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  • WORD CLOUD: Obama and Romney at the First Presidential Debate

    President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney were in the spotlight Wednesday night as they challenged one another in their first debate at the University of Denver in Colorado.

    The debate format covered several different subjects, all of which focused on domestic matters: the economy, health care, the role of government and governing. The debate commission’s aim was a more in-depth discussion on the issues that are important to the American people. And the commission’s intention was certainly met.

    Moderator Jim Lehrer, former host of PBS’s “NewsHour” program, welcomed the audience and nationwide viewers declaring, “Let’s have a terrific evening for all of you and for our country.” While Lehrer’s main rule was “absolute silence” to the debate hall, millions across the country were watching and reacting, outwardly, across the country.

    Heritage has created two word clouds, one generated for Obama’s remarks and the other to Romney’s. Use these visual depictions to compare, contrast, discuss and analyze their remarks. Consider these your gateway to looking at “history in the clouds.”

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    17 Responses to WORD CLOUD: Obama and Romney at the First Presidential Debate

    1. Art says:

      Seems like the President made his talk more personal invoking Romney's name or the term "governor" so much to cause it to be displayed in such large text. I think these word clouds provide more insight to each candidate than listening to their speeches.

    2. morrish9 says:

      Are we to assume that the size of the font for each word indicates how often that word was used during the debate?

    3. John says:

      Where's "Uh?" Wouldn't fit?

    4. Arcy says:

      Morrish9, reading the article before you post would be helpful (hint).

    5. Arcy says:

      Romney clearly cares more about people than Obama. The word Obama used most is rooted in government.

    6. Carol, AZ says:


      The one word American heard is :


      Thank you Mitt and God Bless America.

    7. David says:

      @morrish9 I believe that is the point of word clouds, however I would appreciate knowing the rest of the algorithm they used. They obviously filtered out thes, ands, uhhs, and those other grammar required words, but some word cloud generators also have positioning algorithm (which words are near each other) while others leave that as artistic license. I would love to know how the fonts would change if "romney", "governor", and "president" were also filtered as those were often just the politeness of addressing your competitors office.

      • Daryl says:

        @David – Notice also in Romney's cloud there is a separation of "President" and "president" and even "president's". It appears it matters whether the word was used at the beginning of the sentence. Why not combine "business" and "businesses". In Obama's you even have "middle", "class", and "middle-class". The algorithm certainly could be tweaked quite a bit more.

    8. Bobbie says:

      Mr. Romney is clearly for the American people. He is an intelligent, peaceful man with common sense. Firm on TRUTH! Obama needs impeachment. All the deaths of Border Control agents and around the world and his cover ups on Benghazi and who knows what else. His reckless work from Bernanke and his other "workers" Obama is not the man for the job! He is destroying this country and the select he resents!! I wish the 47% issue would have surfaced.. Mr. Romney would've gotten him again! All Obama did was accuse false claims and falsely accuse Romney exactly what Obama's doing against this country and during a debate false claims takes time to defend as one should always have the opportunity to defend himself from someone's ignorance. Blatant lies! At times Mr. Lehr seemed to want to bypass Mr. Romney's right to defend himself. Obama and his posse has to go! YESTERDAY! Obama fixed nothing and continues to destroy and complicate everyone's life he shouldn't be involved with.

    9. Jim says:

      Does the size of the word indicate how often it was used, or is it just an "artist's depiction" of the event?

    10. cheryl says:

      I thought they both did a great job.

      Of coarse I'm voting for Obama again because I already live off entitlements such as:

      Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
      Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit
      Student Loans
      Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
      Earned Income Tax Credit
      Social Security–Retirement & Survivors
      Pell Grants
      Unemployment Insurance
      Veterans Benefits
      G.I. Bill
      Head Start
      Social Security Disability
      SSI–Supplemental Security Income
      Welfare/Public Assistance
      Government Subsidized Housing
      Food Stamps….

      cuz if these go away then I'll have to move in with family. Yikes!

      • Bobbie says:

        That's pathetic if you're not facetious! Low self esteem! You're under government control with no freedom! Is there any part of your life you control on your own?

      • Dogby says:

        Hey you could always move in with us

    11. Louis G. Bosco says:

      Obama's debate attitude was deliberate.It was the liberals arrogant smug attitude toward conservatives.What do you know.. You are wrong and we are right.Why should I bother to listen to you?

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