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  • Morning Bell: There Was No Protest, Only a Terrorist Attack, in Libya

    The Obama Administration’s story on the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens has changed yet again.

    In advance of a hearing on diplomatic security in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today, more details have leaked out—and the State Department is now saying it never thought that the attack in Benghazi was prompted by a YouTube video.

    “The State Department now says it never believed the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a film protest gone awry,” the Associated Press reports. “Department officials were asked about the administration’s initial—and since retracted—explanation linking the violence to protests over an American-made anti-Muslim video circulating on the Internet. One official responded, ‘That was not our conclusion.’ He called it a question for ‘others’ to answer, without specifying.”

    Those “others” are top Obama Administration officials, who maintained for days that the attack stemmed from a spontaneous demonstration against the video trailer for Innocence of Muslims. These officials now find themselves under the proverbial bus.

    >>> WATCH: Heritage video on the timeline of the Administration’s Libya response

    A U.S. security officer named Eric Nordstrom, who will testify in today’s hearing, has said he asked his State Department superiors twice for more security at the post in Benghazi, but received no response. Reuters reports that “Nordstrom also argued for more U.S. security in Libya by citing a chronology of over 200 security incidents there from militia gunfights to bomb attacks between June 2011 and July 2012. Forty-eight of the incidents were in Benghazi.”

    Heritage’s Helle Dale has laid out the timeline of events, including security concerns, leading up to the Benghazi attack and the Administration’s message bungling that followed. The State Department now has a chronology of the attack in Benghazi on September 11.

    President Obama’s response to the attack—which turned into an embarrassing speech to the United Nations with a less than robust defense of free speech—has been a disaster.

    Last week, Heritage’s James Carafano said that a statement from the Director of National Intelligence seemed to be “more about providing political cover for the White House than answering serious questions about the misstatement from the President’s spokespersons.”

    Carafano said:

    The Administration’s official line on embassy attacks was already shaky, after Twitter posts, press statements, and other official pronouncements related to the attack on the U.S. embassy in Cairo were pulled from State Department websites.

    But the worst was Ambassador Susan Rice’s defense of the Administration on television last weekend. Rice vigorously asserted that the attack in Benghazi was not “premeditated,” even as she must have known top Libyan officials were already declaring that the attacks were planned.

    Now the story is that there was never a protest of the YouTube video in Libya. It was simply a terrorist attack.

    Around the world, Americans put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect their fellow Americans and our interests. We know they are targets. We know we can’t win every battle or prevent every terrorist attack. We don’t expect our government to be perfect. We do, however, expect it to be honest. We also expect, in a post-9/11 world, for our government to do a better job at “connecting the dots” and sharing information before the enemy strikes. The lesson of Benghazi is clear. One way or another, our government has failed us.

    VIDEO: An Incriminating Timeline: The Obama Administration and Libya

    Quick Hits:

    • Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Longhorn Steakhouse, has cut work hours in some of its restaurants to keep costs down because of Obamacare’s impact.
    • Sesame Workshop has asked that President Obama take down a campaign ad featuring Big Bird. “We have approved no campaign ads,” Sesame’s statement said.
    • In Pakistan, the Taliban targeted and shot a 14-year-old girl who had spoken out about her desire for education.
    • As many as 13,000 people may have received steroid injections tainted with a rare form of meningitis. More than 100 cases of the disease have been confirmed.
    • Join Heritage live at 10 a.m. ET for a discussion of the Libya attack, the Administration’s response, and the continuing threat of terrorism.
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    39 Responses to Morning Bell: There Was No Protest, Only a Terrorist Attack, in Libya

    1. Jim says:

      The terrorist attack in Libya was followed by a terrorist attack on freedom by the US president and administration. Just saying….

