allowing the already atrophied defense capabilities of America to whither further is completely unacceptable. It is not responsible to hold defense hostage to new tax hikes that do not have the votes in Congress to pass normally.

    America’s readiness is at the edge: smallest Army since before the Second World War, smallest Navy since before the First World War, and the smallest Air Force ever. The leaders of the nation owe the American people better than this.

    –Steven Bucci, Senior Research Fellow Defense & Homeland Security, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies

    “We Believe in Opportunity and Upward Mobility”

    Ryan could not have summed up the argument for economic freedom and limited government more clearly and concisely than when he stated: “We believe in opportunity and upward mobility.” This belief, which is at the heart of the American Dream, grows out of our founding principles.

    It’s perhaps no surprise then that Ryan was the only one to invoke these principles. “We will not replace our founding principles, we will re-apply our founding principles,” he explained, thereby countering the progressive trope that we somehow need to move beyond our principles.

    –David Azerrad, Associate Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics

    For more analysis of the debate, video, a slideshow of photos, and a word cloud of Obama’s and Romney’s answers, visit our Debate 2012 page.

    Quick Hits:

    • The news that new unemployment insurance claims dropped sharply to 339,000 last week raised eyebrows. But the numbers are incomplete, explains Heritage’s James Sherk, a result of bureaucratic incompetence.
    • Asked about the terrorist attack in Libya on September 11, a spokeswoman for President Obama said “the entire reason that this has become the, you know, political topic it is, is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”
    • The federal government finished the 2012 fiscal year $1.2 trillion in the hole, yet managed to purchase a new luxury fleet of “parade limousines” at a cost of $23 million, reports the Washington Guardian.
    • Google reveals the breakout search term for last night’s vice presidential debate was “Biden laughing.” Last week during the first presidential debate, viewers were searching “Simpson Bowles” and “Dodd Frank.”
    • Our normal Friday lunchtime chat will take a new form today as a Google+ Hangout featuring Heritage’s Brian Darling and Sarah Mills. To watch it live at noon ET, follow Heritage on Google+.
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    43 Responses to Morning Bell: Heritage Experts React to Vice Presidential Debate

    1. toledofan says:

      One thing is for sure, most of what Biden said was false and in many cases an outright lie. But, what can we expect, and RYan said this a couple of time; when you don't have a record to run on, well, then you just get dirty and nasty. It's sad, watching the debate and seeing Bidens arrogance, condesention, out right lying, mocking and the lack of any sensibilites towards Americans, in general, on the stage for all to see is just an embarassment. I think Ryan kept his cool, was very professional, and honestly well prepared and made many good points. We can only hope the voters use their heads and give Obama the boot.

    2. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Ryan won. Biden lost. Biden's 69 going on 9. He's like the crazy uncle you have to keep chained in the attic. I was raised in New England and I was taught to be polite. His use of "my friend" was condescending. I don't like
      Biden's behavior. It was boorish and juvenile.

    3. Ron Lazof says:

      Biden repeated tax said tax cuts were targeted to 120,000 families with average incomes over $8,000,000 per year. As Obama said "it just arithmetic" that would be 960,000,000,000 per year in income which is pretty much impossible with a total GDP of $15T+ or -. He also said that Syria is 8 x larger than Libya – not true it is actually 1/10th the size of Libya although it does have 3X the population – does he just pul numbers from a dark hole?

    4. Galya says:

      …yes, but, WHO is the BEST MAN for the JOB of ‘One-heart-beat-away-from-the-Presidency’ VP?
      ANSWER: Ryan, hands down.

    5. Tim Lee says:

      i would have removed biden from the stage after his facial expressions indicated he was unfit to debate……..he is also unfit to become the president based on his mental problems as displayed for 90 minutes on thursdays debate………..the moderator must have been blind….

    6. The last 4 years has been a fiscal disaster. Time for new life in Government or else we will see more wars, more unemployment, and more entitlements.

    7. Isabel Maione says:

      Biden threw himself under the bus in his debate, he so much has admitted that, "he means what he says". Well I guess he meant the remark he made about the "Indians in 7/11, and the "they would put you in chains". and other gaffs that were idiotic and stupid. He also showed his ignorance and lack of respect.

    8. Mary......WI says:

      Thank you for all the fact cheking HF. Joe Biden came off as RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. He looked like the "joker" from batman. For me Biden's theatrical act was solely because the Obama/Biden ticket know they have done a lousy job the past four years and distraction on top of more lies is all they have left to try and win this election.

