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  • Voter ID: Court Upholds Pennsylvania Law

    93-year-old Viviette Applewhite holds up the free voter ID she obtained in Philadelphia.

    A Pennsylvania trial court upheld the state’s new voter ID law today but ordered that voters without ID would still be able to vote in the upcoming election, because it does not appear that the new requirement can be fully implemented before the election.

    The court questioned “whether sufficient time now remains” to implement the changes proposed by the state to make it easier for voters who don’t already have a photo ID to obtain one.

    The court issued only a very narrow injunction—contrary to the demands of the NAACP and the League of Women Voters. Pennsylvania election officials can still ask voters to present photo IDs at the polls. However, as the court pointed out, when the state legislature passed the new voter ID law, it specifically provided that the requirement “was to operate during its initial implementation” in what the court described as a “soft run.”

    Therefore, following the “expressed intent” of the legislature, the court held that voters without IDs would still be able to vote in the November election, and they would not be limited to casting a provisional ballot rather than a regular ballot.

    The court issued no permanent injunction—its order is limited to this election. When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court remanded this case to the trial court on September 13 for further hearings on the new law, the Supreme Court specifically noted that the plaintiffs had “acknowledged that there is no constitutional impediment to the Commonwealth’s implementation of a voter identification requirement.” The only issue remanded was whether the law could be implemented by November 6 without disenfranchising any voters.

    While this may seem to be a win for opponents of common-sense election reform efforts like voter ID, it is actually a loss. Pennsylvania was handicapped in implementing its new law by the shortness of time remaining before the election. The court simply found that the state could not effectively implement the ID requirement in only a month. The law is still in place and remains valid.

    It seems doubtful that the plaintiffs will be able to convince the Pennsylvania courts to ultimately hold the law unconstitutional or prevent its implementation in future elections.

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    14 Responses to Voter ID: Court Upholds Pennsylvania Law

    1. Bobbie says:

      I just had my license renewed and the replacement in hand two weeks later. Voter ID for elections was brought forth under no discriminating factors but necessary means to counteract fraud that exists and it's open opportunity, potential. Integrity is necessary in the national election process where civic duty is respected with immediate protections, not compromise. Equal requirements to all leaves allegations to suggest this ATTACKS "new" voters or the elderly or minorities, are coming from mental abusers that shouldn't be allowed a public voice. People will do what it takes to vote if they want to vote. This isn't asking anything but for a photo ID all Americans are required to have. Seems those officials who oppose voter integrity are coercing the act to vote while defrauding the system. ALL excuses, no requirements. I feel so sorry for honorable judges whose honor is compromised by the desperation of political activists and government officials DEMEANING SOCIETY FOR POLITICAL GAIN. We're PEOPLE who can FOLLOW THE SAME RULES APPLIED TO ALL!

    2. Steven Greer says:

      When the former mayor of Pittsburgh was about to be disenfranchised by this law, it was time to stop the ridiculousness.

      But, people in DC get paid to make ridiculousness sound like good "conservative" policy. Which is what this blog post is all about.

    3. Marcus says:

      It's important to prevent all that non-existent voter fraud!

      • Greg says:

        Stop being stupid.

        Fraud is rampant with our voting system and its not the GOP that is promoting it.

        Remeber Wisconsin in 2008 and how close the senate election was? (In case you don't, it was less than 250.)

        Since then there have been over 100 convictions for voter fraud with over 100 more charged. This is out of the several thousand non-eligible votes that were discovered.

        I'll leave it up to you to figure out what that one extra democrat vote meant in the senate.

        Voter fraud happens. And it matters.

    4. Dean Campbell says:

      All who defend this law know that they do so under false pretense.

      When my kids ask how Americans once rationalized wide-spread voter disfranchisement in the pre-civil rights era, I say, look at the GOP in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 2012. For people of weak moral fiber, it takes just a small lie to act as a moral buffer for actions that better people know to be a gross injustice.

      Not one single GOP politician in Harrisburg thinks this law was intended to reduce "voter fraud". Not one.

      • Todd says:

        How many forms of ID do you have, Dean? Social Security Card? Drivers License? Voter ID Card?

        Give me a break! The only reason the socialist democrats (Are you one Dean?) is because they are trying to steal elections, like they have for some many years. The socialist democrats are afraid of the American people because their agenda is to destroy this country.

        Republicans stand up for the citizens of this country – ALL THE CITIZENS! Democrats are only after power for their party elite. Rank and file democrats will one day learn that they have supported the wrong policies and people, but by then, it will be too late for America.

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        Do you have first hand knowledge of that assertion?

        Why this zealous opposition to strengthening the integrity of our elections when the margin has been as narrow as 115 votes (Kennedy over Nixon in Hawaii in 1960)? In 2008, we internet-enthusiasts witnessed Black Panthers intimidating voters in this same state with nary a word from some of the same people now crying foul over potential disenfranchisement in 2012.

        If it's not a burden to 93-year old Viviette Applewhite to obtain photo ID, it's not a burden to anyone.

      • Bobbie says:

        Prove it! Not one GOP!? That's ridiculous, Dean! The only reason for the requirement is to eliminate the fraud! The government isn't suppose to accommodate, convenience, appease peoples' civic duty! That's a direct conflict of interest. Everyone has equal access to getting a photo ID! Now that we know democrats can't be trusted, finding much of the last election was fraud enough to put people in positions they have no honor to show for it, clearly says the only reason for democrats opposition is because they have no integrity!

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Everyone knew the election was in November. Everyone knew the voter ID requirement was pending. Yet a month before the election, a Obama appointed judge decides sufficient time is not available to "fully implemented" the requirement. What kind of BS is this. No one is buying this, yet nothing is being done to stop Obama from steeling the election through fraud. .

    6. JacobK says:

      The "Former mayor of Pittsburgh" is a 94 year old woman. Just like the woman in the photo above is in a very small, specific age demographic of individuals who may not hold a valid certificate of live birth to acquire a photo ID in the primary pathway. However, just like the woman pictured above, there is an alternative pathway, and the woman above used it. Additionally, had the 94 year old mayor been in office recently, she would have HAD to be issued a photo ID in order to gain access to HER office, federal buildings, mayor's conferences, and presidential visits just to name a few. If you're going to use this as an example, you need to put it into the proper context…..

    7. MFPote says:

      What is wrong with you people. I went for my renewed photo id. It took half an hour,
      while there at least four people came in for their photo id. The man at the information desk gives you the form, tells you what proof you need for the id. you fill out the paperwork and get your photo taken. You can't even say it costs too much because you can get it FREE. You need id for many credit purchase. you need ID to get an amtrak trian ticket, to fly on a plane to drive a car, ,to get into r-rated movies, to enter your college buildings amd I understand you needed Id to get into the democratic national convention. But people on here don't think we should show id to protect our most basic and important right to vote.. I live in Philadelphia, voter fraud is every where. Here corrupt politicians have been saying for decade .. vote early vote often. I am all for voter Id, it isn't perfect, but it's a start. By the way sticking your head in the sand and saying something doesn't exist won't make it go away;

    8. Against Voter Fraud says:

      I really do not understand the supposed big deal of having some evidence of who you are when you vote! We have had this in Ohio for a number of years. Also we have to sign our name and it is matched with our previous signature. Again what's the big deal? I feel my vote is safe in my state – can you say the same in your state (without voter ID)?

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