    2. Don says:

      nothing but lies,cover ups,murder and incompitence….Obimbos foriegn policy in a nutshell…he wants exactly whats happening in the middle east right now…remember his own words :to reduce the the footprint of American influence around the world….he doesnt believe in American exceptionalism….he believes in redistribution of everything….its a shame he gets a pension for life…he hasnt done any substantial work or kept any of his promises for almost 4 years…and now the tax payer is stuck footin his bill….sad very sad

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Of course it was a terrorist attack that killed four Americans. For anyone that has followed the events, this is not news. Does no one not yet understand Obama lies first then sends his team of lackeys to advance the lies about anything that can adversely effect Obama bid to be reelected. The people of this nation had better realize this bunch of socialist, Marxist, and communist will do or say anything to get Obama four more years to complete his agenda to destroy America.

    4. E Wotherspoon says:

      If the State Dept never believed the attack in Benghazi was a "film protest gone awry," why was Hillary Clinton out front for several days after September 11 talking about the "disgusting" video? Now she is nowhere to be seen.

    5. Stevie Slicer says:

      Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is alive and continues to kill innocent people. And O’BlameO blames an American. SHAME!

    6. It makes me so sad to think that this administration lied to the people about what caused this attack, when all along they knew, and were asked several times to provide protection and were refused. I cried for the people who's loved ones were killed, God bless them and keep them

    7. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Oh, but wait. The AP reported this morning that it was all the fault of the Republicans. Yes, that's right.
      Those evil Republicans cut funding for protection in Libya, so it was certainly not the fault of Obama or his total lack of leadership. It was again all Bush's fault. How much lower can the Democrat Party sink?

      • Eleanor Rohl says:

        Oh,yeah, he has accomplished something like the most rounds of golf ever played by a president, and the most appearances on TV, interviews appearances on talk shows, by any president and first lady in hisroty and the most hoops ever played by any president . The most celebrity wannabe ever to have been elected by people wanting their free "gimmes". and this gimme list the largest in history. A lot of it is the mishandling of the economy by him.

    8. Seth Yantiss says:

      But the question remains… What was the Ambassador doing in Benghazi in the first place?

    9. Pete Houston says:

      When you can't do the job, you get replaced. Time to replace Obama. He is a poor executive at best. The people that killed the 4 american citizens need to be held accountable for the destruction of the US embassy and deaths of our citizens.

      • Mary A says:

        Oblamer and his inept corrupt administration need to be held accountable for dereliction of duty, and direct responsibility for the deaths and cover-up of American delegates.

    10. PaulE says:

      The White House is obviously hoping to hold off any full-scale, unbiased investigation into this cover-up until after he election. That people had to die needlessly, all so Obama could maintain his false narrative that the war on terrorism ended with the death of Bin Laden, is a national tragedy and certainly seems to be grounds for impeachment should Obama win re-election.

      • Eleanor Rohl says:

        You know, I am just the normal somewhat educated citizen and my first thought when I say this newscast, my first thought was OMG 9/11, and another terriorist attack. Obama ordered Bin Laden killed full well knowint that he was just a ddrop in the bucket of terrorism, knowing there were dozens of others trained and ready to step into his empty slot.

    11. sdfultz says:

      How long does it take for local police to investigate a murder or robbery here in America when the Perp has long left the scene?
      How long does it take after a Perp has been apprehended does it take for the trail to take place?
      Why are Terrorist still sitting at Gitmo, because we're to afraid to bring them to trail?
      Why are we trying to politicize this attack?

    12. E Wotherspoon says:

      If State says it never believed the attack in Benghazi was "a film protest gone awry," why was Hillary Clinton out front for several days talking about the "disgusting" video? How do you retract public statements and then say you never believed them? Dare I say the "L" word?

    13. albertmaslar says:

      The truth will out and lying is always worse after the coverup has been discovered. Satan is the father of lies and no good ever comes from lying. The worst lie to tell is the lie told to one's own self as that prevents corrective action because the base premise is false and any corrective action taken on that basis only makes matters worse.