    9. Rodney says:

      I think Ryan killed him with kindness.

    10. James says:

      lord have mercy on us.

    11. CL DAVIS says:

      With all of the unconstitutional mandates that Obama has launched, I have not heard any legislature calling for impeachment, refersal of mandate, or charges of law breaking. I am wondering how and why POTUS is getting away with all the law breaking.

    12. Ray Hinkle says:

      The Democrats have been trying for many years to debunk the idea that lowering rates and creating a stable environment for business to operate and make long term decisions, actually works. They lie about this or perhaps a more polite term is that they misrepresent this purposefully to support their view that nothing works in the economy without the imprint of government or their elitist view of the world. I watched the debate and thought that this aforementioned lie continues. Biden was taken aback by the Ryan comment on this issue claiming "the math doesn't work". Ryan tried to indicate that there has been other specific conditions where lowering rates and creating a staple tax environment allows businesses to make long term decisions and commitments. i.e. Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, He was cut short by Biden in an attempt to stifle or make Ryan seem stupid or unaware. It is apparent that the Democrats believe " if you just keep repeating this lie often enough then it becomes perceived as fact." This kind of view by the Democrats is a propaganda technique commonly used by the NAZI's in Germany. The only way to defeat this kind of lie is to continue to bring forth the facts and communicate these facts to as many people as possible. Thanks to Heritage for their efforts in keeping the facts straight.

    13. THANK YOU for posting this informative critique. It's great to know we can always rely on what we see from you. We're grateful for your work.

    14. Barbara says:

      I could not get past that irritating grin/smile on Biden's face for so much of the time. Very disrespectful towards Ryan, to say the least. How anyone in their right minds could think that he came across in a "presidential" way is beyond me. He first blamed the intelligence reports coming out of Benghazi as the reason for no action there to provide security to our Embassy, and then saying that if ANYTHING happens in Iran, regarding nuclear weapons, the Administration would be the first to know. To think that he COULD be President, is a frightening thought.

    15. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      Clearly Biden was faced with defending the miserable Obama record. There is an old saying: "When in doubt, shout." The only approach Biden could take was style over substance. Thus, the laughing, smirking old man playing "I know better than you, youngster". On substance Ryan was the winner. The question is which was America looking for?

    16. Nancy Husch says:

      When the discussion turned towards Syria, did I hear the VP say something about the US and arms support? I have to go back but there was some remark the VP made that I don't believe he was suppose to. Ryan didn't pick-up on it. Just wondering if you caught that, no one else is talking about it. Maybe I heard it wrong, I will have to go back and check it out.

    17. MJF in CT says:

      I think that Paul Ryan did a great job even though the VP was constantly interrupting and snickering at everything. Add to that the biased moderator, Raddatz, who at times seemed to speak her own agenda, accost Paul Ryan and basically pick up the VP when he "fell down". She also allowed the VP to constantly interrupt Paul Ryan but I am not surprised seeing as Martha Raddatz is an ABC News Liberal.

    18. PaulE says:

      Biden offered nothing new in his debate performance last night. What was different was the fact that in this debate, the moderator Martha Raddatz, was clearly there to help Biden promote the Democrat position by repeatedly cutting off Paul Ryan during his responses, allowing Biden to, at points, go on rambling well past the time any moderator should have permitted, and generally fashioned the questions asked to allow Biden to get away with vague or incorrect administration talking points. While at the same time, Raddatz would ask Ryan for detailed specifics and then cut him off in the middle of his explanations.

      I would imagine this is going to be the strategy the White house will employ for the remaining two presidential debates. Tailor the questions to fit Obama's talking points, limit the response time of Romney and when necessary, simply cut off Romney to avoid any uncomfortable follow-up from Obama. This is what you get when the Republican leadership agrees, for fear of offending someone, to the hand picked moderators the Democrats have selected. Last week's debate was a fluke in that Jim Lehrer actually made the mistake of allowing a real debate to occur, where ideas and specifics were discusses. In that type of format, Obama is obviously going to lose. So the solution, as defined by Axelrod and company, is to run a debate like the one we saw last night.

    19. Annette Long says:

      Ryan made allot of valuable points despite multiple interruptions and a bios monitor who not only never stopped Biden's rude behavior but more then once awarded it by handing the question back over to him. She allowed him to answer twice and never let Ryan finish his point. Of course as a personal friend of Obama there was no way she would be neutral from the beginning. She should have never been given the job.

