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  • Post-Debate Twitter Chat with @Heritage: Thursday at 10 a.m. ET

    Join Heritage’s policy experts on Thursday morning for a Twitter chat discussing the issues in the presidential debate. We’ll be discussing the economy, health care, the role of government, and whatever comes up in the first of four Obama/Romney debates.

    Bring your questions for @Heritage policy experts and your comments for a lively conversation with fellow conservatives. Five lucky Twitter users will win a copy of the Heritage Guide to the Constitution, autographed by former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese. Here are the details:

    • Thursday, October 4 at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. CT
    • Hashtag is #DebateChat2012. Make sure to add #DebateChat2012 to your responses so they are visible in the chat timeline.
    • Make sure to follow @Heritage and policy experts @BrianHDarling and @LindseyMburke so you don’t miss a tweet! I will be moderating—follow me @ErickaAndersen.
    • FIVE randomly drawn chat participants will win a Heritage Guide to the Constitution signed by former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, plus a chance to be featured on Heritage’s Instagram page! 

    Hope to see you there.

    New to Twitter chats? Just search on Twitter for #DebateChat2012 at chat time to view the conversation.

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    11 Responses to Post-Debate Twitter Chat with @Heritage: Thursday at 10 a.m. ET

    1. Bobbie says:

      Obama has words and offenses. Romney has substance and solutions. Obama shows his disrespect for people by convincing them to resent other people without giving a chance for people to form their own perception. Presidential? NOT! Disturbing!!!! Romney respects people with the truth.

      Democrats are quick to insult the speak of people depending on who they're talking to while Romney and Republicans stand for who they are. No cover ups. No fake accents. No disrespect! Who would we rather have our sons follow? Obama, Biden, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, etc? Or Romney, Ryan, West and Rubio, etc? I have my picks on who has the inner strength no democrats are familiar with and so do my sons!!!!!

    2. Pazuzu says:

      I think Obama got his hat handed to him.

    3. Steve Kehrer says:

      My view of the debate was one of preparedness on one side and a person so arrogant that he thought being prepared was not of importance. Romney was excited to get to the answering and repsonding. Whereas, Mr. Obama, was visibly disturbed and acted put off by the questions. He seemed distracted by the excellent responsed Mr. Romney had and in the dark about facts and statistics. Yet, both men stood on many of the same principles, but clearly Romney had a plan that differs from Obama.

      Can we understand why Gov. Romney did not point out the 2700 pages of "specifics" that are contained in the ObamaCare Legislation? I can't. He should of taken that ball to the house. There is so many specifics in the ObamaCare bill, that it has everyone confused and questioning. Precisely what Romney's plan does not do. A comparison would have been a nice jam in the jaw.

      Sincerely grateful to Mr. Romney, Steve Kehrer

    4. Richard says:

      I was very pleased to note the manner in which Mitt responded to the false alegation offered by Obama. Each time he responded with three counters to each falsehood and misrepresentation that Obama tried to influence the debate. The debate was spirited and each contestant tried to gain points with hard hitting jousting. Jim Lehrer was the odd man out here as he clearly lost control of the proceedings. This would have been difficult for anyone to referee with two powerful debaters. Thanks to Mitt Romney, I slept like a baby last night content that all is proceeding well in favor of Mitt Romney.

    5. annem040359 says:

      By how Mitt Romney presented his responses last night, he could have very well may have won the election. He at least stood up to Barack Obama last night while Barack Obama looked like he was trying to deny his own failed record.

    6. Kurtis D. Davis says:

      With regards to mandatory healthcare, there are some important considerations being left out. We have a Constitution which assures right of choice (LIBERTY), which is protected by the 5th and 14th amendments. Then there is the Founder's wisdom, as expressed by Hamilton in the "Federalist", Opinion # 78—the judicial is obligated to uphold the Constitution when statute contravenens.

    7. Terri Ackers says:

      Completely excited with Romney's performance! I believe the WH will be preparing their boy for a more aggressive comeback….Romney needs to be prepared on all counts.

    8. Vic Anderson says:

      There's only one explanation for Obama's non-scripted performance in the first debate…Valium!!

    9. Dan Kam says:

      The “twitter” on the debate the day after and days following seems so intent on who won and who looked best and who put on the best front. Very little on what was said and why Romney was designated the winner. Obama got issues and political platforms handed to him by the former governor and tried to attack back but had no solutions, just big talk. Romney demonstrated why the democratic platform is not good for the American people and why it has failed these past 4 years. Obama was caught flat-footed, not able to defend what he has instigated and how much degradation he has inflicted on the American public. Therefore, his demeanor looked bad and he dragged thru this first debate. The media concentrated on this demeanor as well as castigating the moderator and not the important aspect of what was being said.

    10. Doug Calhoun says:

      Obama's ineptness, while spectacular, ignores how this state of affairs came about. Only by being sheltered by a compliant media can such hubris exist. This emperor is not wearing clothes. Many of us suspected this for some time. Now, everyone can see what happens when we live in the world of make believe.

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