    14. Al from Georgia says:

      They are so bad at lying. That is what kills me. Look at George Bush's actions at the time planes were hitting the towers. He didn't even feel the need to pretend that it was an attack from others. If it was, he would have been running for cover. That is the drill. Here we have Obama lying badly about what happened in Libya. What is it they are so terrified we'll find out?? If it was a terrorist attack, that would make no sense. Why lie and cover that up?? Just for re-election poll points?? If so, that would mean that the administration routinely lies about everything. Perhaps it is just habit now. They're so disconnected from the truth that it doesn't occur to them NOT to lie.

      • omer333 says:

        Al I don't know what you saw but I saw a man that looked as thought all the blood in his face just went to his feet. Let's be honest. Your skepticism and pessimism is not a positive approach to solving problems. The tactic of linkage in this scenario is exceptionally weak.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Lying to cover up the attack was to reinforce his BIG lie that since HE ousted BinLaden that Al Queda was finished, His spiking the "football" is inciting more than any film. He is so set on remaining in residence at 1600 Penn. Ave., that he will do anything, and I mean anything, a lot can and mark my word, will happen between Nov. 6th and Jan 20th

        • Eleanor Rohl says:

          So right!!Wonder how many executive orders he will sign before election? Tax increase???Gun ban???INcreasingthe war???more of his pet projects never introduced into congress????Scary isn't it??? Hey Bo You gatta go. I only hope and pray America stands up and takes back our country from the clutches of these vultures.

    15. Robert says:

      As a rule, strife in a foreign outpost will garner votes for the sitting administration; Obama could see advantage in letting violence occur. Winning an election is everything.

    16. glynnda says:

      1. They knew it all along, they were lying from the beginning
      2. They had more than ample forewarning that this was coming
      3. The president and Ms. Clinton should be facing jail time for criminal negligence.
      4. Let's hope Congress begins criminal proceedings soon……I think the president will be fleeing the country if he doesn't win the election, which is looking more and more like what will happen.

    17. Stirling says:

      Flip Flopper in chief.. When caught in a LIE Liberals always flop like a fish out of water.. The real question should be why this isn't being seen as a "Watergate" moment., and should be treated as such.

    18. 2Dokie says:

      It's no surprise that the president was so distracted during the debate: someone must have finally told him that his inattention to his daily briefings was the cause of four, more commited americans, losing their lives. In a common situation in our society a charge of negligent homicide would result.However, the venue being Washington the relevant questions to the critical witnesses wont happen…

    19. tamara says:

      This is worse than just a lie, It was a premeditated, plan to deceive the American people. Someone in the White House researched and conceived this plan to blame a youtube video. This shows a very black heart of MANY in the loop at the White House. They also believe the public to be incredibly nieve and stupid and will believe as gospel anything they say. AMERICA, WAKE UP !!!!!

    20. omer333 says:

      This administration is deceitful. They are not honest with the American people and they do not respect the American people. I'm to the point of believing what ever they say is the opposite of the truth.

    21. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      If one avoids involvement in superfluous conversation, and goes directly to the motivation of the Obama Administration, the basis of the Benghazi fiasco becomes quite clear. The first possibility is that to admit the attack in Benghazi was terrorism is to deny the public position of Obama, to wit: Bin Ladin is dead, thanks to the brilliance and leadership of Obama, and the terroristic threat is thereby eliminated. The second possibility is that Obama is sympathetic to radical Islam and the Jihadist movement.

      Clearly the first is supportable based simply upon the pronouncements of the Obama himself and his advocates. The second can only be surmised premised upon the record of Obama in foreign and security decisions over the past four years.

      In any event, the disaster in Benghazi was inevitable there or somewhere else in the Middle East. It will not be the last.

    22. Jane says:

      Hillary Clinton has just been thrown under the bus.