    20. Ann says:

      Biden rudely interrupted 82 times and smirked a lot. Not classy at all.

    21. Laura Oyler says:

      When you couldn't concentrate on substance for all the facial contortions and rude behavior displayed by the Vice President, this is very helpful in understanding the important issues. These were serious matters and needed a more serious attitude when discussing them. Not a belittling attempt to school the youngster.

    22. Stephanie Heringer says:

      Thank you for all your hard work. One of the issues though when I use your site to bolster my thoughts about this election is I immediately get the comment that "Heritage backed Romneycare and believes in the individual mandate". I've searched for this here and online and haven't been able to find a good explanation about why this always gets thrown in the face of your experts on TV or my experiences online. Can you point me to something that explains what happened? Thank you! steph

    23. James V. Burnette says:

      As Biden kept saying during the debate, these are the facts about the issues they discussed. Biden tried very hard and was successful in making himself look like the senior and more experienced of the two trying to make Ryan look like a junior, "wet behind the ears" Senator that needed to educate himself about the "facts" that Biden kept referring to. The problem is that there are far too many in this country that don't know the "facts". They are willing to except what they hear from the people they support and don't know whether the "facts" they are hearing are actually true or not. If you are not given the chance to ask questions or check to see if the "facts" are true you have to make your decisions based on true and or false information. If false, you will find the truth on the back page of the retraction section of the paper. Very few ever read that section of the paper so the "truth" is never exposed.

    24. Mark Simmons says:

      "The Obamacare Health and Human Services preventative services mandate requires nearly all employers to cover abortion drugs, contraception, and sterilization regardless of moral or religious objections, effectively exempting only formal houses of worship."

      I know what you are trying to say, but I think it is important to point out that there isn't even an effective exemption for formal houses of worship. O, the Obama Administration says there is, but in practice they are not granting exemptions if the church's current or past health care plans included any of these items. Most plans included some type of contraceptive services under some conditions. Anything at all they find and they ARE DENYING exemptions from churches, which is outrageous. Their strategy is clearly to have an exemption policy without any actual exemptions.

    25. glynnda says:

      I like that photo…..looks like they're squaring off.

    26. Kurt Schamber says:

      I thought that the VP must have had implants in his mouth and was trying to show them off. I was totally offended by his actions. I sure don't want someone like that in office for the next four years.

    27. Angie says:

      Excellent reminders from resources that use fact-based sources. If only the American people would take the time to educate themselves, then vote honestly with what is in the best interest for the future of our country! We must vote the current administration out of office and pray that the Romney/Ryan administration will work diligently with congress to accomplish the tough tasks in order to save the United States of America from unraveling.

    28. Pete Houston says:

      It is easy to see why nothing gets done with the current administration in office. Their behavior is juvenile and arrogant. I see why the republicans have hit a wall with the current administration. The democrats with their attiitude of their way or nothing has brought this country to a standstill on progress. When people start off with positions that we will never consider something, then the other party will start the same thing. Never is a long time. I believe that Ryan avoided direct questions and I believe that Joe is full of BS. I think that Joe has been in washington to long and part of the establishment that needs to go.

    29. After all the "surface hype" this is a worthy read about the matters of substance.

    30. Inwoodite says:

      The "smallest navy since WWI" stuff is beyond stupid and a complete insult to intelligence. Ryan has a right to criticize spending levels, but please drop this statistic. The US today has 11 carriers, MORE THAN EVERY OTHER NAVY IN THE WORLD COMBINED. They are nuclear war machines, capable of projecting force across a wide area. The "destroyers" in the Navy today displace more tons than the armored cruisers of WWI. The number of ships is not, in any meaningful context, a small navy.

      To put another way: Hey, I just realized that I used to have ten devices — rolodex, telephone, laptop computer, travel guide, map, dictionary, encyclopedia, camera, checkbook and game player — to help me in my daily activities. Now I have only one lousy device. My productivity just dropped 90%! I have fewer devices than I did in 2000! This is an outrage!

      See how that works?

    31. chyatt says:

      So Joe, let me make sure I have this correct. The reason our Embassy and Marines had no firearms or ammunition was because Paul Ryan has a budget and voted for a budget that provided for none. Is this correct? Hasn't Congress operated for 4 years without a budget? How about a Plan "B" Joe. If you and your administration don't want to protect our assets in other countries, get out. Leave. Joey, if it were up to me everyone of you guys would be dropped kicked into a hostile country so that you would get the full exposure that you are due. Assignment of Marines who are given no weapons is the same as committing murder. The blood of those lost rest SQUARELY on you and the current administration. Cover it up all you want, doctor it with deodorant but you and the rest still stink to high heavens.