    23. boberic says:

      This coverup can be likened to the watergate coverup. It is however much worse no-one died at the watergate. The state run media is woefully absent. At the best the administration was hopelessly ignorant and naive, at worst criminally negligent. Clinton and Obama should be impeached bon the grounds of criminally negligent homicide. Where is the press? Where is Congress

    24. toledofan says:

      I think that the Democrats, in general, especially those in the White House, knew how damaging this would be, a terrorist attack just a month prior to the election, would be a foriegn policy nightmare. I mean how can Obama defend, for a second, that he knew about the attack before hand and did nothing to protest the ambassador. The problem is that they spun this into a humogous lie and then were forced to change the narrativer to another lie and we know the rest. But, it's not over because now as the truth comes out, piece by piece, the Administration will have to lie more and by the time the election is here, the people will have had enough.

      • Joe says:

        Exactly–that is why they advertised the video in the mid-east, pretending to apologize, but in reality trying to rev up Muslims about the video and divert attention from their own actions. They think you and I are really stupid.

    25. Bobbie says:

      Blatant lies and reckless and negligent behavior doesn't belong in the leadership role in America!! This is deplorable! They come out with ONE allegation and use for weeks as truth then say something different? How much danger are the American people really in? The only answer coming from people that are expected to address the truth, is a VIDEO and no one knows where it came from? NO EFFORT TO CONCLUDE ANYTHING DIFFERENT in between time????? Was an American someone really arrested, FALSELY IF SOMEONE WAS or is that apart of their play?

      Arrests and impeachment has to commence. This man had no regard as he was on his celebrity campaign ignoring his position by disrespecting it and us! Of course it could've been prevented if the white house wouldn't have neglected their SOLE duty and the desperation that insists need for more protection!!!! I can't believe this and what and who this country is dealing with!!! Says "Romney shoots first and aims later?" while they go with an excuse of a video and more absolute, total lies???? Please save America!!

      This juvenile administration provokes violence and hatred between people here in America! Allowing the deaths of honorable people in foreign lands? There's no civil humanity from elected American leaders?

      He campaigns on nothing in mention to his specifics in a 2nd term while blaming Romney for what Obama is already setting America(ns) up for!! This man has been a terrible waste of America's time, honor and dignity without representation of ANY PART OF AMERICA'S STRENGTH IN CHARACTER AND MORAL PRINCIPLE!

    26. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama lied. People died.

    27. George says:

      Bubba has his Mogadishu and now Mrs. Bubba has her Benghazi. To a person, all those lost in both Mogadishu and Benghazi were supremely superior human beings when compared to the morally bankrupt couple from Little Rock. The media still idolizes both of these miscreants.

    28. Richard in Aptos says:

      Al. "If so, that would mean that the administration routinely lies about everything."

      I think that about sums it up.

    29. Christopher says:

      If your Light is Darkness, how deep how very deep will the Darkness be….

    30. Jim says:

      One question for any one any one… Nixon lied and abieted the coverup of watergate, and he resigned. Yet.. NO ONE GOT KILLED!!! I REPEAT< NO ONE DIED!!!! …. Bill Clinton lied to Congress, and got impeached not convicted, by the senate which would have meant removal.. But NO ONE DIED!!! So some one please tell, How come Hillary Clinton and Rice and et all are still gainfully employed???? 4 Americans died!!!!!!! ON THEIR WATCH!!! HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Called me angry is not doing anger good service.. grrr.. And since Carney said this was all about the film (its recorded,) doesnt that mean the White House was behind it??? A bunch of people should be unemployed today,… Good god America!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!

    31. Joe says:

      I believe the Administration, knowing this was a terrorist attack from the outset, ran ads in the mid-east about the video as a way of advertising it, hoping to arouse Muslims about the video as a way to divert focus on their bungling this “October surprise.” It would make sense for Obama to purposely ignore security meetings as a way to enable an October surprise and claim, “I didn’t know, all you can blame me for is missing the meeting.” An October surprise designed to make Americans fearful of change–afterall he killed Bin Laden. While this sounds implausible, I have come to believe President Obama is so arrogant that he really believes the sycophant press and voters would fall for it. I am a former Democrat.

    32. Your post really helped me. ….Thank you….

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