    32. DMJ says:

      Biden's slip is showing. He said that Ryan cut spending, and then he said that Ryan's budget “cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for.” So it's not a cut in the amount spent last year; it's a cut in what they asked for THIS year.
      That is the way government officials speak. Their kind of cut does not mean what we mean by a cut. I heard it on Rush Limbaugh's show several years back during the Clinton presidency. A govt. bureaucrat called in and clarified what government officials and govt. agencies mean by a cut. It means that they don't get as much of an increase as they want. So if they want a 10% increase in funding and they only get 5%, they would call that a cut, even though they know that most people consider that an increase. It is purposeful deceit.

    33. Ace Edwards says:

      The VP did not show the class the VP of the United States should be taking in a debate. I was shocked to see the VP acting as a child. Biden is a joke. Biden needs to be voted out.

    34. Tinker16 says:

      I am totally amazed by the economic ignorance of the supporters the current administration. i firmly believe that the majority of Obama supporters believe they can get something for free. That the wealthy's money can be spent better by the governmen than by the wealthy's own expenditures! Without the wealthy, no big boats, no fine estates, and on and on to a tier of businesses employing many people. But what will the government do with the money? Pay the unemployed, provide free health care, Support faise and failed "green" exploits. And on and on!

    35. Clearhead says:

      Congratulations to President in charge of Vice, Joe Biden !! He easily acheived his goal last night which apparently was to dumbinate the debate. Good show, Joe. You exceeded even OUR expectations.

    36. Rickab says:

      Joe Biden said twice "97% of all small businesses make less than $250,000" Where did THIS number come from?

    37. TJ Goforth says:

      Mr.Biden complained about the lack of intelligence pertaining to Libya, but went on in great detail regarding Iran. Now Iran is a far more closed country than Libya, it is, therefore. interesting that he would have so much knowledge of the activities and thinking in Iran and so little of Libya. Mr.Biden was not there to debate Paul Ryan, he was there to insult and demean the Congressman. His entire performance can be summed up in one sentence: Methinks, "He doth protest too much". (My apologies to the bard".)

    38. ANIMALAURA says:

      I watched the debate and this is what I saw in Biden’s behavior. I think he should seek professional counseling and medication to control his obvious mental problems. (Yes, I’m a medical professional who has worked in mental hospitals with patients exhibiting these conditions.):
      Disorganized thinking—Schizophrenia often affects a person’s ability to “think straight.” A person with schizophrenia may not be able to sort out what is relevant and irrelevant to a situation. He may be unable to connect thoughts into logical sequences, as their thoughts are often disorganized and fragmented.
      Disorganized speech—People with schizophrenia often lack logical thought, which makes carrying a conversation difficult if not impossible.
      Inappropriate laughter—Inappropriate emotions are common in people with schizophrenia. They may inappropriately laugh or act silly in response to situations and events not considered humorous by others.
      >Overconfidence or inflated self-esteem
      >Restlessness and agitation
      >Racing thoughts, jumping from one idea to another
      >Rapid speech or pressure to keep talking

    39. Wayne, La. says:

      Nobody has mentioned the cuts in spending that need to be made in balancing the budget. It would help to reduce the hospital and medical expenses for the administration of the medicare funds. Greater competition for the dollars without a reduction in service or treatments would provide an alternative to the increase in health care costs. A private retirement system that is effective and efficient for all Americans would reduce the need for a public retirement system such as social security.
      The IMF may be responsible for much of the monetary distribution irregularities that are effecting many countries today. It is important to provide incentives for job growth to increase the tax base and obtain greater revenue from these productive efforts.

    40. amelia Wasiluk says:

      Thank you for making the Vice Presidential debate available for replay.

    41. I believe this is a fair and accurate accounting. Everyone should read!

    42. per Google the breakout search term was Biden Laughing???? That joker reminded me of an immature school boy mocking the teacher behind her back. Total disregard for anyone showing intelligence and common sense. How typical of the liberal mindset. God help us.

    43. Jerry Barbre says:

      I want someone with guts, when Ryan was asked by Raddatz if we should apologize for the soldiers urinating on the dead bodies, I would have liked for his to say “yes as soon as they apologize for burning and desecrating our dead soldiers the way they do”. Yes it was a stupid act but no apology.

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